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sorry sorry

by communitychannel • 1,681,933 views

New Vid in 3 days. Sorry, had some people to kill.

So many people coming here for Super Junior ... Wtf, I like them too, but seriously?!
Nat you're so guilty of repeating words twice to get an effect so don't you be whining!
I luv da facebook hahaha love u mum
i love your mom :3
I bet Raywilliamjohnson got tons of new subscribers cos you mentioned him. As always, your mum is the better actor. "I don't know.. what... to.... do..." still cracks me up!
This is still one of my favs
i louvaa facebook xD
Your mom can be like KevJumba's dad. The humor will be there, it runs in your family ;) ... this cracked me up like no other LOL
I got myself a imac that looks just like this one
I dont know how to... Omg thats sooo funny!
I dont know how to... Omg thats sooo funny!
Your Mother is awesome!
i love the videos that have your mom in it! she's so cool :-)
lies. nothing but lies. clearly she likes the analog world over the digital one
If my mother randomly gets a Youtube account and she subscribes to Onision, she's dead to me.
it would really funny if her mom has more subscribers and a higher viewership. Like her mom secretly videotapes natalie and uploads them on youtube.
Super junior....I started doing the sorry sorry dance mentally usumevfheksk
how the heck do you have almost a million views on all of your vids? i post i vid with a interesting title and it still has 10 views from like what.... 3 months ago.
Came here for Super Junior. No Super Junior. Unhappy.
"Mum, what are you doing?" "I'm rating you. Didn't you say, 'your mum rates me?'"
What's wrong with Ray William Johnson
Youtube wont let me post the video but it's called being grateful asian style and my mum is awesome.
OMG, your mom is soooo adorable. She seems like a lovely woman. =)
One year ago already ? gawd. At least that gay homo fag keeps uploading heh...
You can just tell your mother was smokin' when she was about your age Nat. Didn't pass of that gene did she.
more videos with your mom, shes funny.
i was expecting super junior to start playing.. xD
what if her mom's youtube account was called "communitycable" or something like that? LOL
I seriously love your mom. She's so awesome.
Her own mom doesn't follow her online lol.
I lub facebook. I luuuub facebook!V:D
"Mom, why won't you add me?" "I dont know how to... do..." I loved it!! LOL
Press: 1- What are you- 2- Is that facebook? 3- I don't know how 4- Three friends. 5- Aaah 6- Click click click 7- Nah nah. 8- Click 9- NOOOOOO- Your Welcome.
She looks very pretty in this video
can see where nat got her good looks from....
lololol "I don't know how to... do."
"You subscribe to Ray William Johnson NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO--" BAH hahaha. True.
I subscribed to ray William Johnson
You subscribed to Ray William Johnson NOOOOOO! - gets me every time :D :D
It does just play the video then press numbers if it doesnt work click on the video then play it again.
She doesnt subscribe to you cos you never upload anything.
Her mum types like a beast, like 300 words a minute.
sooo funny! i love your mum!...oh no i didnt oh...
hehehe! i seriously have no idea how im gonna survive teaching my grandma how to use the computer! Progress so far...she knows how to turn it on at least.... OH WAIT NO shes forgoten that to =m=
OOhh shit yeah, Mum would have made some nasty movies back her hey day.
I've watched this video so many times (Yes, I do have a life... jk) And I never noticed this line but after this comment, I kept replaying and laughing my ass off!
I don't know Lmao! So funny
"New Vid in 3 days. Sorry, had some people to kill." Given how long you have been away, you must have killed a couple of hundred people by now.
lol...."i love faceboo"....^^
man, i missed you girl! forgot about u for a year neveragain
i love a facebook I LOVE A FACEBOOK
As Seen On : Natalie Tran ..*clicks on it*.. goes to your youtube account lol
He was the most subscribed youtuber at that maybe Nat's only refering to that in the video
just realized your mum types faster than I do.
You subscribed to Ray William Johnson? NO!
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