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Main Menu Theme - Starcraft

by Banzay27 • 67,695 views

Starcraft soundtrack composed by Derek Duke, Glenn Stafford, Jason Hayes (cinematic music) and Tracey W. Bush (additional music). Released in 1998.

Protoss were my favorite to play in Starcraft+BroodWar - in SC2, it changed to Terran because something about the SC2 Protoss didn't "feel" the same or as epic as their SC1 counterparts.
same here, protoss used to my fav race, now...they kinda slumped. i like terran more now.
sc2 sucks ass... im sorry for the new generation who thinks sc2 is the shtt.. it lacks SOUL
welcome to my childhood.
I remember being 12 years old in S.Korea when this game came out... They used to sell the game with each of these faces on the box.  I got the protoss one, because I bought it a few months later than the terran one upon release.  The underground electronics market in Seoul was the shit!
back to my childhood!
@VergilFermin I sense that there is something right about the things you say.
I wish this song was looped so I can hear it over and over again without having to push the replay button. Oh well... never mind. I'll just load Starcraft and idle at the main menu.
@2kydawe Hohohohho you made me laugh. Starcraft rules. \m/ I've played both games, and realized how boring these fantasy rpg have turned. This is vid of SC ost, wow has no power here .
mm I think we´ll just keep worshiping SC1 when Legacy of the Void comes out :P
It actually sold that many copies within 48 hours of being released. That number has gone way up since then. Though you are right, SC3 isn't coming out anytime soon. They gotta make SC2: Legacy of the Void first.
@LibertarianismRyan In my mind - there's no comparison between SC and SC2, both games brought to me different kinds of emotions and none of them disappointed me (except for the fact that my SC game didn't come with cutscenes - I live in Vietnam, can't help it...). I appreciate everything Blizzard poured into their games.
Being Korean myself and an avid lover of starcraft backs the authenticity of my comment even further.
you have intellect, thats why most kids want action, cant sit down and use their brains instead of reflexes
i have a question, you know when HIgh templars spawn? Can anyone tell me what they are saying or is it one of those protoss jibberish?
either someone has no taste in music or misclicked the like button
this is like a breath of fresh air after hearing that new orchestral main menu theme for sc2... man
Actually 57. And that's two games, Starcraft 1 and the Brood War expansion. If I had to agree on something, then that would be the fact that you play only one side in SC2, but I never found myself bored when playing the game. In fact, I found it did so many things to not make me bored and it's probably the only RTS game that did that for me. I would have liked Heart of the Swarm to have been released by now though, I want to play all three before the turn of the decade lol
@wassup986 You bet, in South-Korea it's a national sport
SC2 is just orchestral garbage; it's definitely not nostalgia.
Do people still play this online?
this song still makes the hair on my neck stand up.
AGH! That Hydralisk face is scary :p
Starcraft's music and gameplay is better tant the SCII this is a french that say this :). But I had 1 years old when this game appeared but i love him :):)
@Arzaker hes just so happy that starcraft is awesome
@Kreppklebeband It'd sound kinda odd if it didn't, since it loops in the game.
"you trying to get inviting to my next barbeque?"
XD Although there are speculations that the name came from pagan cities, Ai and Ur.
i really love when an extract of this theme appears in the instalation window of SCII when you're listening the past events in the game universe. best RTS game ever, after 13 years i still enjoy this jewel.
@VergilFermin Without world of warcraft, Starcraft 2 would've never have came out.. WoW was the best thing blizzard has done financially, so iam glad.
If I became an astronaut, then I will play that song during my flight into space lol that would be awsome
@portal1337 Not true, RTS involves alot of strategic thinking and management of your economy. Fast clicking is only needed when there is a battle and you need to micromanage your troops fast. A study was done by Psychology and Aging journal found that that playing RTS games help to stave off dementia and Alzheimer's disease in elderly.
@dragonstormx "This is Jimmy, hey man quit it!" "executor? this is not warcraft in space!
@Agent1W nothing wrong with that, I understand for me on the other hand, this game packaged something delightful for my taste. It was a game unlike other games that really picked my interest into it and later I found out about the story, it was quite thrilling because when you're little you don't care about something as little as a story As for the gameplay, it was alright and for me it held up for years. Nothing much to complain there except units that stop in crowds, common at that time though
And the all time favorite for toss fans... "My life for aiur!" "Doom to all who threaten the homeworld!"
@Nithralas They actually added an orchestrated version as the beta menu theme. go listen
"SCV good to go sir!" "I'm stuck tighter than a frog's butt in a watermelon seed fight" "ah what the heck, I need the college money (Civilian)"
Nah I won't, SC1 Original will always be the best, I will want to play it today but there are too few players around these days, I still love the graphics and I hate the unrealistic graphics of SC2 too much cartoonish like WC3 and WoW. I want a dark realistic graphic like SC1 and D2.
It's not that it was WoW influence, it's that every game does this now. Plus Blizzard got a new person to compose music, Glenn Strafford was their main guy and they cut him. New people are just doing what is popular in the industry, just like back then but it felt right. It felt epic and heroic, now and days it's nothing more than dull and boring. It's not opinion, it's fact.
@rachskald IMO, Tiberian Sun was the last good C&C
This is when the word "epic" was born. Before this the word didn't exist yet.
@1codcod I play tons of RTS. SC is by far the best made.
Would only make sense to split it into 3 games if it had Three games of content. Which it doesnt. under 20 missions does not a full game make. Having a few cute 'learn multiplayer' minigames does not make up for a stunted campaign. They probably will have even less missions in the following trilogy parts saying 'Well theyre expansion packs!' backpedaling so hard they'll leave dust clouds in our faces.
on my cover, toss is in the middle
Wish Blizzard gave an option on what theme the players want.
tell me abut but is something diferent and that is cool... and they keep the espirit of Starcraft Space music no gravity songs :P
@et5555yang I am 19, I am shit at RTS but I still fucking love it!!
@fmagistel When sc3 comes out, I will still miss sc1!!
Earth or Terra are both accepted uses in English, making it an English word too.
This theme is just INCREDIBLE. I fucking LOVE it. especially 0:30 onwards
im 17 and ive been playing it since it first came out to the US. i havent heard any of the Starcraft 1 songs in forever it seems like.
can you give me a refresher on how long it was between BW and WoL? Nothing to do with sales.
I think SC2 music is great, not that this is necessarily better, but it just brings back memories. INCOME TD
I am 18 and I think your friends hate RTS is because they aren't good at it, can't even pull a fluke.
@Pharenheitz hopefully you mean the new Blizzard. Then by then WoW would be dead and they would be good old Blizzard Entertainment
@toxicitzi I played it enough and it got on my nerves. Great game, but the endless micromgmt work just gets old after a while. I rate the game the highest for it's sci-fi setting and storyline! Any game that Blizzard has made is guaranteed to be good quality(even WoW).
I'll still probably say Starcraft's music is better. :3
wuddaya want? may i take your orders? valkirie here. where does it hurt? SCV here.
God Blizzard was soo much better in the 90s. I mean look at the classics, Warcraft, Diablo, Starcraft, they all had this "dark" feel to it in all spectrums. Sound, graphics(even for average graphics it still retained a sense of blackness and uncertainty. The soundtrack for SC ESPECIALLY captures a true image of space or desert. SC2 music doesn't have that seem feel and just doesn't seem as dark but more neat and noob friendly, for lack of better words. iono to me it's just the graphics, like WoW
@toxicitzi The last time I played SC was a LAN TvT battle against a friend back in 2004. Mostly a macro battle, he overwhelmed my choke after I dropshipped marines in his base. It took a lot of work to do that lol. That's when I decided to call it quits for good and focus on other games like AoE 2, Sim City 4, BF1942 and Counter-Strike! XD
I hate that everything is being smoothed to the death with sequels today. Here is this awesome edgy theme. How is the "remix"? The characteristic sound samples all turned down to volume 001%, and there is some gay melancolic guitar crap. The same with every freakin major titles, UT, Red Alert, who believes this is cool to do?!
Well actually SC1 music is much better than SC2. It has great ideas in the melodies and wasn't made to fit the atmosphere of SC1, but it adds to the feeling. We miss that in SC2. I don't know who is the new composer, but I'm dead sure he's not the same.
It's funny when people say those memories. I mean yeah, have these memories too, but im going to buy it with brood war today, so do it too!
am I the only one who wants to put googly eyes on the hydralisk? :P
i feel the same music was more on its own and much darker at times. it suited the game well
-Nuclear Launch Detected!!!! -and supid zergs screaming...XD
But we don't pay you O_o Oh... AIUR! It's "my life for Aiur"!!
@KopruluRuler What I said was that WoW made so much money, that SC2 could be the game that it is...
StarCraft=Best RTS in the world in every way. Amirite?
Aw, man, that first 15 seconds really brings back memories... :)
i never knew a video game could be so epic. this game being 12 years old and i still want it badly again!
infested terran: 'Live for the swarm!'
@dongjinmoon I know, its as if I called my house ''Walls''
"Somebody call for exterminator?" "All right, bring it on" "Ready to roll out" "Goliath on-line" "Wraith awaiting orders" "Explorer reporting" "Battlecruiser operational"
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