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Kore wa Zombie Desu ka?: Funniest Scene ever

by Viselc • 866,364 views

Anime: Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? Kore wa Zombie Desu ka produced by Studio Deen, FUNimation Entertainment. ##-- NOTE: I do NOT own the anime. All credits and rights go to their rightful owners! --##...

Since he's a zombie, he won't die from having weird things shoved up there...right?
+Anime Gear And with all that @ss candy he's NOT tapping...  Yelp he's n2 poop stuffing.
His yaoi is showing...
This part gets me even time 😂 the bamboo stick up his ass it's really killing me!
Anime it teaches you a lot... and I mean a lot
ALART: Might make you gay.
+Crystal BurningRoses France alert ! ( hetalia is awesome ) XD
Its not "gay" though xP. Every guy has a prostrate in that area, so If done right, all guys [no matter their sexual orientation] will get turned on and have even more intense orgasms. Hence prostrate massage.
did anyone else sort of cringe to the thought of that happening to u?
x'DDDDD lol!!!  He's so uke xDDD
what the heck is up with the butt sex!!! hahahah!!
It is a parody of the prevalent yaoi anime and manga. At least, they made it funny.   
He seems to enjoy stuff going up his ass doesnt he? o.o
+MrLabelChannel Well, this thread suddenly took a dark turn, sorry to hear that.
For anyone who has not watched this anime, I STRONGLY recommend it. You'll start laughing the moment it starts.
looks pretty fucking gay tbh
What episode was this from? I'm laughing my ass off  right now. xD
+57069carlos Poor Ayumu, i love how he just sparkles afterwards and looks so refreshed xD
Say.....uh doesn't that make it twice he had something shoved up his ass xD
He had things shoved up his ass many times in season 2 too XD
1:08 LMAO i cant.....i just cant x'D
Waait I don't remember seeing this scene, what episode is this from ?
U have to type season two episode 0
Haha Cat's Eyes  reference
Now that I've started watching it I get that reference. Gotta love anilinkz's efforts to update old series and not just the new stuff.
you tried to kill me by linking this!
lol so what? i can't help that i'm evil >:)
One word... "Yaoi". Hue hue hue
The English dubbed version of this anime was way better than the subbed version. And I usually watch things in subbed
haha I love the part were he goes ahhhhhh!in that yaoi face
I got one word for this anime `disturbing'
Thus Yaoi is born! 😤
Alart XD Engrish much.
Little did the girls know that their punishment would only bring Ayumu pleasure. So, joke's on them...I guess.
Is this like a third season? Didn't see this in the two seasons I watched... Oh god. I must watch it.
No, it is not the 3rd season; this is the first season's OVA-- It's titled, "Eh, This is the Final Episode?" -- If you watched the series on the Funimation Channel, they did air it in sequence.  I am hoping for a 3rd season and more!
I can't stop laughing!  lol
When I first saw this I laughed my butt off
im pretty sure i watch both season but i havent watch this scene yet?? == what episode is this?
You gotta feel sorry for him that must of hurt like hell.
Gynelle Dalton Shared on Google+ · 4 months ago
Hilarious scene from Kore wa zobie desu ka I love it! :) funny...
Guys r there a hilarious funny anime like kore wa zombie desuka??
The first time I saw this, these were my actual thoughts, "WHAT IN THE FUCK?! Sooo, does that make him gay?"
Soooo, he's a machosist now? Ooookay then.
I dont think that a stick in your butt feels so good . O_O
have u ever tried? huehuehuehue
Has anyone realized that the bamboo alarm system said "alart?"
Holy shit it's 2006 all over the place again
Warning : do not shove thing up your but are you will be pleased T^T
Tsundere loli, who the HELL decided to create such a creature, a monster
i didn't get this when i was 12 but now.. oh childhood ruined O_O
this was your childhood? you know having this as a childhood just means it was kinda ruined from the start
What episode is this? o.o i never see this in the anime
Right when he got hit in the butthole i jumped up lol
What the fuck... This is disgustingly weird
Anyone else thinks he's sexy when he gets buttstabbed
Don't you have titans to kill?
I have spare time ya know.
just asking this is season 2 right?
Right in the prostate. 
i still think the breakdance scene is better... lol
HAHAHAHA title meets the expectations man xD
So can someone tell me please which i have to see first. I already have watched kore ha zombie desu ka itsellf but dont know where it continious Thank you !
dou ittashimashite! :)
so he likes it in the butt huh? must be gey!!!
Say, why is that a thing? I don't get it. Why is getting something forcefully shoved a sustain amount into your butt a pleasure sparkle moment in anime?
They're parodying Yaoi.
Or they are just being funny. I think it's hilarious
It's very good, you should watch jt
Will there be a season 3 ?
jg marshall le Shared on Google+ · 2 weeks ago
what the hell kind of anime is this O_O;
takes some time,sadly
Kore wa zombie desu ka? (Is this a zombie?)
i watched the entire series based on this clip..............laugh, my, ass, off..............yaoi indeed.ha.
Aw he is so cute in yaoi style
this show's up on 2011 like madoka magica and suite Precure
omfg bwhahahahahaha lmao
ok just finish the anime im the only confuse at the ending lol
What the freaking hell?
I don't even know this series but it looks so funny.
Ended here after 10 hours of dekomori desu
um sooo.... he must be rl loose to have all that go up in there
Omheba ahmed Shared on Google+ · 4 months ago
Kore wa Zombie Desu ka?: Funniest Scene ever:
The hell did I just watch 0_o
season 3 plz... i addicted to repeat every episode of this anime in my rented room before i got a fast internet to watch a tons of other anime like now in the housr.. feels so nostalgic...
Which episode is this
Always the butt... XD
stabbed in the butt with bamboo arrows...what happened to his man hood XD
A zombie taking a long hard bamboo stick up his ass...twice. And liking it
+ro2113 I shall forever be disturb... 
Episode 13 or 14 season 1 trust me
He's either homosexual or bisexual.          Am I right.
+shadowers1 theres nothing straight about that
+poguxd A homosexual man likes other men, a bisexual man likes both men and women. It has absolutely nothing to do with buttsecks
Zanfrus Dare Shared on Google+ · 5 months ago
funniest scene in this show ever 
No the funniest one was when he first meet EU and he danced for her and failed
Jaques Strapp Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
Kore wa Zombie Desu ka?: Funniest Scene ever:
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