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Glee - Defying Gravity (Lyrics)

by xxSarah54 • 1,453,583 views

This is the song, Defying Gravity, by the Glee cast. Thanks for watching. :) Comment! Rate! Favorite! Subscribe! Add me as a friend too! Watch in HQ, it is soo much better! ;D Disclaimer: No...

omg mah bff Audrey showed meh this song like 2 days ago and now I TOTES LUV IT!!!!!!!!!
LOVE THIS SONG! Both of them are amazing.
the song at the end is 'Catch me' by demi lovato :)@Sabrine 
really do not like kurts voice. its too much one sound and too high
Someone can tell me what's the title of the song at this end ?
im a amaizing singer i can hit the high F (for people who dont know music the really high note) i can hit it in my sleep
I like Rachel voice she sings really good
It's time to try Defying Gravity, I think I'll try Defying Gravity
OMG i can tell its kurt and Rachel singing like omg i just love Kurts voice its wonderful
That awesome moment when you realize that you can hit all of the high notes in this song:)
lol i can hit the high note perfectly.. and ya ikr  
Idina Menzel sang the original of this in Wicked. Idina Menzel played Rachel's mother. Rachel sang "Defying Gravity." Carol Burnett sang  "Little Girls" from Annie. Carol Burnett played Sue's mother. Sue sang "Little Girls." LIKE MOTHER, LIKE DAUGHTER.
I just read 'Awakened' (House of Night Series), and SPOILER ALERT this song made me cry... I <3 Jack... And I can't believe I care enough about a character in a book to cry... But it's partly the song, of course... überbeautiful!
i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee  allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll ur songs
came across this song through 'awakened' (a part of the HoN series) after which jack dies :(
i really love all these songs
+Tardis Calling your username is AMAZINGUH!!!
Kristin (April) And Idina sings the original
this is my favorite song i listen to it all time keep on singing u guys r so good
Whats the song at the end ?
Catch Me by Demi Lovato
Omg NO i just read the house of night books all over again and the part when Jack is killed while singing it was to much :((( Jack we love you , Damien will never forget you and duchess to :C
Rip rest in peace Cory monith
IS it bad if the cast sounds better than the original artists?? cuz they are in basically very son they sing
i love defying gravity! i really do! :)
awww Catch me aklskdj
good  song best of all the gless was  cory :( Rip
Nice video it's me Joey
This is nice, but no one will EVER top Idina Menzel. Ever.
+Travis Hamilton I'm wrong because you have different opinion? Nice.
+Travis Hamilton Well, me and +VivaLaCalico peacefully disagree. It's all a matter of opinion. 
llllllllllllllllllllllloooooooooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee it
btw im seriously in love with this song 
Adele Dazeem will always be the best at this song. Always.
i love that song x x x x
'catch me' at the end >
i dont really like rachel but she kicks ass at this.. but i really think kurt is better.  like in the show rachel thinks shes good for bigger and better things like boradway, which i agree.  these songs they sing in glee club.... rachel's okay.. but when she does broadway she's amazing.  as for marcadces... shes the best girl .
Going to see Wicked on 5th February, so I will see this song performed!!!! :-P
I miss you Cory monith
I found out about this song through reading the house of night books and I looked it up and now I love this song
it was in the book awakened it was the song Jack was singing when he was killed by Neferet
Ohh...makes sense it is Jack after all. NOW I remember!
ANA CLAUDIA MARQUES Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Começando o dia com este 'feeling'.
what song is at the end?
Catch Me Demi Lovato 
Cory monith should of took advice from Charlie Seen how to do coke with out killing himself,,,,,just saying
Suzanne Velez Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Time to trust my instincts...close my eyes and leap!
I think it's too much Lea... I want more Chris Colfer... -3
I love Brittany. She's hilarious. And also Sue
She doesn't hit the end note like Idina but then again who can? But this version is awesome!
i remember this <3 i miss this so much the rivalry was so great
Like if you can hit the high note xD
I sang this to my boyfriend :)
Like you know the one Kurt threw because he didn't want people to think bad of his dad..
Ok cool, fuck off then. Open your mind and come back later.
I love this song. Huge wicked fan
Oh my god who fucking cares if Kurt is gay if you don't like him, don't say anything!! And if you are mad at someone for being rude to Kurt, everyone has their own opinion!! God gays are humans too. Just shut the hell up and listen to the god damn music t-.-
I'm pretty sure you wouldn't like people picking on you if you were gay or bi.... So stop hating on other people.
this reminds me of colleen ballinger/miranda sings.
Hey, no hate. I was wondering about the same thing, but it's nothing bad, so chill out..
Actually the bible doesn't say anything about a man sleeping with a man, or any of that. Read the bible than talk stfu plz.
Chris : Kiss me goodbye I'm defying gravity Me : I would thousand times if I could .
Love This Song So Much, Lovely Memories ♥
Can't I make you understand? You're having delusions of grandeur!
Thats like saying i'm not aloud to sing Bruno Mars songs.. Whats the point? A Male can sing high pitch, a female can sing low pitch.
I sing this song like everyday jut love it
they have diffrent songs there good at and they use that to there abillity
he did it on purpose cause his dad and he thought it would be better if a girl got it...he could do it though but yeah
ik how u feel my dad banned me from watchin glee i can only listen to there songs now cuz hes scared i might think gay is okay im like reallie dad
omg i'm actually in love with this song so much! kurt is my favourite person in glee! he's such an amazing singer! this song makes me so happy!
Omg yes!!I love Jack and that series and this song sooo reminds me of him!
You made a lyric video for a song from WICKED sung by Lea and Chris from GLEE and the video ended with DEMI LOVATO song. I seriously love you
I don't think anyone will ever forget Jack...but if anybody has read the current most book he dose meet someone new...a human...and everyone is like go on socialize Jack wouldn't want you to be alone...but I do have one question WHY NEFERET WHY!!!!!!!!! EVERBODY LOVES/LOVED JACK . SO WHY HIM...WHY...RIP Jack you'll always be in our harts and minds...somewhere...and lets hope you return just as quickly as Heath did...
Stay strong lea !!! Rip cory :~*(
This has got to be one of my favorite songs ever done on Glee. It's really amazing.
me + trying to sing this song = worried neigbors asking if i had a cat and if it died
I could've sworn when Chris started singing I heard an angel instead.
I love Idina and all, but this girl is my favorite Elphaba vocally. She makes it sound so easy, whereas I found parts in Idina's recordings where it felt SO strained. /watch?v=TV86ZBZ_teQ
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