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Ratchet and Clank ACIT Vorselons Warship Glitches

by redsthename • 259 views

Vorselons warship to me has always been the most fun to glitch because it was a challenge. I'm more then positive i've exploited every aspect of this level you can feel free to prove me wrong and...

@cheeseofdoom1 I'm very happy with the "grav-strike" (decided to name it) even if it does only save a few minutes. Before this planet was pretty much known to be glitchless in a speedrun pretty happy to change that. It is to bad that grav-striking can't be abused anywhere else.
@SwedishGamePros Dammit, maybe I was talking about my other friend Issac, who happens to always be very happy!
@InfernoDragonGuy I tried it in axiom city before i released the video when you try to jump off it just sticks you to the side of the grav-ramp.
Isaac is very happy. Excellent find red.
@InfernoDragonGuy There are no other grav ramps in acit to my knowledge.
@SwedishGamePros Yea the room at 10:20 is pretty good too.
@cheeseofdoom1 Newton had two A's. Asimov has two A's. The biblical figure has two A's. Son, I am disappoint.
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