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Strawberry Milkshake : Drinking w/ Junkyard

by Junkyard129 • 13,544 views

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I wonder if dancing junkyard could be meme worthy for his subscribers
*in russian accent* tiny man dancing next to blender is much funny and has many moves! this is good, my friend!
Chilled left because he didn't like the idea of the Creature House and turning into almost a company and Junk was kicked out.
Dam right it's better than yours
I put mint with mine :D nice vid junk
Junk is one of the only people who dances in a tuxedo with a fedora hat.
You do realize something right? They havent spoken since then kootra avoids him and makes everybody else feel awkward...
Douche bags for kicking Junk out.
He wasn't kicked out, the creatures stated that it would've put much stress on junkyard and his family and they talked it over and junk said it was perfectly fine. He wasn't full on blasted out, just merely discussed over and pretty much left.
Junk, you need to open up a diner!
Hey junk what was the brand of blender you were using?
Moving was totally optional for the creatures and junk didn't wanna be apart of that, because it would cause stress on his family and whatnot.
The ending music reminds me of pet society
Why add sugar if the ice cream is already sweet? I might try this! :)
"Drinking w/ Junkyard" I thought you were trying to keep this channel family-friendly ;D
strawberry milkshakes r my favorite
I enjoy all of the creatures, chilled and junk. Kicked out or not, doesn't seem to be much of a big deal. Im saying that even though he was kicked out, why make such a big deal about it? He has more personal endeavors to come. You make it seem like someone got killed by using the word 'victim'. Im debunking the possibility because, the situation is too childish and time-consuming just to make up a story about. All of them are great people, just they decided to part ways with one another.
Can you please do a holiday ham?
I was just stating what I heard. Don't really care that much whether or not he got ejected or just talked over. Reason being is because Kootra and Nova and all the other creatures have stated the same thing about the thing with junk and chilled on the creature talk. They wouldn't make up some stupid story about that just cause it's not that big of a deal that he did get removed, so why fabricate a story about it? All I'm saying is that it's not that big of a deal in the first place.
guys stop the tit jokes junk knows now
If you put vanilla extract with chocolate ice cream does the vanilla overpower the taste or what.
Someone needs to put Dancing Junkyard into a gif.
its 9:43 im thinking: FUCK!!!!!!!!! IM SOO HUNGRY JUNK CAN cAN U GIVE ME THAT AND MYBE ALL YOUR HOUSE'S FOOD (i ate alot of dinner too)
@SutiMester33 I dont think it was because age was it?
MMmm junk i just now made this... its amazing!
Using the word victim in that sort of context makes me believe it as if you try to make it as an over-exaggeration. This isn't that much of a problem. He got kicked out, big deal.
2:32 - 3:02 Best part of the entire video.
2:32 That's what happens when you hit the "Fancy button" Junkyard talked about
Junkyard I don't think your old :D You're always a creature to me!
This is why I like this channel, good, quality videos.
But he's like 40...and the others are about mid 20's.
just stop it already? he have talked about this so many times in his vids.
I'm on a strict cutting regime right now, why do i torture my self by watching these ? *sigh* off to the gym again...
You really don't need that extra sugar. There's already natural sugars from the strawberry + sugar from the ice cream.
that's kinda sad :/ kicking you out because of your age? I never thought i will say this but the creaures are assholes.
I know I'm a little late, buuuttt I don't think the creatures are assholes. Gassy is awesome, Ze's cool, Sp00n is funny, Kootra makes my day, and Nova...... Nova is just so damn weird. Sly is also funny, but slightly annoying. But anyways, I like the Creatures, they're not bad guys, I don't know what happened with Junk or Chilled, but I will never have my opinion changed about these guys. They're young gamers, they don't think that they're super important. They are awesome and I love them all.
keep drinking he says :D keep drinking it is!
You know what i don't understand sp00n didn't have to move in but junk got kcked out for that
Junkyard, why you have to make me so thirsty! Lol good vid
man i wish i was an ocean.oceans get all the beaches...
He is right, whether he would be in the creature house or not is irrevelant to why he is no longer part of the group. Ze, Sp00n, and Sly have not been in the creature house, yet they are still part of the group. Age was the factor, and it was unfair
THAT JUST STOOOOOOOPID, YOU ARE LIKE THE... GUY WHO KEEPS THE GROUP TOGETHER... I bet they will fall piece by piece now that you have left the building.... I'm not watching anything with the creatures now, it's just stupid without you. ;(
these cooking videos help me out so much especially when impressing girls that come to my house =)
His hot summer days are my cool summer days it gets to 115 degrees I need a truck load of milk shakes
Lmao at the dancing during blending
buddy this happened a while back. i still love both junk and the creatures. and no they're not falling to pieces. they're actually pretty sucessful at the moment and half of them live together in a house they rented out. i really hate people who brings up junk not being part of the creatures. makes everything awkward and brings back past problems. better if it's just let go of. oh and people mentioning chilled also. chilled had an altercation with nova and had personal reasons for leaving.
Lol cutting towards yourself? kk...
Honestly it did seem weird having such an age difference. If you ask me, even though Kootra is one of my favorite creatures, he was kind of an asshole to Junk sometimes. I think many of the creatures felt a little superior to Junk since he wasn't one of the most prominent creatures. Of course this made it awkward because he's so much older than them. So, even though I love Junk, he didn't always seem to fit in with the rest of the creatures. Maybe in another life, if they were all the same age.
his milkshakes brings all the boys to the yard
needless to say keep drinking *pulls out vodka* Sure will .... Cheers *clink* XD
and if u love what u do it should not matter your age
I want a gif of you dancing. Then, make it my TF2 spray. BAM! Everyone gets some Junkyard :D
Just a tip junkyard, adding ice cubes makes it even better :D i do it all the time
Stop fucking saying "Oh wow," and "Through and through," it's fucking irritating. Half the time when you say through and through it doesn't make sense in the sentence.
For a legit dude like you i recommend the Vitamix blender
yes, saying first is retarded. but insulting them is getting old.
I had to watch this at 11:30 PM and then I got a strainge feeling for . . . . . Milkshakes . . . . . .
I wish I could do a video with Junk!
There was no argument, Junk left the creatures because he was not going to the creature house for family reasons. He has a family, he didn't want to bring them into that kind of situation.
Do i add the finish to top off the flavors or no?
GUYS.... They didnt kick junk out, he left. second chilled had a problem with nova and it busted out on a creature talk then chilled chose to leave
I thought so too, but the truth of it was that Slyfox isn't in the house and they kept him. So housing wasn't an issue. It was age discrimination for the truth of it.
I almost thought when i saw drinking with junkyard we would just be watching him drink it! lol!
Did finish pay you for this video?
Good to see the odd video junk I still miss when the vids were daily but !!
Junkyard has some nice dance moves
Dude I don't care if you arent a creature !! I STILL LOVE YOU!! no homo ^^
You know that motto can be taken the wrong way
I listen to old podcasts while i play MC for fun. Always laugh when they call you the dumb old mad with your old mic and you yell from across your house. Especially the time when they had the points that you could take away from others.
It was something to do with the creature house, junkyard didn't want to go so he left the creatures completely. I think it had something to do with family.
This milkshake will bring all the boys to the yard.
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