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Portal 2 Walkthrough - Part 19 (Chapter 9 Final Battle) [1080p HD] (PS3/X360/PC) (Gameplay)

by TheMediaCows • 578,611 views

If you want to buy Portal 2: This is the 19th part of a full gameplay walkthrough of Valve's Portal 2 on the XBOX 360, Playstation 3, and PC. This video includes the second...

I don't know about everyone else....., but the end made me cry..... goodbye Chell... have a good life..... with your freedom... and your new companion....
The ending.. So sad DX I miss Wheatley
guess the cake wasn't a lie after all.
11:15 lol the epic giant turret at the back.
Feel sad for chells mom cause she didn't make it out of the first game
epic way to defeat the boss, fire portal TO THE MOON, portal guns have no limit in distance do they?
the turret song upsets me because I know this is the end of two very epic games.
11:58 Companion cube! You're back!
Animal King turret. Same as in the info screens during the game.
The fuck at the end. But you can hear the same song in the campaign, don't know What level though
haha I know I thought man how cool would it have been if there was an option to remain with GladOS lol for an eternity XD
Phew after all 5 more than 5 hours am finish all part
Player: "Am I out?" Looks around. Door shut Player: Turns around quickly. Door opens. Companion cube comes out. Player: "Well at least I got a parting gift." Picks it up and walk away.
So... GLaDOS had enough emotions left to give Chell the Companion Cube at the end. Even after deleting Caroline a part of her still stays human. :D
Poor core 1...he just wanted to go to space!
i still taught Glados was going to kill me in the end:D
man , the guys who made this game must have been HIGH !
awww Glados is so kind after all.. :') too bad i will never get to this part..
Space Core is my favorite character.
Damn, I think you might be right. In the comic Dr. Rattman dies in the same bed Chell was in during the first game, so I guess it's just wishful thinking that he survived.
I shat brix when the elevator came to those first four turrets XD
I just finished the game. It's so good.
If I was her, the first thing I do when I got out is go on a nature hike, so I can be as far away from technology as posible.
not really. GLADoS just realize is Chell is her daughter
thats it??? I wasted my time thinking there would be more people at the end!
Marie Curie invented the theory of radioactivity, the treatment of radioactivity, and dying of radioactivity. lololol :D
I think thesis my top favorite ending to Naga, e
Well, if the portal "projectile" travels at the speed of light, it takes less than 1.5 seconds to reach the moon.
I know it's a frankenturret in the back but I still think it should be ratman
10:07 would've been the biggest troll in the gaming world!
I have loved Portal ever since Narbacular Drop was in beta.
I think they should make a movie out of this. Seriously, it'll be great.
......Seriously? He's the one scientist that helps Chell throughout Portal and Portal 2 with his messages he leaves behind in his Ratman dens.
Killing me is hard eh GLaDOS? Well, it would have been without YouTube!
Oh wait. I just read that it takes place below Michigan's Upper Peninsula. That's awesome. Say ya to da U.P., eh? What better place to put a secret underground testing facility? (Chippewa or Mackinac County maybe). Though wouldn't it be ironic if it took place in Portal, Arizona? Think about that.
and also is there GONNA BE PORTAL 3 :(
I had not idea the facility was in Ukraine: check the google photes for ukraine nature=)
WAT HOW DO WEATLY ATS GLADOS BODY (im on chapter 2 (just started))
lol the companion cube at the end.
The compainon cube that GLaDOS had given to Chell when was in one of the test chambers in Portal 1.
Thanks a lot Valve. You make me cry.
that ending kind of sucks just getting kicked out of that awesome game....
wheatley? you mean... he's gone? as in totally gone? as in you didn't "turn him back to good and he took back everything and some how you forgave him"? i... i just don't know what to say... actually, screw that, yes i do know... WHEATLEY, DON'T GO!!!!! D'X I DON'T CARE IF YOU TRIED TO KILL ME COME BACK!!!!
I kinda sympathize with GLaDOS a bit. I don't think I would enjoy being stuck in a potato either.
1... sit... whole... thing... phew...
Wait, didn't you destroyed the neurotoxin generator?
so i suppose glados is youre enemy again because the deleted caloline so i hope their is a portal 3
Yeah!! Companion cube alive =) ! Thanks for this TheMediaCows, seriously, awesome walkthrough and game! Although I feel a little bad for Wheatley...
i bet when valve will start releasing stuff with #3 evreone will say valve doesn't count to 4
No it was the companion cube from portal 1 you noob
I mean there must be portal 3 for sure it can't end like this kave jhonson didn't say that really its strange!
Poor wheatley :C he wasnt bad, just overrun with power. i forgive him
That's what I thought, but when Chell and I were doing Rattman's testing, he must of rebuilt the neurotoxin storage
i <3 wheatly i hate him being th ebad guy..still i think GLaDOS is a bitch
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