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i dont want to do it!

by nfallas • 215,517 views

**READ BEFORE WATCHING** Note that at the time i had my son i was 19, i know i look younger but i was already 19 and an adult. this is me when i watched a video of some lady giving birth on...

yea as i went threw the pregnancy i learned to be ok with the thought of the pain. :o)
in my high school they showed a birth video to every grade 9 science class.
@tshockey100 yeaa still in high skewl lol..nd thanxss for answering my question:)
They can never do that.. Human flaw to fuck everything that walk's and has 2 legs.
@nfallas I would like to know too if it hurts THAT bad ! I'm pregnant too actually -_- hehe did i get to this video....?
fuk!o.O... does it hurt that much?!?!?...can someone answer my question? pliss?ireaally want to noe..soo iwnt get prego
dont want to do it eh? but you wanted to get fucked eh?
until you've had to do it..i dont what to hear it! i was scared of the thought! so dont talk about what you dont know!
It's truly not that bad. This is what your body was made to do and women have been doing it for thousands of years. Read Ina May's guide to childbirth. It will make you feel so much better. Your friends will have to do it too one day. We'll see who will be laughing then ;) Don't worry about it too much. The baby comes out one way or another. And Congratulations! How far along are you?
@shynealise haha glad someone understands! lol my labour lasted 3 days!! and i ended up with a c-section so i never did have to deal with the fear of pushing lol ...but yea i think this was the moment i realized " holy shit this is really happening!" lol
I dont understand. What's going on here?
People need to stop judging this girl, just because she's scared. my cousin is having her baby in march and she's terrified, she's ready to be a mother. But I would be terrified too. so leave this poorgirl alone. and I hope everything is going good for you and your baby <3 :)
@cutie0938 i was 18 when i got pregnant 19 when he was born
yeh go for wall the quickies and dicks without hoodies...congrats with your torn pussy -_- dumbass teens
being a teen mom is miserable for most girls. there are a lucky few who enjoy it.
I've had two babies hun and i can promise ya the pain of childbirth its not gonna last forever and you get a baby at the end of it!!!! I think it was mean to stand around saying all that stuff whilst she was crying. Anxiety and fear of birth, (something natural) leads to more pain when the time comes. Relax, your body will know what to do. :-)
lol thanks! well im only 10 weeks lol
if you didnt have sex u wouldnt be pregnant...
the fact that its going to hurt doesn't bother me yet, key word yet lol. but i burst into tears once the baby is out, im a big baby :P
@babe19751835 Of course it hurts, you know what does not hurt? birth control, I see your still in high school, finish that. grow up, and when your old enough to have a baby and care for it, it will be the the most intense BEAUTIFUL pain you have ever felt, it will be over in minutes, and you will experience a love like never before.
Jealous that people have to support a child for at least eighteen years when they're that young? Nope. Btw, no one cares if you do it, but get on the pill or use a condom because no one really wants the children of these fatuous teens running around.
@poescatgirl i'm 20 now, i'll be 21 in a few months, i was 18 when i got pregnant and 19 when i had him.
aw don't worry, they were just messing with me lol my sisters are SUPER supportive! and when i found out i was gonna have to have a c-section they were the most supportive and encouraging people in the world :)
It hurts. A lot. My son was 9lb 5oz with a big head. I did it naturally :/ Get the drugs.
you werent crying like a baby.. fuck id be crying too... hows everything now?
My mom went to the specialist today she is fine and they heard the babys heart beat isn't that awesome ??? Did u never get married or r u divorced
She should learn to keep her legs closed , dumbass teenager , but her friends and family could've been more supportive
@shynealise lol yea that was my mom she was laughing cause i was crying, but she and everyone there is still to this day SUPER supportive :)
@nfallas She just asked if it hurts, not what people think about young girls getting pregnant :/
What is wrong with your friends? Seriously. "Are you like.. crying?!" UGH. I swear. And they made you watch that video.. omg. BLAH.
poor thing they scared the fk outta her
at first when i watched video's my first pregnancy i was like NO THANK YOU. But going through it is like oh I can do this. And now when I watch the video's of woman giving birth (if i do) i cry because its beautiful! You will do fine and your young so it will go easier! Good luck throughout your pregnancy!
@babe19751835 What the person said below, I second. And answering your question, yes, it hurts a lot, especially if you don't have an epidural. I know a good number of people who have what I call "free birthed" which is giving birth without an epidural. Not too fun.
haha me too but what she said made me cry more! lmao
@miacrazy12 a 12 year old can't be a good're 12.
@nfallas For every five years a woman waits to give birth, the chance of the baby becoming overweight increase with 14%. haha.
@cutie0938 awe thanks!! i was in labour for 3 days!!!! then in the end i had to have a c-section
wow...I feel sorry for you because you have such unsupportive, insensitive friends. I hope your baby was healthy and you didn't have to go through much pain - and that you got a different group of friends after this.
Thx how old is the baby now???
suck it up i waz 13 when i had my first kid and it hurt like hell but it is worth it trust me
What kinda friends would force you too watch this unless...did you agree with it?
@babe19751835 ive had 4 kids it hurts but not enough for me to have learned my lesson!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but pleeeze wait till after you finish school its much easier
All I can say is I don't blame ya one little bit. You must have really felt empathy for the lady in the movie. I had barely turned 18 when I popped out my first little man, my labour was only 12 hours and it was like pushing a car up a hill with my belly for about 5 hours of it. Labour is not fun, and I'm glad you posted your reaction to seeing someone give birth, because some people who fall pregnant do not 'click' straight away that they got it in there and they're gonna have to get it out.
she looks so young... i feel bad 4 her. she should have been more careful when having sex! what terrible friends she has!
omg i cried look at u cry im 15 weeks....uughhhhh the ending of pregnancy sucks
She has the worst friends ever! And her mom was laughing. Wth!?
I am currently pregnant at 17 i think its the most precious thing a woman could ever go through. Although i am scared of the pain i know that in the end that beautiful baby that comes out is all worth it.
Heyyyyyy. School is finally over soo glad lol whtt u doom for summer
@cutie0938 lol i just have one haha but congrats for your mom! and i hope everything turns out well...i will pray for yall
@Prov1210 im a teen mom and i honestly havent been happier. My baby boy puts a smile on my face every single day. Yes, its a hard full time job but lets not focus on the negative and focus on the beautiful things in life. i also have an amazing husband-to-be so i guess that takes lots of weight of my shoulders. For me im living the best time of my life. Mommy loves u noah
That is sad. no matter what age you are you should have support and not being scared to shit :\
after 2 full term birth, and 1 preterm, i still get scared watching labor vids on youtube, right there with you mama! and congrats by the way
@wldchry8 I am all for natural childbirth myself. But I also know that if you are not able to have control and breathe through the contractions and such it is going to be agony. You have to be relaxed and able to control your actions, breathing. I was 22 when I had my first and while I had prepared myself for at least the pain, my situation was not typical (bad homebirth experience). I would say natural childbirth is wonderful, but be able to maintain focus. Once you panic it is all over.
@babe19751835 you are too young, trust me live your life first! then think about kids
@JtaimeFroy Haha well I've heard some people say it didn't hurt at all (or barely), and others ofcourse say it hurt very much xD I think especially the contractions would hurt for some people more than actually pushing the baby out, and there are things you can do that might help it not hurt as much. I decided to try out the warm up, yoga, and relaxation videos by DoctorCathy that is made for pregnant women haha. It's supposed to help for when it's time to deliver and be in shape =]
this place is a fucking wasteland and you're all lost souls.
Why the fuck would you go around fucking so much as a teen? I mean really? Maybe it sucks to be pregnant, but it is partially your fault. Unless you were raped it is, but I'm assuming you weren't.
ok love ive had 5 kids, and yeah it freakin hurt.... but i can promise you that if you focus on the pain through your whole pregnancy you will freak yourself out,be unable to relax and it will be alot harder on you and baby.... RELAX. tell yourself "this pain is only temporary" and focus on the healthy baby you are going to get... my midwifes all said "welcome the pain, it indicates progress" very wise women!
13 r u srs?? I'm 13 now and I culdnt imagine going thru that. Wat did ur parents say at first??
How the fuck did you manage to write a comment with a sharp brackets on youtube? It always throws an error on me :(
lol well i ended up having to have a c-section =/ contractions hurt but hey ya gotta do what ya gotta do lol
@cutie0938 thats great! uumm no i was with his dad for 5 years [[on and off]] but then when i got pregnant he was just way too he lives in costa rica haha
@cutie0938 oh god no! lmao im a single mom soo nooo haha..what?
Haha I admire your enthusiam! Good luck, you'll do amazing!
-____- everybody needs to grow the fuck UP . stop judging her becuase she was scared -.- of course its gunna be scarey , but ALL women go through it . They get pregnant and REALLY ? whos going to sit there and be happy & excited about ripping their vagina open ? .. shit , im terrified <'3 im 8 months .. but im excited about my son
@thedeerstand10 awe you're so sweet! he's actually 2 now, and i had a c-section so it wasn't bad lol although after the surgery was pretty painful -.-
Yes it hurts and it hurts alot...i was grown wen i had my son but the shit still hurts like hell dont have any kids until ure grown an married!!!!!
@Sarah30267 Scoffs! 13 year olds should not be having sex! Where were ure parents??(parenting)
@chernabog420 haha yea i ended up having to have a c-section with him, i was scared at this point ^^ but i'm good now, he's 18 months old and we are happier than ever :)
P.S is that your mum in the background having a chuckle?? That was absolutely my mums reaction to my fear of childbirth too.
@smurffy1416 it wasnt her vagina it was a freakn vid of a birthing session rere and i dint ask for ur 2 cents
@nfallas hey guess what a girl doesnt get herself pregnant dipshit and it takes 2 really do u think that she went out with the purpose of getting pregnant NO
wow i cant believe it really makes u that sick! lol yea this video was almost 4 months ago, now i couldnt be happier to be pregnant. it really is an amazing thing! maybe one day you'll change ur mind, and if not theres always adoption =] lol
This is why we parents tell these teenagers to not have sex. That Sh** hurts and can be gross! Should have shown her the video before she had sex. ;)
Why cant people grow up. I mean, what is so hard? Someone tell me what is so hard.
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