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As We Are - Kate McGill (Original)

by Kate McGill • 64,481 views

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By the power of time hop I found this song again.. Listening to it while sleeping next to my nannas hospital bed.. Oh how beautiful the words are
great song but why don't you talk to us anymore? Now all your videos are just you singing. don't get me wrong we love to hear you sing.
if i could rate this 532053295325932 stars... i would.
hello lovely yeah you sure are cute and your music is full of soul, keep on keeping on xx
Another beautiful song x] I'm absolutely gutted that I won't be able to make it on the 26th :'(
@liisa297 i think that comment runs in the name lisa ;] i love kates songs too! they are so meaningful
I really like your guitar playing and singing... but I would prefer it if you played some more popular songs x)
really bad. i want my kate back
I think I'm becoming a fan ;) Can't wait for new song!
5 starts simply arent enough, this song moves. Lovely and true
Do you have echo on? thats kind of annoying. Otherwise your very good.
you have a voice kinda similar to paramore
wow u sing well..... plus i would luv to snog you
Bathrooms r kinda hard 2 hear but u have a beautiful voice and song lyrics:D
she sings in the bathroom cos the acoustics in their are good and make her voice better then anywhere else
ive watched all your videos i think you are amazingly amazing :D Xxx
awesome :) when will I see your album in stores? :p
you are amazing keep it up i kno you will go big because that voice of your is like a angels words helping others and dont back down because you are also a very beautiful girl
your voice its amazing, but the video has a little bit of noise with the guitar, maybe the echo.
i could be wrong but i think she does some of her early stuff in ther. but sits on the toilet under the painting. goood song tho
so you should definately cover last train home by lostprophets
did you edit your voice after ? this is really good though [yy] keep it up and check out my videos, id love some advice
i just stop by to say hey and that you have a very great voice and that you are very beautiful and that keep on going i kno you can go big so dont let anyone put you down
Brilliant :) You are amazing & these lyrics are so whoa, love it<3
you are wonderful, and amazing. Keep being creative and yourself!
it's her own song, most of her videos on youtube are songs of her own. check out her short straw vid :) that's my favorite song of her
Wow!!! you have beautiful eyes.
WTF! Are You Singing In the Bath!!! Lovely :p
Great job! I love this one! It's become my second favorite song of yours! .. next to short straw. :D
The change in confidence you've gone through is amazing. You're an awesome person I believe.
hey i just love your music :) wanted to know: what for a guitar are you playing? keep rocking!
Its right up there with little boat and your version of KIDS MGMT I loved that one. Keep it up gorgeous
Excellent! Very meaningful lyrics.. I'm sure a lot can relate, including myself :) 5 stars.
your voice gives me butterflies :) x
Why you always sing in bathroom, it kinda makes the quality badder, but your voice is still awesome, have you been in Talent or Idols, idk 8D?
you actully write some of the best lyrics I have ever seen! Their amazing. x]
your so cute, make me smile every time. that was brilliant :D
good for receiving the thumbs down, but no good for a comment.
She most definitely does not look the slightest bit chubby, or even moderately bigger than before... LOL. Funny ey?... Cock
this is my fave of your songs for sure!
good for banging, but no good for music
Another song by you that makes me heart smile...
You're fantastic you know. KMx
This was put up on my brithday and i luv this song. this song makes me think..
a cover from the sounds's song would probably be.. amazing, coming from you.. winkwinkwinkwink.
i Love ur vdeO Kate........... <3 <3
I love your voice so much. Keep up the good work. I love your accent too :D
amazing music and you are so beautiful. love it
ok well i feel like abit of a twat now! thanks lol
ive never actually herd this song before but still loved it! beautiful face, beautilful voice p.s who sings the original?
So, that was a little bit bloody good. I would genuinely buy your CD if you put it up for sale.
nice song, what is the chords for this song?
its not even funny how much i can relate to some of these lyrics
kate you're amazing, will you ever gigging in the surrey area? lol
you will make it big honey. i can almost guarentee it.
It's very sad that the quality isn't that good. Because the song itself (and the way you sing it) is amazing.
is this the BATHROOM? jeah singin' in the bathroom xD your voice is so amzazig to sing on a stage, not in the bathroom between toilet and towels..,. xD
is this a real song or an original of yours
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