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[CLOSED]Collab Giveaway Time ! ♡ MAC, NARS, SLEEK

by Melissa Merk • 9,226 views

My first collab giveaway! :) Congrats to sophieneal80 for winning this Collab. vlog channel - follow me on twitter:!/@melissamerk...

Sun, because I live in Oregon where there never is any! :)
i love the weather of summer! :)
I love the summer because I enjoy all the time I spend with my family, being crazy with my makeup (like different colors and stuff), I also love the summer because it is the best time for ice cream :) Lastly, I love the summer because my birthday is August 22. I love my birthday because all my family comes up from Rhode Island and we have a big party with just my family, and I really enjoy that.
my fave thing about summer is the weather
my favorite thing to do over the summer is go shopping and go to the beach -3
i love the dresses and the beach
i'm going to hawaii! it'll be the first time i'm going, so i can't really say it's my favorite thing YET, but i know it will be. i love vacationing. *****I'M SO GLAD I JUST NOW FOUND YOU!! when i entered this giveaway at first, i only subscribed to the girls tagged in alziegirl's vid, and you xobrunettebarbie WEREN'T TAGGED!! i would've been disqualified if i hadn't seen you in my suggestions. :O
WE can spend time with our families and friends because there are summer holidays and i love the beach and the fashion.
The nice warm weather, and spending time at the pool with my two lil kiddos!!!!!!!!
I love summer bc I get to hang out at the pool with my sisters. We love tanning and just talking about whatever.
i love the warmth, tan and the beach with friends! ♥♥♥
My favorite thing about summer is to get out of school and spend time with my family and friends !:)
I like the summer sun, swim in the sea, spending time on the beach with friends and family
I just love love love seeing my gorgeous family at family cookouts
My favourite thing about summer is sleeping in , tanning , crop tops , short short , bikinis , cool hairdoos ,the sun , fireworks , eating outside , icecream
I basically love everything about summer but if I have to chooooooose one I''''''ll choose the beach.
Going to the beach and swimming in the pool.
my fave thing about summer is tanning!
I love the warm summer beach weather plus being able to lay out and work on your bronzed glow :)
tanning, being able to try out new makeup looks, and SLEEPING(:
I love summer b/c that I love going to the pool and beach!
I enjoy the freedom, the fact that you can stay up late or go shopping with your friends without curfews or homework to do -.-' OH AND BBQ's HELL YES
My favorite thing about summer is all the free time to be able to go the beach, hang with friends, and go see family. (B.C is the greatest (: My grandparents live there, so I visit a lot)
My favorite thing about summer is staying up late and sleeping in! haha (:
My favorites things about summer is hang with my friends 24/7, going to the beach and get tan and spending quality time with my family!
Going sight seeing for the summer
my favorite thing to do in the summer is shopping!
my favorite thing about summer are the starbucks fraps! ^_^
My favorite thing about summer is spending a great time with family and friends. It's also sitting by the pool, eating ice cream. Just having a blast. :)
I love the warm summer bronzed look.
My favorite thing about summer is going shopping!!! <33 :D :)
My favourite thing about summer is sleeping, oooh and the weather, especially when it rains!
I love summer because it gives inspiration for people to write happy poetry that doesn't have to involve love (for once). C:
spending time with my family, having cookouts, going to the beach watching the sun go down.. something about summer makes it that much prettier..sleeping in is nice and of course i luv summer because its my birthday the end of june ;)
My favorite thing about summer is going to the water park.
i love going to visit my family they live in another state but we're so close so we all try to reunite at my grandmas for summer vacation :D
my favorite thing about summer is that I dont have to stress over my classes :)
sleeping alot :) i like ur scarf :)
Some of my favorite things to do in tha summer is to visit my family and i love tht i get to sleep in.
I love being able to go to the beach whenever and just let my hair down!
my favorite thing is that i can stay out late & dont have to go to school!
Lake time and Thunderstorms! Plus pow wow food. (:
my favorite thing about summer is NO SCHOOL lol
Tanning, warm weather, going downtown, beaches
going shoopping and visiting new places ,thanks for the giveaway:)
holidays has to be the best thing
Hiya i LUV the summer sales like at bbw (bath and body works),hollister,and victoria! I LUV UR VIDS!! : )))) and no schoool and watchinggg hauls
Hanging by the pool with my friends
my fav thing abt summer is bbq's!!!
My favourite thing to do is got tan and party all day looong
I love summer because of all the family fun time and no drama...and the sleeping in of course :)
My favorite thing would be being able to try new crazy fashions. I had a dress code for school so it's great to have fashion freedom!
My favorite thing about summer is going bike riding all throughout the park with my best friend (: or hardcore family bonding xD
My favorite thing is the pooool!
I enjoy the smells of summer, the beaches, suntan lotions, and light fruity drinks!
Tanning, Summer make up and summer clothes! :) <3 x
My favourite thing about summer is the beach or a pool!! :)
My fav thing about summer is swimming
i loove to go shopping and to the pool during summertime also thanks for giiving us the chane to enter a giveaway
My favorite thing about summer is going to the movies!
My Favourite Thing About The Summer Is Definately The Fact That I Can Update My Everyday MakeUp Look Because In The Summer You NEED Bright Makeup:D Also Thank You Sosososososososo Much For Doing This Giveaway and actually putting your money into us all:D it makes me feel SO happy to know that your all thinking of us and i love every single one of your channels, they are the BEST!<3<3<3
My favorite thing about summer is that it gets so hot and that it becomes brown and swimming! Wait, all colors are also so much fun! Make-up in different pretty colors ... I love summer and can not choose what my favorite thing! XD Thanks for a fun giveaway! : D
i love summer because there's no school and more time to chill and have fun
Best thing about summer is being of school xx lol xx
I love everything about summer. Especially the beach!
bright summery colours! Getting away from the gloomy wintery shades and into the bright lights and sunny shades! hehe xx
the bright colors, the warm weather, swimming in pools, and SHOPPING for summer clothesss!!(:
I love the warm weather and am looking forward to our family vacation in July! And no school for my kids :)
Swimming and Vans Warp tour:)
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