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Seth macfarlane on atheism and gay rights

by milles corner • 1,276,634 views

Family guy animator Seth Macfarlane on Real Time with Bill Maher on atheism and a short gag about gay rights

Come to the UK, we have Charles Darwin on our banknotes.
What's the point of voting when the corporations hold the votes; pointless.
Im Christian and one question to you all. If you are an Atheist, how can you believe that Jesus and God is true if you are an Atheist? Im just pointing out. I want God to Bless you all, I was reading at the comments below. Jesus would not execute anyone, some of you people are ridiculous. If Jesus made you to live why would he kill you to die? God's Kingdom is near and I hope all you Atheists in Particular know what it is to be loved by the Only one and True God. God Bless.
Im christian not an athiest. Aathiest is when u beloeve in God. Athiest is when u dont. God Bless
+batman7 bad Firstly, what you said makes no sense 'Atheists believe in God', I am an Atheist and I certainly don't believe in God. Secondly, religion just folds in on itself. For instance, God created Hell. God created the rules of Hell. God has a plan for everyone, therefore It is reasonable to say that God is condemning you to either Heaven Or Hell at birth...
I sort of feel sorry for atheists, they don't actually realise they are doing Gods work. Jesus wants us to question everything and discern. they'll eventually get there, its just a process of evolvement. They are very rude and disrespectful to Jesus though, im not sure how hed take this.
All i'm going to say is animals can be its not choice its just genetics is like being born with bipolar or still function normal hahah to all those people who believe god hates gays because gooooo back to your american revolution where you thought god said it was fine to slave black fuck you........
+ERaceH8 I don't disagree with you.
If he is a "Atheist" why does he feature Jesus/God on multiple episodes of family guy? Also he is clearly part of the illumanauti or however u spell it you see this in many episodes of family guy the most recent being the cross over episode of family guy and the simpsons when peter enters springfield you can see the symbol of there satanic cult on the billboard family guy also promotes sin such as stewie hates his mom while in the bible it says respect your parents and qwagmire clearly shows the sin of lust he was sex with a different woman every episode he even had gay sex with petter and joe in an episode anyways All I'm saying is this show he created represents him p.s he's a faggot.
You should get that tumor looked at.
I never understood why people from religious backgrounds are brought up to "fear god". So religious people are living their lives in constant fear?
Plot twist - were not afraid of God
I fucking love seth's voice. Its like ear porn.
They shout 'look up to god, behold’                                                                             though sadly, we will not be told,               to change our ways, we should repent,           or down to hell, we will be sent,             we’re told to throw away the science,            to replace it with strict compliance,             but logic tells us we are right,                     to reject myth with all our might,                so let our common sense prevail,                just throw away this sorry tale,                    of myth and immortality,                         and settle  for ….reality,                            for when we get right down to it,           religion is just full of ….. rubbish!....oh bugger...that didn't rhyme 
Wow Seth is a great guy, hope he's right there will be no religion in 200 years
i love seth so much, he's hilarious!
Scientifically, gays will never be able to produce children...and it better remain that way! Fuck Obama, and fuck you Seth Mcfarlane!
+hawklord2001 I don't want to see men giving birth to babies! We should only provide the sperm, not carry the child!
+DarkZerepniconStudios Me neither. But that doesn't have anything to do with my first response. Not all relationships are about procreation.
Atheism is becoming an organized religion. It used to mean that you don't believe in any God. Most forms of Buddhism are atheistic. A bunch of people who are "areligious" are changing a word that doesn't mean what they think it means. There are plenty of religions out there who don't have a god.
Hawklord u are thinking human here. Jesus can do beyond imagination. Lets not argue. I wish u all the best and God Bless You!
God is not real!! He has never been seen in his whole 'existence' he hasn't help in any world struggle, you can say he's testing us because how much do we have to prove? So it takes thousands of year for his to test us?? Fuck off man. Religion is only used to separate people. And Christians tell me how god can forgive someone for killing innocent but can accept gay and lesbian people. So what a man likes to take it in arse or woman like to eat pussy how is that a bad thing??? If god only made cocks and pussy to make kids then you Christians can't have sex for pleasure! And for taking a dick up the ass, there are a lot of women who like a cock in there ass! Does that mean god hates them? No you fucking idiots, god is a myth used to give people hope!!! And as for Jesus. If we're all gods children what makes Jesus special? Because he got beat to death? That is happening all over the world does that mean I have to pray with them on a cross above me? Your all fucking stupid. rant over, drops the mic
I respect others' beliefs, if it makes them happy, they should NEVER change that. My only issue with atheism is that the basis for their beliefs is that there is no proof of God. That is valid, but there is no proof to the contrary either, and the entire belief system is logically fallacious. Absence of proof is not proof of absence.  I think agnosticism is much more logical. It allows the the possibilities of both sides BECAUSE we can never know for sure. Nobody does. Atheism is the belief that no God or the like exists, when in fact they cannot possibly know that. They are believing that out of faith, it goes against their own logic.
I'm a agnostic atheist
you can tell by watching this that both Bill Mahers and Seth Mc Farlene are gay satan worshiping pieces of shit who wanna suck eachtohers penis.
You watch a lot of that stuff do you? 
Guys.Shut.The.Fuck.Up.If the guy wants to be an atheist,he can be a fucking atheist.You don't have to believe in God.You can live your own fucking life.Quit shoving the bible down people's throats.I myself am Christian,but even I'm tired of seeing people running around yelling "JESUS CHRIST IS OUR SAVIOR!ACCEPT HIM IN YOUR LIFE OR YOU WILL GO TO HELL!".Again,I'm a Christian,so I have nothing against Christians,but you have to let people live their own lives instead of trying to change them.
+john thang Yes, but it never says to force it on everybody else like many Christians do.
If you are truly a Christian you shouldn't be able to use that kind of language. Js
That ridiculous audience that hollers at any sound of anti-religious statement seem like the sane putrid rapscallion atheists that plague the internet.
Ah yes, and here on this section, we have a herd of fedora wearing atheists tipping in the herd about why religion needs to be eliminated.
Being gay is wrong. Sorry but its true
fyi all im not gay...and find it so wierd why people bag on them....its literally like saying ya n** or ya Chi***
Being a stupid ass is wrong too. Sorry but it's true.
I find really interesting to watch videos of Americans talk about people (Coming out) as Atheists, where I live in the UK it's almost the norm for people to say I'm an Atheist. But there seems to be a social stigma about being an Atheist in America, Quite bizarre.
+RedRiverChannel Same stuff in Norway, most of us would be considered atheists but still keep some christian traditions, like raping little girls, stoning bitches and decapitation, oh and christmas. 
I'm  a dude and I find Seth very, very hot, and what a voice he has. 
the "as of late" bit only applies to the United States, here in Britain for example, so much as brining up faith in politics is going to loose you the election, hell Tony Blair only "came out" as catholic AFTER he left office, and the Continent ain't much different, but when push comes to shove, this is all out fault, turns out making the first colonist religious fundamentalists nobody in the country wanted is a bad idea
its now scientific proven fact all the religious to be homosexual pedophile sodomite childrapists. 
+Gabriel Patriarca i iknow...therefore i posted some good material for u to use
+Gabriel Patriarca we have looked back in time before the big bang and god was no where seen constructing the universe Mathematical and Physical Proof spontaneous initiation of the universe ex nihilo. forgot 2 all is in the format i use with the sarcastic text to annoy the make use of all of it ...slam them from the net
I could care less about his religious beliefs he's is a role model to me as a voice actor
fucking faggie satanic 
+hawklord2001 Look how religious he is. Calls someone a fag, asks them to suck his cock. So humble and god fearing that man is.
+Kevin Magauran Or you know, he could just be a total useless piece of croc dung that nobody wants to hang around with. #justfuckingmaybe
i dont get why people bash christians people dont get it says in the bible that being gay goes against gods will christians dont hate gay people we just state what the bible says were not making it up
+XenProdigyGaming "" the point I made was it's unnatural"" Since we exist within and are part of nature it absolutely is natural. Unless of course life on Earth is being guided by a supernatural trickster of some sort.
Religion is so evil :c its the reason why I my dad wishes that I was never born, I have no friends and people are bulling me everyday. This is the way I was born and for someone to say I cant be like this because I read in a book just makes me sick. Everyday more people will be born with religious brainwashing parents that teach their kids to hate me and want me to be tortured for all eternity for no reason. 
I am a christian and I have no problem with atheists aslong as they dont try to change what I believe in but what I want to say is that I have seen alot of atheists say that religion is what makes people hate each other and that it shouldn't exist but instead what I think is that instead of losing religion, people should gain tolerance to each other and leave each other alone
Atheists get such a bad rep. Bill Maher is kinda a dick when it comes to the subject but I like how Seth handles it.
I love that people like Bill treat religious people like idiots but yet has no clue about what is in the solar system closest to him let alone the other Quingentillion galaxies that also contain another Quingentillion stars each. That is true ignorance right there. My daughter also thinks the world revolves around here in a 2 mile square space. Anything outside of 2 square miles she is completely oblivious to. Just like Bill who is totally oblivious to 99.999999% of the universe out there. 
It's funny how gay rights is being mentioned to Seth sense he's gay himself.
Is that Reza Aslan on the panel?
This seems to be the only video on youtube where MacFarlane talks about atheism.   Honestly, it's not a big deal, I really like Seth and at least he isn't a dick about it like Bill Maher.  I don't really think "atheism" should be a movement though...I mean, what hope is there?  "Yay, we only live for a few years and then we cease to exist for all eternity".  Let's just put it this way, if life really is a blessing, then it will last forever.  It life is meaningless, then it is a temporary thing.  Although, I would say God is the one who makes life joyful enough and vibrant enough and free enough to live throughout all eternity.  Seth has really blessed my life with American Dad and Family guy, he is a pure genius.  I think Maher can learn from him not to be such a dick.
+JakeGraceAndGlory I love americans. Seriously, rape your way into marriage and stone your way out of it. What's that? That's not how your country works? Weird, I read it in the bible.  
you said it perfectly
I honestly cant believe  that people still believe inorganic inanimate non living materials came to life! Abiogenesis is a  joke,
It does not matter if you are religious or not we were created with compatible body parts for a reason, homosexuality is not natural.
It is proven that it is not a choice and that you are born in the way that you can only love people of the same sex. Therefore, saying that something you are born with is unnatural, people, sexuality, and everything as we know it is unnatural.
some day he will pay for his sins
Colossians 3:8English Standard Version (ESV) 8 But now you must put them all away: anger, wrath, malice, slander, and obscene talk from your mouth. Matthew 15:10-11English Standard Version (ESV) What Defiles a Person 10 And he called the people to him and said to them, “Hear and understand: 11 it is not what goes into the mouth that defiles a person, but what comes out of the mouth; this defiles a person.” You should be insulting people using swear words either.
+jm2ho vevo nope. All I need are my friends and family :)
God is a manmade entity not the opposite.
Bill maher is an israel zionist puppet this scum bag might as well go work on fox news !
Atheist wish religion would just go away but it won't because God was in the beginning and will be in the end. People can believe in science which is not consistent it is always changing or can believe the bible which is the word of God that never changes
Ah, I love you Seth! 😆
To everyone claiming that atheists are stupid or that Christians are stupid. Get over yourself. Each belief is valid. Nobody truly knows the truth until we die. People who believe in God truly believe that they are right and that's great and those you believe that God isn't real that's great too. Each party both believes with their heart that they are correct, stop trying to put each other down and realize that we all feel strongly about what we believe. If you were raised in a strong Christian household then yes you will most likely believe what you were raised on and the same goes for people that were not raised in a religious household. Nobody in these situations are right or wrong ,we are all simply trying to make it in life. Just treat each other nice. It's not hard. Don't be a douche.
Dwell the same way, Hitler was religious, therefore by religions teachings he is in heaven. Who would want that?
Hitler did suicide, so no way he is in heaven
15 years no more religion
seth macfarlane is so awesome.
All Christians answer this: If we were made with a brain; then why would we go to hell for thinking differently? He made us to think on our own, not be a fucking minion of a creation. if he does exist, then all atheists should be praised for using our head. Atheists are also stronger people, we are not afraid to say we don't believe in it. Most Christians believe in God because they have been brainwashed, they have become so scared to say I do not believe in that. There are stacks and stacks of research done for evolution, and if you can't believe it; you are a weak minded minion of Christianity. People use it as a way to escape reality, when they don't want to face what's going to happen- like death for an example. They want to believe they go to heaven not 6 feet underground so they use God as a way to escape the fact. I am a proud Atheist, and use science!
""He made us to think on our own, not be a fucking minion of a creation."" No he didn't. He created us to glorify him by being sycophantic submissive's. Isaiah 43:1–7
I just LOVE this guy :)
family guys is a fuckin cartoon,  one of the most creative, funniest and wittiest of all time in my opinion.   if christians are offended by some episodes then im sorry but how many smart logically thinking people (i mean us atheists) get offended every time we turn on the tv!  i recently seen where thousands of people had their homes destroyed, lives where lost and countless dollars of damage, yet people still say "thank god im greatful to be alive" "jesus was with us and pulled us through" only comment to these people is, where did the tornado come from in the first place?????  I quote one of my atheist heros: Bill Maher.   and im asking for an answer to the ?   think logic common sence
Stopped reading at "most creative" cartoon. Bc anything else after that is probably bullshit just like that comment.
so when u die your "soul" is goin to a magical place that exist somewhere above the clouds, but not outside our atmosphere hey i respect that no arguements just keeping my giggles to myself
The day a gay man gets pregnant by being butt fucked, that's the day I won't oppose gay marriage
Marriage has no baring on procreation or the lack thereof. 
What a fag. Just like his show. South Park murderd
wow! that guy sounds like the voice of brian from family guy
Bill Maher shares a striking resemblance to that of Vice President Joe Biden.
It just makes me sad. What people have turned Christianity into. Even in my own family, they're disgracing the title. Don't judge beliefs based on the believers. Even if you never choose to believe yourself, please. Don't think we are all nuts. Can't we all just agree that we'll never REALLY know anything until we die. Isn't that fair? After seeing this video, it's in my nature to dislike Seth Macfarlane. His arrogance really sucks, and not just because it pertains to beliefs. Well, enough ranting. It's just really depressing, seeing how humans have become towards one another.
I will not know much when I am dead, because.....I'll be dead.  I do get your point though. 
noiccee!! youre a gay atheist... now go get your butt filled up by daddy like a good little boy
Yeahhhhhh he's not gay.... But he doesn't look down on them like you evidently do.  Go fuck yourself (in the butt for an extra thumbs up!) :DDDDDD.
I really REALLY loved Family Guy up to season 7. Right then and there Brian becomes Seth's favorite character and starts claiming how God doesn't exist and to stand strong about your beliefs even when the world seems to be against you, like what happens in the episode "Not All Dogs Go to Heaven". That's fine and dandy and everything, but then the ENTIRE show just became one that seemed to be bent on bashing Christianity, not any other religion, just Christianity (and I'm not saying the show should never have made a single joke about the religion, because in the early seasons, honestly, I found them hilarious). Since then it's seen a decline in ratings, not because of the new atheist agenda, but also because characters changed. Brian became this new ultra left-wing activist, Quagmire is basically this supreme douche who rarely brings comedy into the show, and Peter is just now super immature and acts like a kindergartener. You can call me an idiot for being a Christian, but that's the thing, you call me an idiot. A lot of atheists simply have no maturity in how you express your feelings toward something you don't believe.
Have you ever read a psychology book
Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools- Romans 1:22 ... fallen and become degraded; not as having risen gradually to any intelligent conceptions of God at all.
Then leave god out of you're shows.
he's so darn cute 
Atheism is not a problem since it's a choice they make, it's anti-theism that causes the instability and conflict between believers and non-believers. They are just as bad as religious preachers, if not a lot worse.
There was that whole crusades thing
I love how "Christians" spew such hateful things and yet the Bible is supposed to be teaching love and forgiveness, correct? Practice what you preach people.
@ supertre2215 yes I provide people with sweet chin music! I just kicked Stan!
Sorry Seth but people who are atheists are just plain stupid.
Yeah, it's a common thing for stupid people to believe only in things that can be backed up by facts and evidence. Where as smart people like you know that the world was created in7 days by a white bearded man who lives in the sky who made man out of dirt, woman out of a rib, and is in constant battle with a little red, horned goat man who lives underground and is secretly turning us all gay... Oh and he hates foreskin for some reason. And the only evidence you need is a book written 2000 years ago by Bronze Age sheep herders that stole ideas from over 3000 different religions that came before it and has been re written by hundreds of different people since. Yeah, you're super smart👍
+TheChowie You're implying the vast majority of Christians are Evangelical. They're not, in fact, not even close.
I don't have a problem with christians, but some of you make yourselfs sound like idiot, just remember that if ur not good god won't bring you presents or santa won't let you in heaven..........
all man this  broke my heart. I love the lord and I love seth macfarlane but I love the lord more but I will be still watching family tho but this broke my heart bad :(
atheism is obviously the truth, and as intellegence grows, the atheist rate go's up.  I am an atheist myself, and i believe in science and proof over faith, and as he said- "The atheists rate is going up, it's about fucking time."
Just a couple of Jews pretending to be Atheist just so they can insult Jesus Christ. These so called Atheist never mention anything other than Christianity, especially not anything in their Satanic Talmud.
So the Talmud is Satanic? So Jesus, a jew, who was also a rabbi, who learned the oral tradition that formed the Talmud, and claimed to be the messiah prophesied in said teachings, was Satanic?
+Pork Sword Jesus was against The Talmud, that was the whole reason The Pharisees crucified him. Jesus was a Jew but today's so called Jews aren't. Read Revelation 2:9
It's funny how much time atheist spend talking about Christians. Especially when Christians spend almost no time thinking about or talking about atheism.
The issue is, all mankind is anti-God.  To think that atheist is a new movement, its who we are.  But to believe that there is a God is a personal stand. 
+Davis Jason What? Is this your attempt at red herring?
Its just a feeling, that people think atheism is something new or very rare in history.  Eg. when i read some history, i concluded in some cases that even religious leaders from the past were anti-God in what they said and did.
I do not believe in the bible but I do believe in God, Heaven and Jesus. Jesus was a man he does not need to be my savior. God will forgive no matter how much you sin. This is only my believes. Nothing more. 
So you're pretty much a Deist...
Stupid every true christian knows that if you dont personally pray to god and ask him to be your savior and accept him , then theres no point . Youre either hot or cold but cant be lukewarm. If you dont accept him then he wont save you and its a fact that every christian nowadays should know. God knows your heart and when you mean everything you say in a prayer, if you say it just to say it and dont actually mean it then youre not saved. Try reading the bible more
That's pretty awkward. Reza Aslan who's devoted his life to studying religion is there in a one-sided discussion about how religion sucks. haha. 
Mark jone you're logic is far superior than anyone's ever
The pompous level of atheism is incredible.
Actually I was going to let the "true generality" comment fly. I am thinking it probably needs contesting. In places like Australia, the religious (including those that do not actively practice but have some spiritual belief) match the nonbelievers. In some countries in Europe, such as Sweden, the nonreligious outnumber the religious significantly. You are surely not for a sensible moment trying to say that most of these millions upon millions of people are arrogant and it originates from a lack of religious belief? There are a few words, bigotry, intolerance, and irrationality, do you believe such an understanding would underwrite these words? Perhaps you simply need to clarify that many Atheists you have experienced you personally found horrid and arrogant but you know that there are whole countries with millions upon millions of Atheists and you Understand that it is silly to classify anyone who does not share your religious beliefs or experiences as arrogant, nor ascribe any trait, as it is hardly likely to apply to them collectively, and to do so would be highly intolerant and not in line with good Christian values?
+Ross Lumbus Watch this video and almost any video on YouTube and say that again. Right, I can't represent everyone on one statement but generalities never do and usually are not intended as such. Do you agree with the statements and approach of those in this video?
Hey guys, Back off of seth Macfarlane! He is the creator of family guy, american dad, and the Cleveland show! This dude makes us laugh to death mostly on sundays on FOX with new episodes! If this guy is a atheist,  then he is a atheist. I believe in God, Jesus, Heaven, and Hell, and the bible! You can't change a Funny man because of your stupid opinion about he's not a atheist so fuck over him or some boring comment! LOOK, YOU CAN'T CHANGE A MAN BECAUSE YOU DON'T LIKE IT! GOD DIDN'T MAKE US THE SAME! HE MADE US DIFFERENT SO WE CAN LIVE WITH QUESTIONS AND KNOW ABOUT NEW THINGS ABOUT PEOPLE OR JUST LIFE! God can see your comments and be disappoint in you for changing a man because he believes or don't believes in what you believe or don't believe. You can't change a man people!  
this video is pure shit on a stick,.....your welcome
Shame on you Seth MacFarlane!....this is incredible!Men are becoming Satans tools to try and bring more people on his side.. May God forgive us all! Glory to Christ...
Atheist's don't believe in "god or satan". Shame on you.
I'm having a really hard time understanding if this post is serious or sarcastic/satirical... because it just makes me laugh.
I do not care about the atheist vs agnostic label debate but I believe the quran/bible are it's self content wise is just mythology to me.
All aeithist are gay and going to hell and are taking a dilbo to the eye for ever
So you're one of those smart Christians?
He's a VERY smart Christian. I'm astonished by his knowledge.
about 99% of irish Children were abused by Catholic Priests - how Christian is that 
I am a Christian and I am completely fine with one not believing in God. That is their will and I respect that. I don't like shoving the Gospel, God and Jesus down people's throat on every subject (trust me, I know how it feels when other people used to do it to me). Nowadays Christians are portrayed as selfish douche who tries to convert people even when these people don't want to and I find that completely wrong way of preaching. Many examples of Christians has led to people perceiving Christianity as such negative thing in their life. The Christians around me are all caring people, supports gay people and merely tries to spread the Gospel not because they want to convert people but because they love the Gospel so much; and I think that is the right approach of telling people about God. So don't be an idiot to Christians just because you saw one example of a bad Christian because the 'proper' Christians don't go around to Atheist and says they're going to burn in hell just because they don't believe in God. mhm. wrong wrong.
he has fame and fortune.....why does he need is the opium of the rich
Atheism, to me, is also a religion. You believe that there is no god. I think people should respect others' religion instead of throwing theirs into other people's face. We're in a world full of 7 billion people. I mean, c'mon! There must be SOME diversity. I'm on Seth's side. I'm not an atheist, but I respect his values. :)
So basically, you're part of a one-man cult?
Theists cannot precisely "prove" anything just as atheists cannot. There's no point in trying to prove this or that, no matter what you believe in or not. You clearly came to this video in order to watch it for whatever reason, so watch it and please, don't publicly exclaim your philosophies among everyone else.
I don't agree with atheism but I do love Seth. I won't hate him or like him any less now that I found he's an atheism.
"I don't agree with atheism" Then you dont understand what Atheism is.. Those who define themselves as Atheists disbelieve all god claims, I assume as you dont agree you are therefore religious and do believe in either a God or Gods. I assume based on your name you are a Christian, You therefore wouldnt believe in Allah, Zeus, Thor, Mithra or Hanuman the Hindu Monkey god and so on. The word used to define disbelief in god claims is Atheistic. The position of disbelief in god claims. You know what it is to be an Atheist as you wouldnt and I assume also dont believe in those other gods. The only differnce between someone who defines themselves as an Atheist over a Christian is that an Atheist rejects in all god claims, While a Christian rejects all but one god claim. To me saying you dont agree with Atheism is to me rather hypocritical as if you believe in a monotheistic god then you share 99% of the same disbeliefs as those who define themselves as atheists.
FG isn't as funny as it used to be, now I just watch it because it's easy to watch and laugh at now and again but American Dad is now fucking amazing.
@Ghost Rider your a fag
The Bible is Fact not fiction, do some real intellectual research and you will find it true and accurate in every account, it isn't a superstition or myth rather science proved facts including the parting of the Red Sea, the Shroud of Jesus, and the finding of Noa's Ark on the tallest mountain in Turkey just to name a quick few? People are resorting to Atheism because today's moral standards are quickly deteriorating, news and television desensitizes  us to war and violence, and every one seems to view them selves as there own god now a days, and as a result today's society exists  with very little moral compass or structure. Not to say that any one who is Atheist is wrong or bad but look at today's society and how we treat each other. The churches, are nothing but Religion pushing bots looking for there own interests what ever they may be , and people seem to only attend to keep up social status values with the other "religious people". people are just not caring cause it is easier to justify for them.  I believe in god and Jesus, I do not attend church, i am a proud Christian, and as a Christian I do not judge any one for what they believe in or don't believe in. You don't have to be delirious how ever to realize there is an attack on Christianity, especially with the homo sexual rights movement that always seemed to be tied in to ones religious believes?Being gay is wrong according to the "Bible" and so called Atheist people have used there  word "Atheist"  to actually disguise what they really are and that is Anti god. Not some one who denies or disbelieves the existence of a supreme being or being's but rather a person who believes in both God and Satan but chooses to hate god for what ever reason? 
+John HSRAM Have you ever seen a therapist? Just asking. Cos youre the weirdest fuck Ive seen on Youtube for ages.  
+John HSRAM  This is the venomous hatred we see from all theists, without exception. Yes. he's you're a weird fuck indeed.
I can tell Seth is just pretending he's an atheist
Wow. why are all the people on youtube full of so much hate? you really cant be getting mad at the words that come out of the mouths of comedians.
"This is not Fox news, we have standards here!!" LMAO
I think bill maher meant to say "This is not fox television we DON'T have standards here" hahahaha
Family guy went very downhill when Season 7 started.  He put his own propoganda and thoughts on episodes like this to divide people.  I'm okay with what he believes, but it didn't need to be forced in family guy episodes.  So sad.
I'm not talking about my religion, I'm talking about his beliefs being forced down our own throats on his show.  Not All Dogs go to Heaven was a huge turnoff with an agenda.
+MyDakota24 he's just stating his point of view. relax.
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