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YogTrailers - Awesomenauts

by YOGSCAST Hannah • 109,779 views

The Yogtrailer in which age reveals itself.

I think they ripped off clunk from ratchet and clank and i'm not retarded clunk is an evil clank:D
wub wub ..wu wubb wub wub wub???(Dubstep Language)
Its funny because they say this but then a few months later they do like 10 videos on it and simon gets a charactor in it. Don't judge a book by its cover.
PLEASE try out Rayman Origins, I think it's a game you guys would like multiplayer :P
That statement melted my brain almost as much as dubstep does.
the dictionary isnt the truth its just the accepted truth we can believe anything we wish there are no rules this is the matrix neo free your mind
Simon, I'm 19 and I don't know what's going on...
makes me wonder how much he says "cut that" and it gets cut,because ive heard them say that multiple times before
Beatles sucks. Lyrics are overrated. WubWub.
It's the official definition because it came directly from the dictionary. I can't see how you can get more official than that. Whatever, we're just arguing about pointless semantics here. The point is, I hate dubstep, others like it. We're not going to convince each other in any way here, so let's just end this here.
No, just listen to the things I've been trying to say all the time. The gameplay and artwork of awesomenauts and cobalt look alike, but the gameplay and artwork of shank and cobalt don't!
OMG U THINK TWILIGHT IS BAD AUGHHHHHHHHHHHHH! No, I'm not one of those stupid fanboys. You know, the fanBOYS. By saying it is bad, ur doing the world a great favor.
They're too busy listening to dubstep and getting all defensive when someone says it's bad.
Technically if you wanna be technical, There's other browsers that offer it as well, Like Opera, and Safari i think.
Make you think actually, how many things DID she actually cut? We'll never know!
Beatles are still goin strong:)
Well dubstep is music, extremely shitty one but still.
dubstep is the shizz, i love it but thats just my opinion, i fully respect those who love other types of music and am not dissing them in anyway
Actually... No, you're too stupid. Nevermind. I can't do this anymore. Just hush.
raises the question "will Simon and Lewis do a Yogventures Yogtrailer?"
doesn't have to be google chrome, firefox works too...
thats becuase 1 you couldnt hear the trailer and 2 it was a trailer trailers are never a good way of deciding if a game is good or even to know what the game is like at all
It's Ok Simon, I still listen to the Beatles
Actually, back when Lewis use to edit the videos, he would say that but still the the footage in. It's a part of the Yogscast that's always been around.
Damn. The ending was like the yogpod. I miss that.
I'm an old man, and I've fallen over - I can't get up. But it's all right, 'cause I've got my iPod and I'm listening to the Yogpod... Ooooh, my back! Oh god, oooooh goood...
I nearly did piss me self at the end laughing
Not really Simon, this game is way better than dubstep in my personal opinion and the game was also made public a few months before notch unveiled Cobalt.
I am 13, and why dont people listen to the beatles anymore? Or safety dance for that matter? D:
When I bought this game I realized that I could only play Voltar because I was aways better at support than offense ,but hell am I good at it.
Simon, the Beatles broke up a decade before you were born.
Back then, the beatles was the equivalent to dubstep today. Usage of modern day technology to make something appealing to the majority of people, thus making a high financial profit. I don't understand why people try to convince others to like their music. It is all the same.
Couldn't it be that no game inspires its artistic style after any other game? Isn't it possible that some people actually have there own artistic style and thinking?
0:30 -- Poor Simon, lol. :( I'd have to agree though, despite being in my mid-20's.
I like how Simons dissing it and he is in it
I respectfully disagree with both of your comments. I will admit, though that not all Dubstep is good.
Well you can believe whatever you wan't the world is a free place in your mind ;)
i strongly disagree actually. there are no real groups these days that can come close to putting raw psychedelic concepts and notions into musical form.. start a revolution, or change the way an entire generation of people look at society. sorry but it has to go a little deeper than just bobbing your head and tapping your foot. for me at least. but hey, everybody likes different things, we've all got our own vibe <3
I've got a friend and we make videos and if I say "cut that out" It's a damn good way to make sure of it stay in >_<
This game is essentially 2d DOTA.
Simon dont worry. im 15 years old and i think it is to much flashing
Also there's different kind's of dubstep... And dubstep is really a mixture of many different kind's of music and cultures..
yet another yogtrailer makes me tear up and piss my pants in the same day... twice
Np bro, Glad to help ^_^ Though do remember that the yogscast gets paid based on advertisement money so feel free to watch through the ads anyway if you so choose :)
Awww, he said he was an old man and had fallen over, but it wasn't alright because he didn't have his iPod and wasn't listening to the yogpod. :(
Wwwwhhhooooooo! Beatles!!!!!!!
Hate to toot my own horn but the Yognau(gh)ts are the real awesomenauts
"You killed Dane". My name is Dane.... 0.o
Though i am not encouraging everyone to do this simply because ads are the yogscast source of income ^_^
Can you imagine the stuff that dose get cut?
I hate Dubstep -:F To damn weird
these My First Car ads are killing my laptop and idk why Dx
"why don't people listen to the Beatles anymore?" don't worry, i'm 15 going on 16 and i listen to the Beatles all the time seeing as they're my favourite band - and i hate dubstep, i don't understand it.. :')
who the fuck doesnt love The Beatles???? you know who? dumb children whove never heard them outside radio, thats who.. Floyd is better tho :D
Dont worry simon I LOVE the beatles. :D
By this i mean if you fix the desktop problem :P Wouldnt wanna ruin your comp xD
9, 9, 9, 9, 9. If ya know what I mean
its not adding, it is changing... kinda like mods in games, atm i love taking a song a band has covered and remixing it with the original, its just fun and interesting to see the resultus you get, also the stuff i use is freeware so you dont need to spend a ton of money just to create :) i do take great pleasure in creating my own music, i guess it just depends on what people like at the end of the day
Awesomenauts sounds like Phyconauts but from the trailer its nowhere near Pyhconauts
Lewis i fallen over and i cant get up reminds me of the yogpod.
So, you're saying that your arbitrary opinion is more accurate than the official definitions? It's true that people can listen to noise and think "This is good music". However, that is generally not the case.
Simon he is just 30-32 years so how does he pee on himself while he falls OVER ON HIS BACK????????????
Not living in the past, Freebird was just an example. No offence but i'm not that keen on remixes either, it's taking other peoples work and "adding" stuff to it. I appreciate that you can play 3 different instruments but doing your own original material is surely more rewarding?
Nice smiley... It's cute that you think you know when music is. Mr. DaftAsABat, are the fine gentlemen of Daft Punk not musicians? What about John Williams or Hans Zimmer, who only compose? I listen to Freebird almost once a week; I love literally every genre of music, and I am a composer and senior undergrad music major. Now go back to your ignorance cave; something might happen that forces you to open your eyes and that would just be TRAGIC. ' :) '
Love that most comments are about dubstep instead of the game. xP
Wow if Simon would have did his "I'm and old man, and I've fallen over" bit it would have been so great. Something tlls me they forget about all the great lines and discussions they use to have in their yogpod years.
Noise (noun) 1. sound, especially of a loud, harsh, or confused kind. Music (noun) 1. an art of sound in time that expresses ideas and emotions in significant forms through the elements of rhythm, melody, harmony, and color. Those were taken straight from the dictionary. Music is not noise. Dubstep could be considered either, but I don't like it. If you enjoy it, that's fine. Note that I did not say that dubstep is not music, just that it's barely music.
This is not like dubstep. Because it dosent suck so hard that you wish you could rip your ears of your head and kill yourself.
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