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Prairie Dog Shooting

by Ingomar2007 • 112,598 views

Some good old fashioned critter killin

How did you kick our ass...? You talking about the war or something where your stupid pussy country did not help till the last minute whilst England were there for the long haul? Guns are there for a reason that reason is not so conflicted fat pussys in America can get their kicks. Get a hobby that does not involve killing animals for fun.
I wish we had prairie dogs in MA, I'd be shooting them every weekend
Shoot them broadside with a bow. They get stuck trying to get in their hole. Funny. As. Hell.
dude! we shoot turtles at our house. we sit on a bench bt our pond with .22's and just have a blast (no pun intended). my 8 year old brother even goes!
Hit em with a 22.250 and it sends them about 4 feet in the air, cutting them in half.
i love killing stuff..aand im 11 i shoot friggin' cats with a beebee gun i wanna shoot those little critters so bad and sorry for my spelling
God damn badger wouldnt go down, lol lil fucker
I live in a city but I love going to the fields to work on my shot.. LOVE IT!!! ha ha good luck next year.
Yes I would kill the cow. That's why they are here. All I am saying is sometimes shooting these pests is the best thing to do so I can make money with my cow.
Harmless? Do you see all of those mounds? These "harmless" dogs dig TONS of tunnels which can eventually cause cave ins, or at the least tear up good crop land. They are a nuisance.
The prairie dog population is only about 5% of what it used to be. Not that anthropocentric trash like you would care.
@caroleegee hey look, a douchebag who has nothing better to do than troll videos of stuff he disagrees with
These cute little animals should get shot. You don't want your farm to have a prairy dog plague. These things hump like rabbits... :P
YOU had a CHOICE to watch this or NOT......................WHO is the ASSOLE now.fucking IDIOT
you wanna impress people chase em down and kill it with your bare hands
if he's suck at box one kill. Learn how to shoot varmit.
The badgers dig huge holes that break legs of livestock & humans.
pretty cool video !! nice shooting !
If only there was a grenade sniper....
you people are truly disgusting. get real jobs and stop torturing helpless creatures for a living.
What's your problem this is why there endangered u f***
i think you should take some more lessons on shooting straight you crossed eyed bitch.
Yeah and then you slaughterr the precious cow so you can feed your fat vermin face, lol. Losers trying to justify their evil intentions and ways. It is wrong! Period, asshole!
im gonna go out on a limb and say everyone of you calling this barbaric havent the sightest clue of problems prairie dogs pose. they destroy grazing land, the tunnel systems collapse and beak the legs of livestock, and they are vectors for disesases such as bubonic plague. this is selective population control. sure, they coupd poison them, but that causes a slow and painful death. plus, the poison kills much more than the target pest.
badgers are our friends... prairie dogs make big enough holes by themselves to break legs of whatever steps in them. What are you shooting? I use a .22-250 or a 6mm Remington at pretty amazing ranges with Speer HP bullets for that big explosive effect. Some video to follow, hopefully next spring.
Ah, Ingomar. The town name says it all @@
you love to eat your meat and veg,not knowing or caring where it has come from,rabbits eat your vegies(but you don't care how he controls vermin to bring the food to your plate)so in short,because i could go on for hours with you fuckwits.if you do not agree with people ,shooting and poisoning animals to protect their income ,EASY don't fuckin eat.DIE NOW fucking idiot
Let me guess. You live in a city and rats and vermin don't bother you?
Looks like fun and prairie dogs NEED to be thinned out anyhow!
Are you kidding ? Look at Prairie dogs Dakota Style and you will see nice skills. This video is boring. Dakotase can kill every one, one shoot one kill, and make them explode.
they are not killing only for pleasure they have too high of numbers and part of the reason im going next Saturday is because he is a rancher and the cattle step in the holes and break there ankles so i agree with chuck learn something about it before you make stupid posts
you people REARLY(yes spelt correctly) you are a pain in the arse,you want your food you accept what comes with eating that food,the farmer has'nt always got rescources to control the vermin that destroys his crop or he ask's for help so hey WTF next time you are eating a carrot or a lettuce ,you have a GOOD think of HOW it got to YOU
Destroy land? hmm sounds like another bi-pedal earth inhabitant, they should be killed off too huh?
you know what? If you don't like the videos then stop looking for them. If you think its so wrong JOIN PETA. Actually do something about it and quit complaining like your going to do something. Shoot on, shoot on. Nice vid and shooting Ingomar2007
I agree, but what really get's me roarin' is the death of a child.
It's not the killing that bothers a lot of us, it's how much you enjoyment you guys get out of it.
hope you enjoy this when you got shooted too.
Fuck you assholes. They make awesome pets but you have to murder them!
Fuck you for congradulating them. Why don't you try something better then hurting defenseless animals. Why don't you pick on somebody your own size asshole.
It's decent shooting for the distance, wind, and what sounds to be a.... 17 HMR?
That would be funner than hell. Sit around dowing a few brews waiting for that little bastard to pop his head up. There a ranchers that will let you shoot on their land for free. You're just not going to hear about it puclicly because of the animal rights fuckers.
@caroleegee Do yourself a favor and shoot yourself in the head? And by doing that you just gave mother nature(and us in particular) a chance of living a more quieter life. Not to mention more oxygen to breathe while shooting critters. If not, stay in your city and eat your cornflakes, while you still have them.
legal yes. Affordable? I don't have that kind of coin laying around, and I would prefer having a firearm that the BATF doesn't necessarily know about, require my fingerprints to have, and makes me go to the sheriff or chief of police to have him sign off on the Form 4. Whose door do you think that the liberal anti gun people in Washington are going to knock on first to confiscate our weapons... That's right, those who went to their friendly class 3 dealer and made a purchase.
LOVE IT!! hahah killin critters is the funnest shit
Nice vid..I would not have shot the badger though. Who am I kidding, yes i would have!
people act like killin mice and rats is ok but these are different cuz they are furry, same rodent. I've done this with an ar15, sooo much fun
It's still their anyways you fucking asshole. And their in such large sizes that you can't ever get them to stop. Their evasive.
im sure harrisbass01 doesnt mind living with rats and cockroachs And im also sure if he had a ranch and cattle he also wouldent mind his cattle breaking their legs or getting stuck in prarie dog burrows
i cant stop watchin it !! 5 stars again :)
@jayrod59 shut up redneck, nobody its prairie dogs.
Work on your marksmanship. No need for the animal to suffer is there?
Actually I believe the term you are looking for is invasive. Evasive makes no sense, and neither do your arguments. Why let them just run wild over his land? They are vermin, and he is controlling the population from spinning out of control. So what if he doesn't get rid of all of them, he is keeping the numbers down.
That song would be One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer. George thorogood
YOU are an idiot,you are like a bro that fucks his sister in an elevator,you are wrong on so many levels.I
why would you brag about killing critters? I guess you never heard of target boards, soda cans, clay discs, etc.
hey! shooting cyotes is sick! but critters are fun to shoot :D
why is everyone complaining about this? you people eat burgers right? you dont complain about chickens in kfc being treated badly. shut the fuck up. its not like prarie dogs are endangered or anything.
how about the pain these animals cause to livestock suck as cows, horses etc., and before you say that there is no way that can happen, their burrows break the animals legs, forcing the animals owner to pay alot of vet bills, or euthinise the animal, you are the one with the narrow minded pea size brain
I'm an idiot because I don't enjoy killing living things? I'm an idiot because I understand that real strength comes from restraint while in the possession of power? If you call me an idiot, which doesn't much offend me, I'd like you to say why. So I'm like a man who has sex with his sister in an elevator? Keyboard warrior. Such people as yourself who defend this barbaric behavior belong in the stone age. Mankind is progressing. Get on the train or go extinct. Probably by a self inflicted shot.
God damn fucking punks. What the fuck is wrong with you? I am an avid supporter of hunting FOR FOOD not for sport and the sadistic pleasure of blowing away animals who just sit there and allow you to kill them. I wish to god I could find you and beat you both to a fucking pulp. Fucking cowards. Scott USMC Ret. "For those who fought for it, freedom has a flavor the protected will never know."
You guys from Forsyth?. I shoot dogs out there all summer. I didnt recognize the guy in the video. If your from Forsyth im sure i know you.. Good video..
terrible shooting, and you sound like a true A hole. im not a tree hugger either
It's allways amazed me on how it seems they can duck some rounds
maybe if these animals are lucky another terrorist act comes to america and release the rest of the world of you STUPID HILLBILLY's, fuck your american way of thinkin, i like the native's more
Fat ass American ass holes, PERIOD. Thats it just shoot poor defenseless animals cause you can, then go eat some pie and read about the latest kill spree in your gun obsessed country. Poor little prairie dogs what have they ever done just trying to live where they have for the last million years or so and getting blamed for giving cattle injuries to some stupid immigrant nation who wiped out the whole indigenous population thanks to similar reasoning for killing these prairie dogs.
Oh great, another artsy-fartsy animal rights fucknut. The farmers need the prariedogs shot because they cause damage to crops and their burrows can kill livestock. The prarie dogs also carry leprosy and plague. If the shooters don't shoot them, the farmer will poison them and the poison does a lot more damage to the environment and other animals than just shooting. You should thank these guys.
@varmintgrenade 'Man dies after getting raped by Elephant, tried to impress people with his bare naked hands'
Du Drecksau das würde ich gerne mit dir auchmachen dich abknallen
Damn right! It's natural selection to the point of extreme. We've adapted to the point where we take life out of boredom. You should be proud to be one of us you liberal douche.
always with either wind noise or music or both....sad.
Kill in 1 shot or get the fuck outta here!!! You guys missed so many shots or only injured them. Pathetic. I understand shooting them, and I love watching the videos as much as the next guy, BUT use a larger caliber or learn to aim. Or at LEAST use Black Talon bullets. But then you would still have to learn to aim. You guy just need a bigger gun, it requires less skill to kill in 1 shot. Horrendous shooting like the worst thing in the world. lol
actually, AK-47s are legal in the us, you just have to pay a $200 tax on any full auto you buy. no license required.
Because I feel like shooting it? No. Because I need to shoot it. These animals cause lots of money in medical bills.
PETA is a front to raise money for COMMUNISTS.
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