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by fre$hMAN • 197,199 views


This My Jam Hope He Go Far He Nice Hanntt ❤❤❤❤
All i have to say is that i hope this kid goes far with this track to start for him.
Taj he spitz sounds like every other dude in the bay. He's not original and he says the same shit alot. Again that's your opinion on taj. My opinion and alot of other people will say the same thing. Taj is no where near short in punchlines and flow
My nigga short had a CRAZY hit with this one back then, sumbody fucked up promotion bad, cuz this could've made short dawg....
@calban17 So what? LIl Wayne looks like the Geico lizard with dreads, but that doesn't mean he cant rap. Looks really dont matter when you can murder any beat.
thumbs up if your watching this in 2012
should've released as a single been waitin on homie to quit bullshittin and blow up for years lets go short
that picture with pimp, Juciy, and Dj was it haha
Bout 2 be 2013 n this shit still hard
this hot ass heal this niga raw
@HYDROPONIQ thats wat i say he kills everyone else in ym but wayne that why he say on some of his songs he the 2nd best
Short Dawg is going to leave Lil wayne in the dust,,,, Lil waynes carreer i predict wont last another two yrs
ur askin if ppl like this?? um im guessin yea because lil wayne signed him and if lil wayne signes you then you know u got potential. and gucci go hard. if u say gucci suck in my city youll get jumped. i just gotta ask u one people actually tlk to you??
@weezyfaktor17 check out the song "money in the way"
I Get Dressed Off Dis Song In Da Mornin. You Kant Tell Me Shit On My Way To Skoo!! Hahaha. Short Best In Young Money. Keep Holdin Da South Dwn.!! -Ratchet Signed Off.
Don't get it twisted I'm from east oak and me and my bruhs slap taj but we still slap short more just cuz we over them bay area sound alikes... Once I hear some more versatile style from taj maybe I give it to him but fa now.. Short dawg killin that nigga
this niggah paid, and he got so much fucking potental, with lil wayne on his shoulders, he gonna be the next hottest ghost writer, stacks on the table.
@shannonbrown12dunks They are both good but no one can rap like taj. The only reason short dawg is any good is because of his unique soundin voice.
Let them niggas hate Sshort Dawg go hard!! BAOW BAOW BAOW!!
Daht drink sound lykee itx tasted good as hell. And was cool lolh
Short Dawg best young money nigga, no doubt
Blame it on my egooo *Kanye shrug*
mannnnnnnn i used to play ball wit dis dude over by almeda mall at 24 hr fitness,i have to say i had no idea he was gon blow up like dis
Shawt Dawg is the next big thing from YM (no homo)
whatevr mofo...i earn $20000 evri month,so i dnt gv a shit about u peace
if you like this check out DOP by Taj He Spitz another freestyle mc like short but he's better. Even though i started listen to short first. but go listen to dat nigga.
luv es song plus.... he luk lyk lil wayne wit a hair cut?? or is it jus me??? jus wonderin
what does everyone have against autotune? i love autotune..
Dirty Glove short Detroit rep that shit FREE JUAN
that dude short dawg ugly as shit no homo
@shannonbrown12dunks did you listen to his music and see his freestyles? I dont think you have.
Hahaha. Ok that response is hilarious. You jus said that I would get jumped in your city because I am not a Gucci fan. 1)Your city must be loaded with idiots if they jump people over artist opinion 2) Talking tough on the internet is for people who usually are not very tough in reality so jus stop u sound incredibly unintelligent and your a disgrace to all Yankee fans or New York or whatever city you reside from. But your comment made me chuckle so thanks for that i guess.
@tHeCl0wn13 thats true.. Jus a little lighter voice-.. Ahh yea..i somethimes mix em up lolz.. But still like Dawg's muzik vry good..!!5* This song is sick..24/7 @LilSqueez412
i cant believe thats him singing on the hook
niCe s0nG !!!!!!!!!! cant wait 4 southernflamespitta vol3
weneva i play this song playin poker, i stack up dem chips nigga
This song is super nice.. but everytime I click on this video I think its a music video, only to find its not..
short dawg the southern flame spitta
@YungLilBomb I agree with you %100 this had to be ONE of the best radio/club songs I heard from a Houston artist
dys dude and drake make young money
@YoungMurdAxx23 U gotta have ear for this shit. Short Dawg has no quotables. No bars that resinate in my head. Taj got crazy original bars. He said "My flow is like the crack price, and its raisin like the gas price, you need to get it right now, you should of got it last night." Short can never have bars like that. His shit is so basic.
@shadowlight9 i guess you one of their goon.......keep takin it in the ass and feel yaself
..I So Want Him.. He Goes Hard Than A Bitch..!! Damn I Love Him!!!
@weezyfaktor17 obviuosly haven't heard his other stuff
Young Money's New Artist AMARI FOXX is Amazing!!!! But i still luv me sum SHORT DAWG BABBBBY!!!!!!
this nigga to nice in the booth wayy tooo nice
yo who here knows whether shortdawg is young money or is he cashmoney????? and bow wow is cashmoney not youngmoney
Short Dawg you cold as fuck I'd be honored to make beats for you!
IT'S YOUNG MONEY BABY!!!!!! Weezy, Drake, Nicki Minaj, Mack Maine, Gudda Gudda, Jae Millz, Lil Twist, T-Streets, Shanell, Lil Chuckee, Short Dawg, Tyga, and Corey Gunz
He's all breathing hard in that syrup lol! Yeah itz koo..
short dawg go hard mane reppin dat south ta da fullest one day ima make a song wit em belie dat
hot shyt keep doin yur thing ni66a
I find it amazing how a dude can spit horrible on a track but talk about swag and money and suddenly people eat that shit up. People actually like this?? Im not a hater u people just dont know good music. And i bet u like Gucci too. Dont get me wrong....drake and lil wayne are amazinf despite some lyrically shitty songs by wayne a number our poetical genius but itz funny how DUMB people are now to jus listen to anything bout money or confidence and luv it cuz the dont got none themselves.
my city aint loaded with idiots and i am tough in person n tha reason ud get jumped is because u would b lyin n i dont live in new york nymore
@joshuaconarroe LMFAO!!!!!!!! $20,000 A MONTH!?!?!! lmfaooo!!!!! ROFL!!!! SERIOUSLY! GROW UP YUNG BUK!
naw man short dawg is not from detroit u dumb fucks
Check out Short Dawg's New Single 'Bring It Back'
shout out from Dallas Texas. Kepp reppin houston Short Dawg.
Damn you really bout the only person that understand where im comin from..You right this aint real quality music. Wayne been trippin after Carter III he aint been the same but he tried to get back on his drought 3 ish wit his no ceilings. But besides that wayne is a poet, and drake lyrically i been lovin him for some yrs.. This aint quality music tho.
Track Tight Work! Good Shit Short Dawg!
short dawg go hard he straight outta houston!
bullshit, wayne ain't have no lyrics, it's in his head bro
@SuperJerkid1- nigga yu jus a fuccin hater.. short dawg iz doin his thang no mattea what yu say.. bitch azz niggaz like yu need they fucc headz put in a damn microwave.. go be a fucc up somewhere else and stop hatein...
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