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Slow Fade-Casting Crowns

by christianchick123 • 672,478 views

A Vid to the song slow fade. Pics from google and photobucket.

since my ex step dad did things to me i have not been the good christian girl i was i want to go back but now i don't know if i can i didn't give myself to him how can i move on and be that good christian girl i was how???
The fullmetal alchemist picture was so perfect.
In the thumbnail, is that a girl looking at a pregnancy test thingy!
I like how she keeps going beck to females that are pregnant.  I see so much of that in the world these days.  Babies with deadbeat fathers, a young life in an unstable atmosophere
Sylvan De Jardo Shared on Google+ · 5 months ago
Awesome song! My family isn't close and probably never will be. I only have God, my mom and a few facebook friends. Isn't much but thank God for them.
Same here but the few people I do have are gifts from God. God is my best friend though. He knows us better than we know ourselves! He is a good friend :)
I plan on doing some research on the Bible.  Something keeps calling me to it & I have been ignoring it.  It's hard to explain.
Loooove how you did the pics
where is the bible verse?
dchn Shared on Google+ · 6 months ago
Which album is this on?
The Altar and the Door (released 2007)
I like the video, however, when I hear this song it reminds me of what happens whenever we sin. Because we give ourselves away when we sin.
This is an urgent cry out for prayer. Please pray for my 14 year old son Jessee Lane. Back in Aug. he and another boy stole an 18 wheeler and totaled it. By the GRACE OF GOD he walked away uninjured. But now hes in an institution for children with intensive mental needs. The worst part is this, he confessed to us on the phone tonight that he now is worshiping 'other gods'. My spirit is vexed and my heart in pieces. I raised my son with the testimony of Jesus Christ;and The Lord reminds me that all we like sheep have gone astray, but to have faith, He's in control,and his hand is not shortened. Jessee has been thru so much prior to this, including being separated from his family, being put on medication for 7 years he didnt need; they have since then done a national recall on this particular medicine. Please, any prayer is greatly needed. May God bless you all. THank you Casting Crowns, Just want to let you know The Lord woks thru you to give hope and faith to those who listen to your music,Gods precious praises. Praise God for you guys .Much love to you all from a sister in Christ. May God bless all of you!!!!
God bless you and your son! In the name of Jesus! Most people at some point in their lives search for other things besides God. It's ok to question God now and then and venture out but as long you come back to him! He is always in control. I pray that you find peace and healing as well as your son find his way back to the one, true God <3 
powerful song I love how they tell you to be careful because our enemy is patient and it is a slow fade into sin. If I could make one change it would be mommy's and daddy's don't crumble in a day. Because wives cheat on their husbands as well. I know has happened to me.
It's a slow fade. I was a big church goer. My addiction set in and it was a slow fade from there. I wish I could undo those life changing decisions. I need to be back in church. I haven't been in months. It's such a slow fade.
Is the beginning supposed to be pitch black...
no essa letra e linda d mais ela toca la no coração....
Something i know..if we've ever needed YOU..why something BURN inside everytime YOU erase our tears..with YOUR PEACEFULL SMILE!
Sarah Estrella Shared on Google+ · 9 months ago
Are your thoughts killing you? Almost literally! Father save me!
This song gets me every time.
God forgive me.. im paying a heavy price for my sin. Please brothers and sisters.. be on the alert, when you least expect it you could be making a life altering choice someday... the devil prowls as a lion seeking whom he may devour ...
god forgive u .he dont like what u doing but he love u so much.ho father in heaven I pray for around the world they dont  what they doing father.foegive they and me.
Thanks for Sharing!
I love this group so much
I sang this song every night when I was with my dad for the weekend when his now ex wife my ex step mom where going threw a divorce
im so sorry for you  and god knows everything will be ok and my mom and dad always go though  divorce like my parents did 
Marlynn Mullins Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Too late to undo those life changing decisions i made and i am slowly fading away.only God knows what gonna happen next.
Sabra Galvan Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Linda Odell Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
you are what you are.... surround yourself with those who support who you want to be and who God longs for you to be. Let Christ live through you. live, love and trust with empathy
Basically none of us are above sinning and we need to be careful cause no one is above it, it happens so slow but then..... suddenly, it is like how did I get here? and like the song says, there is always a price to be paid.
i think it means when u give yourself away to sin and temptation and ur faith in god slowly fades away
OMG!!!! I ABSOLUTELY love this song!!! And how you used a motivational picture from Fma. No matter what, remember, God is with you.
i think that when they wrote this song they were saying that people don't mess up their relationships in a second it takes time to destroy it
Hey everybody, I am needing some help from all of you. I am really struggling right now, and if its not too much to ask, I could really use some prayer. That would be greatly appreciated, thank youuu
Once your a christian and you have faith and believe in Jesus. It states that Jesus gave us the power to heal the sick and to cast out devils. But got to believe and have faith for it is Jesus power within us that give us that ability. Have faith and keep believing and you will see first hand that Jesus still has the power to heal.
It is not "just believing". It is called Faith. Put your trust in Jesus Christ. Repent of your sins (meaning, attempt to not do them again, rejecting them), and put your trust in Him alone. I suggest you go to needgod (.) com , it explains the gospel clear and it might help you.
I had to do it in desperation. With the realization that I'm not God and since He is, I'll let Him take care of the big things and I'll take care of the little... and then know there are no little things.
People automatically assume this is about a girl giving her purity to a man, and it may be, but for me, it is so different. To me, its about your decisions, the people that you surround yourself with, your thought, and reactions to your thoughts.
our prays are not for us.... but for the other who blame us .... Thats the power man ... =D =)
The Bible Translated into Music! A great creation by the Center for Biblical Hebrew After a long period of research, hard work and exciting discoveries, the Music from God project has completed a masterpiece: the Days of Majesty CD. Talented musicians have brought to life music that was encrypted into the Hebrew text of the Bible nearly three thousand years ago -music that has been waiting all this time to be discovered.
i like that the pictures are honest. We need more people telling our young girls that sex is a sin and that if a man truely loves you he wont even be asking you until he is married to you. I know alot of people might get offended, even new christians who have commited that sin. But if we truely love God, those who have fallen should sound the alarm to us young girls instead of working for satan by saying its okay. Thank you Christianchick, :) for being honest with these pics
We're all human with flaws, we need to stay close enough to God to know what subtle thoughts are of HIM and what demons plant in our heads.Discernment ! Always pray God to give you more discernment. Everyone wants gifts of tongues or prophesy but God does not give the same gifts to everyone. Some churches even teach if you don't speak in tongues you aren't saved. Thats a demonic lie from hell. God gives you gifts that HE knows you are best suited.Only Christ was perfect! Great video and song.
be happy and enjoy your life. no drama : ) ill keep you in my prayers. God is Awesome!
ok im 15 i cuss i disrepect my parents and other stuff i dont wanna say ... im scared im going to hell no matter how much i ask for forgiviness im afraid god doesnt hear my prayers ... like when people pray faithless .... im double minded about my self and if im in the book of lambs... i know jesus died and rose 3 days later and i believe it people say that makes you a christain... i just dont know if god has forgiven me... please pray i need praying for im scared and jesus i love you!!!
I love this band. I blamed God for my friends dying and my hateful grandfather. But "Praise you in this Storm" made me notice that it is no one's fault. And God works in mysterious ways.
love this song makes me so emotional...its so ture
I love this song I like the bands songs they help me remember when I need help the most. The songs are so inspiring.
I understand what you are going through. I too have so many troubles that has added up to me crumbling and my family expect me to be up and perky and ok because its been a while. But don't let anyone led you astray from our FATHER. That is what the devil wants, he wants you to fail and quit and walk away. You keep your faith in God and allow him to heal you on his time. Let others respect you, don't let anyone pressure you. God has a plan for you, patience !
i cry here as i listen to this at the wrong things ive become and the garbage i wish i could take back og god what have i done :"(
exactly. baby steps. like when a cookie crumbles.
Milivela, sex isnt evil if you are in love and married. It is a beautiful thing. Its a gift from the maker himself, to enjoy procreation and intimacy. The problem is teenagers look at LUST and put it all in one pot and label it "SEX". As a young person you need the right guidance. Stay away from "bad people".. okay. But remember we are all brothers and sisters.. and those "bad people" are children of God, too. God wants us to forgive. ~"Jesus sat down with the sinners"~
i really do not get what the pictures have to do with the song but the song has something to do with the pictures the song is so cool i love it just the pictures are ok.
Lord help me to resist temptation ❤ I'm 15 and going through a difficult time right now. Please Jesus save me from this pain
dear God please dont let me fall short of your glory. Dont let me fade away Father God Lord Jesus please take away the wickedness from my heart and soul and make me pure Jesus PLEASE. Amen
Am i the only one who noticed EDWARD ELRIC:)
if you feel like he may try to rape you than get out of the relationship fast. but when you break it off have a family member or friend with you preferably a male and preferably a big strong male. you never know if they would attack you when you break up with them. i hope this helps.
I want to send this to every teenage girl I know. You think you are in love, and you may be, but you can be 18, 19, 20, 21....once in your life. So many are throwing their lives away on men that are not responsible enough to support the children they make, they have no maturity to fathom the responsibility they owe the children they create. These girls need to know that consequences are real and they are FOREVER and often shouldered alone.
Get out of the relationship quickly, hon. Tell your parents or someone you trust and they can help you. Tell the police right away if you were violated because no one-and i mean no one-has the right to hurt you!
lord i need you in all i do.. i need you to take care of me and my love one
What I get out of this song is this, it's not just about a a girl making a mistake n getting pregnant,it's about any bad choice that we as christians make, thinking that becouse we're under Grace we're alowed to do anything,we get comfortable doing some things we KNOW r not right, n yet, we keep doing them, we dont feel the change or the consequences óf our acts right away precisely becouse of that!! couse is a slow fade, but when everything falls apart is a little too late,it's just my opinion.
Life is ruff but with God all things are possible but we must give our lives to God and allow him to work on us so that daily our walk with Him will grow stronger and stronger!!!
Dear Chiquitaspirit, what was the Judges decision today? Let me know PLEASE so I can be praying. Jesus is still with you, ask him to hold you tight.
Praying to God for forgiveness, and started crying. I know I'm forgiven, but I still cried. And I'm happy to say that I'm not with her anymore- I still pray for her- and I'm getting my conformation this week :')
"You are suppose to help bad people and turn them away from evil things and help them to do better!"--"Stay away from bad people!" I feel some things people preach are a bit contradictory...
Jesus is love , love is now, Now is the time to love
it sure is a slow fade,,, it took years for me, every drug added up to that one that i thought broke me... god made my body, soul, mind,, i made it out. so can you, :D
Not really a Christian but I love this song so much
my name is kayla and i was just wonderin if u could just pray for me, everyone is affraid im gonna take my life and as easy as that would be to do right now with going through what i have again in life for the 3rd time in 4 yrs, i just need prayer to know its not my fault and not to blame god for the guys hurtin me! i hate askin my fam. or friends for prayer, and maybe its stupid askin a stranger, but im ready to give up but i want t overcome this with gods help!!!
I'm a cutter, anytime I try getting close to d lord, I fall back. Tired taking ma life, feel so lonely nd scared. Been raped, abused nd feel worthless. I Jst wnt it to all end.
Andrew I will pray for you.. Remember to trust in God and that during times of struggle put your trust in home.. Do not be afraid his word says "a perfect love casts out fear"
it really is a slow fade, church boy my whole life, dad got abusive i stuck with God took the beatings till i couldnt fought back, the pain was there but i held my own and it didnt hurt as much so i kept going said "Piss on God" cussed him everything. then drugs came, fights at school, drinking, doing stuff with girls not proud off (still a virgin tho) but i was wrapped up in it till i moved in with my grandparents praid for about an hour till i felt something i was freed on 9-13-13 im his now
The song is just talking about how nobody just wakes up in the morning and thinks "Today is the day I will let my standards crumble" It is often times a slow progression into sin and troubles. Flattery leading to compromise is very much an issue in marriages when someone is tempted to cheat......
It's the second glance that ties your hands. Never thought about that.
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