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by Smosh • 23,957,622 views


Wait, How do you get a Metapod to level 100 if it only knows Harden??? How does it even defeat an opponent's pokemon?? 
+KawaiiKemonomimi but her can't move, as a trainer, he must stay put
"I stopped him into evolving from a girly butterfly" Butterfree: What did you say bitch? I'll put your ass to sleep with stun spore, ah ha.
don't he know, confusion op in first generation
I just have one problem with this... Eventually metapod would run out of pp on it's harden attack and have to use struggle, which would probably faint pikachu, considering it's level 100, and whittle down metapod's health, eventually ending the battle... Geez I need to get a life XD
my metapod is gonna get so hard in this battle mmmmm
I was saying dude. XD
XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD I loved that part at 2:31....Pika...CHU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
oh my god: "...but first you have to battle me... and my six metapods                  "FFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU...."                          OH MA GAWD ROFL LOL LMFAOOFL
......let me show you my pokemon
Surprised Metapod didn't use explosion after all those Hardens
Lol Use a level 100 metapod online theyll run out of pp before your metapod dies
Like if you're watching in 2015
Pika in icelandic means pussy😄
If Ash didn't say "just one more hit and your stupid metapod is dead", Metrosexual Hipster wouldn't use max potion
if you want have pokemon z, you gotta battle me, and my 6 metapods
3:11 Ggggrrrrraaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!
It's against the rules to use a Pokémon to attack a human how i Know this is easy the rule book
This Pokemon in real life series is so popular that it made it in the Guinness world records gamer edition on the Pokemon section
why do you think melitpod can do that with sex and all that kinds of stuff bitch
harden only raises defence by 1 stage, not 2 and normal or electric moves are 1x effective on bug types, not 0.5x or not very effective  FAIL BIATCHEZZ!
Harden only raises regular defence and thundershock and thunderbolt are special moves, not physical, meaning that they are not affected.
This battle was probably in like gen 1 where there was no difference between special and physical attacks
 He obviously hasn't met LetMeExplain's Beefwee. X-D
The picachu ash has doesn't go into to I poke ball duh !
Penetrate his defences with your harden. XD
Subcribe to my channel
GIVE MER A DAMM POKÉFLUTE!!! Of course! But first you have to battle me! And my 6 Metapods! MOTHER FU-
It pains me how little these guys know about pokemon.
Hmm... Its a joke? Get it? Not very bright...
METAPOD's DEFENSE won't go higher!
Mika Jomanda Man Renow Pis Bit was mynveraal Mika nee
i say metapod use harden all the time to tic people
Anthony makes a hot ash!
Like, if you are watching it in 2015!:)
I just can't anymore, when they portray the bug type as being able to resist electric and normal moves. The reason the moves took so little damage off is because of the level difference, not because of type effectiveness.
One Problem Is Of He's Level 100 Then He Should Have More Moves Just Saying
+Mario mega fan ok I will give you that, (its also the reason i never catch one, i always evolve it from a caterpie.)
Then the only way to make him useful is TMs and HMs?
This makes me wanna play fire red
Electric type moves would work on bug types, unless they were part grass which metapod isnt lol
Alternate ending: OLD MAN: But first you have to battle me with my 6 Metapods who are all up to level 100 and I've got OVER 9000 Max Potions! ASH: MOTHERFUCKER!!!!!
I love smosh do any of u
Megapode doesn't evolve into a butterfly but it looks like a butterfly but is
+Black CruCible No it doesn't. Caterpie evolves into metapod, and metapod evolves into butterfree. It's like a catipillar, to cacoon, to butterfly.
There is no such Pokémon known as Megapode.
I thought this was Pokemon, not the legend of Zelda: ocarina of time and majoras mask
Thunderbolt is a special attack not a physical, harden does not raise special defence
That 5 dollars at the end is funny
I know I am gonna sound like a dork, but why doesn't Metapod just learn other moves INSTEAD of Harden? Or is Ian stupid enough to NOT get more moves? :3
Metapod can only learn harden. Duh -_-
True, but what about the fact that he can only use the same move only a certain time.
In the pokemon game a silkoon kept using harden
When Chansey keeps using softboil -____- especially in the battle FREAKING annoying.....
Lol 3:57 look at the dollar's face! XD
wtf there might be kids watchin this and ur swearing its bang out of order ur pathetic
I laughed so freakin alot xD
It's not a Pokeflute.... But it's a PokeOCARINA! And it's from the Royal Elite Four!
uhh my pokemons let me show u them!
XD make it stop it's to funny
Omg that was so funny I laughed for about 2 days
Dude pokemon don't talk except meowth
+Shyni K and every legendary after the 3rd movie...
i have a pokeflute but you need to defeat my 6 metapods first XD "MOTHER F**KER" LOL
this video is so funny bra lol!  from mason berrtion
Like if youre watching in 2042
smosh your fabulous
I have the same ocarina.....
The old man always says u fraking jackass
This shows how medapod is awesome.
How did harden not run out of pp Well then again we are talking about metrosexual hipster
Lol ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
what kind of editing tool did you use!?
Plz make another episode of this plz plz plz
Ian always looks like a tool right
Metapod's defense sharply rose!= to F**king useless!
The ending 😂😂😂
Pikachu said let me out of the ball man motherfucker
ians fucking outfit Is Hilarious XD
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