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Mary E. McGlynn - Hole In The Sky (Silent Hill Origin - OST)

by Chugi • 62,985 views

Mary Elizabeth McGlynn - Hole In The Sky Music Composer - Akira Yamaoka Original Soundtrack - Silent Hill Zero

Great video, but this music is called "Let Me Out", not "Hole In The Sky". ^^
whoo! Where'd you get the bad ending from...?
I love this track, one of my favourites. Mary Elizabeth has such a powerful voice. I love the part that goes "you're sorry, you're sorry, no you're alive". I have to play that game, it's the only one I still don't own.
I love this game I already finished with the good ending and the UFO endig I'm going for the Bad ending. KISSES good job.
you're so lucky. i have a PSP and I want that game. Where did u get that?
grrr... I can not WAIT till it comes to ps2!!!
I would love to write songs like her, and have her voice
definitivamente uno de los mejores juegos que he jugado en mi vida..... AMO SILENT HILL ORIGINS! excelente video sigue asi amigo... LOL
Thanks for the Video! Now in my Favorite's! Come see my Silent Hill videos!!!!! I Think you will like!
@GalateaClaymore Oh sh-. Well, i have to say i'm kind of disappointed now :p But yes, I like those lyrics too. (hey Claymore, I loved to watch this anime ! :) )
Heh.... Who knew the Major could sing? ^_^
amazing voice, amazing work, Silent Hill and it's music forever in my (tainted) heart ^^
you forgot how Mary is also essential in making these beautiful songs.
@ renandesouzarocha It is actually indeed called Hole in the Sky. Try doing some Research next time.
Amo os sound tracks da Mary Elizabeth McGlynn de Silent Hill
awesome i love silent hill *0*
its called "Hole in the sky" you n00b. look at the soundtrack tracklist
shot down in flames is better but i love this
Then I am the fourth, but I didn't like the movie and I haven't got the Fourth game. And the diffrent from you, I liked the movie the first time I watched it, the I saw it a second time, then I saw How much I didn't like it xD
@Nomed38 and can you believe she is lending her voice for Maria in the Silent Hill HD Collection
elizabet y akira seran siempre la gema de silent hill
Silent Hill + Akira + Mary Elizabeth = MASTER PIECE!
common Travis just wants to drive a truck so what if he hasn't gotten a different job besides what happened to him in Silent Hill was more fucked up than having his mom go crazy & try to kill him & having his dead kill himself
Ordered it, from online. Yeah, it's pretty much almost sold out everywhere else...
@Nomed38 Exactly. Especially in this song I like the part where she sings "You're sorry? SORRY?! No, you're a liar." She sounds like she's angry and sad for real. And after watching the video (I haven't played the game) all I can say is... poor Travis :-(
Thank you for uploading this!!!! Thank You!
Holy shit...I didn't know... you just made my day. o_o
Esta canción es realmente GRANDIOSA. Y el video que le has hecho no se queda atrás. Saludos, y Felicidades!
Silent Hill: Homecoming features quite a few songs in it that are song by her. And I know for a fact that in Silent Hill: Shattered Memories there is a total 4 songs from the Soundtrack song by her. Always on My Mind, When You're Gone, Acceptance, and Hell Frozen Rain
Mary Elizabeth McGlynn has one of those voices that just grab hold of you and doesn't let go. Nice work.
I beat this game twice and I will beat it again once I find the PS2 version! One of my Fav Silent Hills!
nice music only becoze of this great game.
psp silent hill origins totally kick ass, is scary even in a soo small screen, but use headphones!
Most underrated song from Origins right here.
Mary Elizabeth McGlynn is the badass!!!
I have this game for PSP and it's better psp version of ps2 version.
DjGodaryD86: I'm sorry but I made a better SHO ending collection video than this (when thegame came out on PS2) so I hope you folks will chek it out soon...
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