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BLACK HAWK DOWN - Battlefield 3 Machinima

by FRANKIEonPCin1080p • 622,770 views

Delta Snipers Shughart and Gordon who received the Medal of Honor posthumously. Music: "Anima Doloris" by Thomas Habuda (Album: "The Freak Inside")...

meanwhile in cod. "Pew Pew Pew"
Mom get the camera!
I would love to see someone go into a match where they act like they are taking it too seriously. "Bravo squad moving into secure Charlie" "Shit! Bravo two is down, sniper fire, top floor!" and hear the other players reactions 
Get Arma 3 with some friends then.
Thank you frankie for shutting people down who complain about realism saves the comment section one hell of a job
Randal Shugart and Gary Gordon...a real american heros...
Arma 3 is realistic...
to all those 370 people that disliked this you should go to irak for about 1/2 a year and then come reply and give me a legitimate reason to dislike this video.
I cryd....just liek evrytim
Lik dis if you cri evertim ;-;
please remake this as a 2 million subscriber thing pls pls 
There should be a tears of the sun video
dident wont to say that i meant good work
It's funny how in the end there is a Russian support with Americans....
Great directive and well shot, thanks for the upload!! Everyone can appreciate this... Check my channel for "artistic" montages of the original Bad Company, guys.
Super 6-1s crew werent rescued until the convoy arrived
I prefer Marcus Lutrell's story "Lone Survivor" to Black Hawk Down. But you know that's just my opinion.
>_> how can you prefer one over the other there both real events that had loss of life.
+heero yuy The things they are based on are real events, in terms of the films, this is.
Man I've seen this movie hundreds of time and I can tell you that your video made come back the exact same feel as I feel when I watch the movie... Great work though...
it was cool but nothing like the movie or the real life black hawk down / too modern and no hordes of angry africans with AK47s and RPGs.
Below what are you for years old
and the ones who have fallen
tribute to our troops
This ivdeo is so awesome and I can only!
Like I said in Taken Hostage.... THE FEELS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pan z go to Iraq then you will see
+Dion Gooranah This wasn't Iraq though.
not gonna lie totally cried great work guys
+Halluf mijans When you say ''Huey'' people will only think about the UH-1 helicopter used during the Vietnam war but when you said ''Venom'' or ''Super Huey'' that means a newer variant that are curently in service with USMC.
+LMG Light-Machine-Gun Yes, I know. I just wanted to say that the Venom, the UH-1Y, is a Huey.
this was very well done
FUKIN SUPOIB FRANKIEonPC even now, over 2 years later. A cinematic masterclass   STONEMAN QUALITY
Shurgart and Gordon's families probably have seen this video, they have children, they don't need to be re-reminded of their deaths. Donate, like I do, to Special Operations Warrior Foundation to help the fallen Spec Ops soldiers' children attend college and Wounded Warriors to help our heroes who've come home. Bobnailer
That many soldiers die in the avergae american "friendly fire"
I really hate when people over dramatize Operation Black Hawk down.
@Crew Fan That's a great idea, maybe they could put that in BF4
The PS4 can finally record your game play video footage... and soon YouTube won't host it.  I see TWITCH and Facebook taking this YouTube copyright stance also soon.  SONY's PS4 "Share" button will soon be useless.
thanks franky my dads in the army people needed to know about this
"this video is for all those who wish battlefield 3 to be realistic" and yet, there are many incoherences in this video.
Sad ending to the real movie
Randy Shughart was my friends brother and this video made him cry because it made his brother sacrifice heroic.
Enjoy this great BF3 game movie today.... it may be gone by next week!!!   "YouTube standing by its copyright policy after angry gamers speak out."
pretty close 2 the film
is that a reaql story??
Did u try to copy the movie black hawk down?
shut up.the developers probably wanted to do something different. guess how hard this could have been to make. i know for a fact i could not make this what so ever.
Nah not this but there is a film based on the true story of black hawk down it happened In Somalia I can't remember the date but I think can someone tell me if I'm wrong anyway it was not meant to go down the way it did it was meant to be a quick snatch and grab of the Mallita leaders not an assault but turned into a firefight because of the black hawk going down and I know more than 1 went down I think it was 2
Like if you think Battlefield should make a mission were you go back in time and play as a one of the Delta Snipers during the Battle of Mogadishu
No, it's DICE. They'll fuck it up and put an MCOM inside the downed bird.
Obviously it's not, it's fucking Battlefield 3
No shit! It was an Venom! BF3 doesn't have any Black hawk! Got it?
Army says Hooah! Not oorah (marines) The op on Oct 3 was with the Army Rangers and Army SF ODD
He has multi-accounts, that's why he had that much likes
Calm the fuck down. They probably didn't like the MACHINIMA. Which is in no way disrespectful to the people who died for this operation.
1. why caps? 2. why so serious? 3. this is a videogame. 4. this is not the movie. 5. how, in the bleeding fuck that is satan's asshole, did you get 24 likes. not hating on black hawk down, just hating on dudes like you who go "must die" on it.
If it's a slang term for homosexuals, then it still describes them. Please refrain from calling someone retarded, just because you think they're wrong, its not very mature. Also, dictionary definition, of, pertaining to, or exhibiting sexual desire or behavior directed toward a person or persons of one's own sex; homosexual: a gay couple. 2. of, indicating, or supporting homosexual interests or issues: a gay organization.
Fuck you all who you think you know anything what Black Hawk Down Was..
Gay doesn't describe homosexuals. It's slang. It's like saying "bitch" is tyour mother. It's just word taken completely out of context.
@FRANKIEonPCin1080p I don't know how I missed this video.. because I could have sworn I'd seen them all. Amazing. So much respect for doing this. One of my favourite ever films.
this is so fucking shit no offense
Hooah!!! no oorah. But still the same tho :)
Like I said before his vids are like movies but R.I.P. Delta soldiers and Rangers
Does any1 know the guns they use in the movie black hawk down and attachments
what about the 3000 african people who
For BF3 to be realistic RPGs would have to move at more than 3 miles per hour.
Who else yells we got a black hawk down we got a black hawk down when your chopper gets disabled
Sniper not night bird I was using the voice thing on my phone
You should make a Zero Dark Thirty thing.
Obviously if not talking to you. Talking about little ignorant kids that all they do is complain and play games 24-7 that know nothing
for all of those who are complainng about no black hawks there are no black hawks this is not meant to be 99% perfect this is how much they could do with this game this video is amazing and well done
look there bots that give out vrius.. to sums things up
Obviously you have no idea what excite means. If you learned that you wife was pregnant, that would excite you; not necessarily in a positive way.
If Battlefield were realistic, everyone who played it would be dead... and still a private
"It was well worth it"? It benefited no one.
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