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Allstar Weekend "Be There"

by outerspaceallstar • 303,502 views

What do we do when we are backstage on a 70s looking RV in Toronto? Make a 70s looking video on the 8mm app on iPhone.

SO MUCH MEMORIES <3  I love this band no less than i did before
This video makes me miss them so much <3
Omg. MEMORIES. This was like my favorite song(':
Gosh I miss ASW.. and still waiting for new TTT songs sighs love you guys always and forever <3
Guys you did good but its hilarious since you did it with an iPhone!!
i really miss allstar weekend
I met them at warped tour this summer
whats their new name?
+MyLifeAsLisaa And it sucks but at the same time it doesn't
zak is laughin' cause he knows that this song sooo dirty!!!!
like this if you raped the repeat button! :3
How is thr guy making the beat and the othery just singing along.
It's so sad... but Nathan quit the band like 2 years ago. :( We all miss him!
Rep TORONTO! Lovin' this song & the random home made music videos :)
@TheSoCalSoutherner im pretty sure only michaels jeans were...
Uhhhmmm. I didn't understand half of the words you said but. ADUB FTW <33
20 secs in an i love it already
@iamagleekish ? i dont know what i coment is a top comment omg!!!!
Love this song :) wish I could see you guys in concert :/
love you Cameron!!..and Zach singing!!
This was put up the day after my birthday
1) Watch the whole video and enjoy it. 2) Turn off the sound. 3) Watch it from 2:24 4) Enjoy it more ! xD
@ASHLUVSJOBROS sorry(...) and when she left she kept singin it
I love this song and haha when Cameron hit his head he bended over backwards right when the song said it xD
They put the project of Allstar Weekend on indefinite hiatus, and are currently writing music under a new name, with a new sound/image plus Brent joined them as a permanent member
does anyone no when there coming out with there cover EP
i bent over backwards the other day, and allstar weekend wasn't there. :O
cameron is the only one that can jump around and party whilst wearing a grandad cardie.
if someone read this or commented me back, I'd appreciate it. this is how I feel. I think one direction is too "perfect". they're British, good looking, have catchy music, and a typical boy band that girls go crazy over. allstar weekend on the other hand, I feel is more real. i think (in my opinion because I'm more of asw fan than 1D) that they have a better connection with fans and are real and down to earth. does anyone understand where I'm coming from?
i watched this so many times i think i broke the button..... Im still SPEECHLESS
me encantan son geniales y su musica es hermosa <3 :)
AllStar Weekend You guys are great singing , and dancers ( Cam ) , You guys should be way bigger than you are.
the song, the video, these boys..omg adub is my life <3
@belle35900 cute... my cousin calls hey princess the princess song and if im listening to it and singing all the words she tells me im not allowed to sing it she has to <3 i love her
Although I've got a major crush on Zach, Michael seriously turns me on in this video. Especially at 1:20! asdfghfsafjjkl Allstar Weekend is just so amazing! :)
The MJ pose at 1:59 makes me laugh every time
@rzguns haha trust me its easy to get addicted to allstar weekend
@pandas714c Loving that I have a top comment on one of my fave songs. :) Makes me all warm and fuzzy. Love you guys. The thumb uppers and ASW.
This is my favorite song on the album. I love it so much. <3 Always an A-dubber.
UGH why are you guys so dang cute?!
I love allstar weekend but this video seemed a little gay.. the songs good though
I also think 1D was more put together and adub came out on their own besides the help with the next big thing.
1:30...wuz cameron holding michaels tounge?or wuz it a thermometer?wieeeerd;)
I bent over backwards.. Where were you?
the flat screen kinda ruins the 70's affect...
isnt one of the best quality videos - but i shows a lot about them :) is this song on thier album?
Allstar Weekend is the best band ever! They are just perfs!
really awww i just think they dont get enough reconiton as they used to.
i completely forgot Allstar Weekend and a little bit BTR but i remembered their song James but forgot who sang it so i looked it up and thought OH ALLSTAR WEEKEND!! I FORGOT ABOUT THEM!! Then i saw BTR on the sidebar and remembered them too :D
why do you even mention One Direction? we're here to love these boys!!! They'll always have their special place in my heart, no matter who comes along.
that awkward moment when the videos they make themselves are better than the music videos.<3
This is my now favorite song by them, Allstar Weekend has been my favorite band for years! :)
14 people will not be there...
omg what are the tags hahahhaha
I may love One Direction but I also love Big Time Rush but I will always LOVE Allstar Weekend. They are all really good bands and have some really beautiful guys in them. (:
This is the hottest i've ever seen them, omg, i cant breath.
@olivia12359 No but I loved Journey To The End Of My Life, their video for that was pretty amazing! <3
Cameron Michael Quiseng you will always have my heart <3
I know exactly what you mean. Adub rocks!
Did anyone else see Cameron fall down in the background at 2:18? Because I did and I busted out laughing!!! :) These guys always make my day!
@SheaSavage2 how tragic. how did i missed that?
rly good song! love the video and of course the song! nice job on the video though! its awesome!
is it just me or were they all sagging skinny jeans?
Now sometimes I feel like they switched style too fast and have changed so much. But then a I watch this and just loose everything I thought about before <3
"YOUUUUUU" i love them soo much. near the end Cameron runs into the cabinet. lol
i wish That Allstarwekend was More Famous they are amazing <3
i'll admit that i haven't listened to them as much as i used to, but i still absolutely love them.
Gotta love my fave song's video being shot in an RV ;) I love you #ADub xx
when cameron says he'll be there <3
Just saw them at Warped yesterday in Minneapolis. I liked them a lot more than I expected to.
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