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M16 New Best Setup, Your Questions, Modern Warfare 3 Update

by YouTubeDude Gaming • 30,091 views

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Yeah I was thinking about that option...thanks for the answer btw, and keep up the awesome work :)
when is your next open lobby and what do i have to do to get in?
What Prestige/level are you ????
My friends lists is full on Xbox and PS3, instead add me on Twitter or Facebook, there I always post what system I'm playing on and what gamertag. I also live stream everyday. (Links in my videos descriptions) Thanks for watching, new videos every Saturday :) btw I just uploaded new Black Ops 2 gameplay, check it out.
Haha! I know exactly what you mean, way too much effort using the iron sights
tried the M16 today,so much better. pre-patch M16 was a fucking disgrace.
i got a moab on foundation with m16 silencer and extended mags earlier love this gun now.
It's pretty good now! btw just posted a new vid about Black Ops 2 Elite & Map Packs!
I got invited to a clan because I was beasting with the m16 red dot lol it wa 3v3 and I raped the whole team.
NO. It will be live when you guys get Terminal map
yea I used it yesterday its sooo better than the type 95
I use the m16 regularly. My class m16, kick, hybrid sight,44. mag, tac knife, frag, concussion, recon pro, QuickDraw pro, steady aim pro, predator missile, precision airstrike, ac-130, hollow points. This worked for me before the patch should try it out maybe make some mods cuz of your play style
Why didnt u use the Moab straight away when u got it?
Not really. Thanks for watching, btw I posted a new podcast today about the new Black Ops 2 info from yesterday.
yesterday i got an m16 assault moab on mission playin solo with ext.mags and rapid fire try it out
what is the title of the outro song its sick!
Best Class... M16 (Attatchments - Red Dot, Rapid Fire) + L118a (Impact - Extended Mags) Sleight of hand Pro Overkill Pro Stalker Pro C4, Portable Radar Spy Plane, Counter Spy Plane and Escort Airdrop. I used this BEFORE The m16 was buffed and still owned. I recomend giving it a try..
Have you ever tried just joining a lobby and start singing Jesus Take The Wheel? If you I highly recommend it :D
Thanks for watching, BTW I just uploaded a new video!
If people could vote on comments, yours would have soooooo many dislikes
no i mean i came to watch your vid and the subscribe next to your name saying that am Unsubscribed to you
m-16 =gayest overpowered gun ever
the m16 is already practically a sniper... you dont need another one...
2500 kills... This one is going to take a shit load of time XD
try playing HQ and see how many kills you can get while using that class set up
Your mommas dick sucking skills suck......
Would you think the M16 is now powerfuller than type 95?
what about Type 95 with red dot + rapid fire mikey?
Yeah, it's beast! BTW I posted a new video with my friend, it's her b-day today, so check it out! :D
Hey youtubedude,because of the genre of music u listen to , I thought I would suggest " Lost Autumn " they r a rock,metal,and screamo type band and I thought u might really enjoy them cause I know I do. :)
Thanks for watching, btw posted a new Funny RAGE reactions video yesterday :D
It's 3 people. You are thinking Yo-landi, and she is hot as fuuuuudge
Powerfuller is not a word, and no. Type is way more powerful than M16.
What I don't get is that they bitch about the MW3 burst weapons but not about the mw2 versions because those are way stronger.
Why would they patch a gun that was already decent. I guess everybody needs an easy mode weapon. M16 users seem to complain about the type 95 constantly for some reason, even though their weapon is better in all reasons other than a small amount of fire rate.
Rapid fire + red dot = new type 95
how did u like the m16 with suppressor and holographic
@ youtubedude : Have you ever heard of a band called "Hollywood Undead" they are a mix of rap and rock. Music is rock and they have the rhyming of rap/hip-hop. ????
Do you still play this,if so would you send me a friend request? I'm subbed,will you also check out my channel.My gamertag is....Spiderboy LRC29
It was beat before, just ou-shined by the T95 and other guns.... Put a Silencer on it and you're good. :D
I had M16 pre-patch. I don't give a fuck, kids still want the easy mode shit. Silent ACR, it's the American way. Thanks for watching, new vids every Saturday!
every he right m16 got me 43 kills in ground wars
Nope i like every iron sight on every gun i dont need red dot or acog ive allways loved the M16 and every other iron sight.
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