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Best Sports Fights

by illinikickass1 • 2,728,313 views

2nd song is right here and if you hate the first song so much play this while its on Best Sports Fights...

This is only baseball. Hockey has WAY better fights than these little pussies!!!!!!
Isso que é um cara puto com o resutado de um jogo pqp '-' 4:21
Rugby is the goat for fights
1st one batter was israel alcantara...
The music makes all these fights look like raves.
The baseball fights r funny cus they can't fight for there life
Good job these pillocks don't play Cricket where a ball aimed at the body is not only legal but also quite common...
Whats with the random basketball clip in the middle?
wawwwwwwwwwww sexi kan gueee
What the hell caused that batter to go on a rampage???
Thumbs down for having a music track.
Well this is happy that is...
The first one.... He went straight Street Fighter on 'em.
lol totally 0 fucks given
im sorry but "Best Sports Fights" and its all football, baseball, basketball, and a bit of soccer, no theres plenty out there, this is just spam!
Nice fights but why that fricking uncreative bullcrap song?
None of these are best sports fights. Your narrow view of sports fights should be flagged as spam. The music sucks too FYI
kkkkkkkkkkk "Everybody just have a good time"
Cricketers get hit repeatedly in the head and body in one innings and they just take guard and face the next ball. Baseballers get hit once and throw the toys out of the cot.
6:26 that was so heart breaking
good video until the nigger shouting came on
Damn. That guy got floored at 1:36.
damn those baseball fights escalate so fast
Baseball players are bad loosers :I
A bunch of scrawny fucks pushing each other isn't a fight.
when's the last time you saw a baseball player  do a flying jump kick to the stomach??  1:51
I love how basketball and football players are supposed thugs when baseball players get about 50 guys in on the action for throwing balls at each other. More players were fined for flopping than fighting in the NBA last season, and you almost never see a real fight in a football game, but they are the thugs. Riiiiiiiiiight.
u don't know how long I've waited to hear those words!
lols all 33 is gonna do is run home with base.
Yet another video that could have been great, then someone decided to put shit music over it.
Imagine the cry they'd have playing cricket where bowling the ball at the players head is a legitimate part of the game.
To bad this isnt called the biggest pussy in the world slapping each other... Baseball is the pussies sport there is...
had to ruin it with the music didn't you?
Hope he got banned from this game forever
If I had a $1 for every pixel in these videos I'd still be a broke ass mother fucker.
we don't want to see a bunch of scrony legged fags kicking and biting each other like a bunch of transvestites!
in too many of these mass brawls you can't see who is doing what to whom......
i dont get why they get angry when the baseball hits their butt
what did u film this with? a potato?
Why didnt you write Baseball fights idiot
anyone else on a sport fight marathon?
that catcher ran away like a 'pussy
This is not Best Sports Fights! It is Best Baseball Fights! There are more sports than baseball!
funny as hell, but a disgrace to sports (where you useley don't fight)
Kevin youklis isnt black he just loojs like it in this vid look him up
I couldn't watch this cause of the music
have you ever watched ice hockey, football or soccer?
Why would baseballers fight each other? I never see cricketers fight...
from the start to 0:07 SWEET CHIN MUSIC !! HAHAha
funny how you talk about god yet you are raging like the devil you cunt
This guy was stupid enough to put in copyrighted music so now he can't make any money off of this video -_-
all the fights over the worst sport ever invented baseball
4:00 I'm confused is that a ill meet you in the shower butt slap or a good game your done butt slap?
Why do people always put damned music on the videos? Just leave the original audio or nothing on it!!!
I can tell in the first 5 seconds this whole video will make me say uncalled for!!
4:24 - 5:28 Stone Cold Steve Austin Moment
this video should be called nba fights and a couple other sports that dont suck mixed in occationally
Honestly to me the first one was supper funny
By the end of this video I understood why in the first clip the batter kicked the catcher over lol.
music ruined the video. stopped watching after 10 secs
I thought this was sports fights not baseball
cricket brah... cricket... no other sport where you can legally fuck someone up with a ball more and still expect the player to make some runs
Baseball was fun in the 90's when everyone was on steroids.
What a kick! That is passion at 0:07
NFL ''fights'' are fucking gay. Get some NHL in there for sure!
why on baseball when the ball hit bodies people fight and left the bat...u know JUST TAKE THE BAT AND Hit O N HEAD
That's cause all the other sports their athletes can't fight. Except Hockey, Hockey players go in.
0:33 "everybody just have a good time!!" Great choice of music!
i thought it said sports?? why is baseball on here?
A lot of pitchers that are pussys!
Is it a YouTube rule that when you have a sports compilation video you HAVE to put shitty music to accompany it? It would be bad enough it it was just music but it's always the shittiest modern dance music that gets played at clubs, listened to by people who haven't developed a taste in music yet!
5:04 thats a honk stealer nice 1
Yaaayyyy best fight EVER! 6:16
the only reason why players fight in baseball is because every is steroided up and come on....its the only way to get excitement in a baseball game beside getting drunk on baseball games
there are fucking millons of songs out there...and he had to choose the one.... the worst
What's Rodman doing here? Taking off your shirt doesn't constitute a brawl.
I think the only reason baseball players get into fights so much is because that's an opportunity for them to actually do some physical movement, as opposed to just standing or sitting there all game, bored to tears.
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