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Suburban Middle Class Gang Violence

by James Lancaster • 48,965 views

This is an interview with my son Jeremy with Dana Howard on channel 10 in Sacramento, California only a month after he was shot in the back. The ones who shot him have not been caught. Help Pass...

Lol I didn't know gangsters can afford to live in the suburbs
Most of these people were subprime home buyers, they probably lost their homes by now. The interest rates went up gradually, and monthly payments went up for them. In addition to that, the jobs dried up in blue collar jobs, like construction, janitorial, manufacturing, etc. The jobs dried up for middle class white collared jobs as well due to outsourcing. Now they are going back to the ghettos penniless.
Crackers are the disease carriers, savages..wiping out whole races...destroying the enviroment,CEO's of major companies stealing peoples pensions....tricksters, animal fuckers....serial killers....should I go on?
look at 1:16, is that really crack? I doubt it. there might be gang problem in the suburbs no doubt, but crackheads cant afford 300,000$ homes. the news is so fake.
haha these gangs are a bunch of morons daddy probably buys there drugs and guns
i live in an apartment, im not rich at all, but i live in a pretty rich neighborhood, and out of nowhere, my stupid ass brother joined a gang, and became a crip so now, i believe that no matter where u live, gangs are around....ghetto, or not
and white people say why mexicans are always jumping the m we gotta keep them under control like batman says i eat punks like you for breakfest
LMAO! I LIVE N SAC! this is hela funny... C.H. NINJAS!
Also, I do not recall any mention of black gang members in this video.
Im really glad gangsters dont even know how to shoot past 10 yards and dont know how to hold a gun right.
there no gangs in tha' sacramento area
it don matter wut town u from. derz killaz evry wer. but member itz not wutz goin on around da person. itz wutz goin on inside.......
They didn't blame hip hop. They said the CERTAIN GENRE OF HIP HOP that glorifies gang violence COULD be a CAUSE. And since when was hip-hop all about violence? What does that have to do with the four elements? Learn your history, and learn how to listen. But I agree. Learn to raise your kids properly.
Do some research on this matter. Fact1.:Blacks are the most violent race. Fact 2.:Statistics from 1979- 2005. 94% of black victims were killed by blacks. OH btw There are still millions of native Americans alive, guess what? They live right here in the United states! No gang violence your say? " black people would be living in peace"? Watch the news, or google what is happening in Africa. It is truly a scary and violent place. Prove me wrong my friend.
ahh the mean streets of elk grove
rich kds come on man this lil niggas have everythang they want from mommy an daddy there pussy ass niggas
Guess What? They are. There is MS-13 and 18 Street along with XIV and XIII graffiti every where. Actually a Army Sergeant was killed over a US Gang thing by a Member of MS-13. So they are out there killing each other too.
When the NFL and NBA ban convicted felons for life, and the media refuse to play or promote materials from Artists who commit crimes, we might see a dip in the crime rate. Free speech is great, but criminal actions are crimes that should be punished, not glorified. Whatever the race or religion, a criminal is a disgrace to his family, community and country.
I think parents need to speak with their kids on a daily basis, family dinner is so vital to building trust and understanding. Then they need to make sure their kids are being productive by studying, playing sports, and volunteering. And then have FUN together as a family, include your children in life. But all of this must start at a young age so that it becomes a part of them. And I'm not against spanking kids, its just that some parents beat children out of frustration instead of discipline.
for reals. CKS got started in the 50s they aint no new booty fag shit there a old school varrio with much respect from all the hardcore varrios around them from OVS to P12..everyone thats had to deal with them kno whatsup with the Kings. DogPatch is from atleast the 70s also so there also a older hood thats known.
@frylock1991 cant you take a joke and my mom is mexican and my dad is white it was a joke hahaha leave me alone pussy
Gangs erupt out of hopeless poverty, middle class bangers are just on an ego trip trying to be hard
lol, why blame hiphop when over 70 years there's been gangster movies. why is nobody never blaming the movies, but always the music?
This issue could also be a result of gang members which reside within and claim low class, inner city neighborhoods as their territory recruiting middle class suburban children and adolescents into their gang and its just spreads from that point.
$400,000+ homes are middle class? lol
this is what nearly 50 years of liberalism has given us....dont worry little johnny you want to be a gangsta?..its ok, long as you "feel" alright anything goes...fucking joke.
I happen 2 b from the burbs, never claimed 2 b hard...these kids r fuckin punks
I will fight any of those bitches any were any time!!!!! what the fuck they know about struglin!!!!!!! word.. you best to shoot me in the back like Jeremy... poor kid!! pick on someone ready to get down.... I'm ready ALL DAY..... you fags are just a warm up!!!
At least Jeremy sees the reality of the situation and isn't trying to be a G after the fact. its like the kids in my neighborhood come up to me bragging about how much coke they do, or who they chased with a knife still so desperate for attention.
This is just one more example why you should never assume because something is in an urban area like style of living or schools, that it is "unsafe". Too many people run from their problems and things like this knock them on their fucking ass right where it needs to be knocked.
Nah. Illegals and their anchor babies/jackpot babies are the reason we have so many hispanic gangs in SoCal now.
if there were no black people in america. america would be a 3rd world labour and slavery is what made america.
beat the socks off your kids! watch what a perfect young man they become! it's not hard just do it
this is why america is so dumb, all you ignorant racist fucks are destroying the well being of this country. quit hiding behind your little cloud and grow the fuck up. All races can be exactly the same if we could just work together as one . So shut the fuck up and fight the cause.
@mochopz not necassarily what about canada europe, all no slavery would of done was give less money to the corporate giants, which would of been better
yeah we are SOO evil we brought you out of a prehistoric (for whites) level of development and culture. From picking lice out of each others hair for lunch (or cannibalism!!), into an industrial revolution society. You got to trade in your bone thru the nose for a Cadillac and a welfare check, but still you complain, and destroy and rape and rob and burn! "dats jus ignit!"
Gangs are fucking retarded, they think they are all brothers then they turn on each other and are highly uneducated.
Ive lived in the Worst Ghetto of Frisco in the 1990's the Tenderloin. Till this day its bad and getting worse. Ive seen people get shot and killed. I move away because I wanted something better for Jeremy. I never would have thought this could happen to my son in Vacaville and it happend in a Suburb Neighborhood. Were not mad at person who did this. We are grateful that Jeremy is alive, because that is what is important.
that's true, suburban gangs always get their asses kicked
LOL @ suburbian kids thinking they're gang members. Why don't you guys spend a day in an inner city neighborhood and see what gangs are really about. This is what spoiled kids do when they get tired of playing with xbox!
WHAT THE FUCK is this shiit...GANG is Nothin, is NOt even a FACTOR of this world, Just cuhz News10 made a vid bout it. Wats kiLLin this world is fukkin TERRORIST,DRUNK DRIVERS, FUkkin POVERTY....dem TERRORIST kill for what they believe IN, takin out 100 names a day. ANY can be a GANG MEMBAH, but will you die for IT.....
Well, good for you. you won an argument. your still wrong tho. I don't agree with any of these "middle-class" kids, but I suggest you stop talking about other people's lives and issues like they're your own. cuz like you say, you seem to have a very nice life. so plz shut the Fuck up.
thankgod i left america for danmark. life here is sooo much much better.
i guess stupid people need something to do...dumbasses
@porkypine805 lol the dude who called me a pussy says "leave me alone"
dat is can they keep blamin music for gang violence?? i like jeezy, i like mims, i like pac, i like snoop, dre, most rappers u can think of exept lil wayme and soulja boi...and it doesnt mean cuz i like it ima beacome a gangbanger. unless ur a stupid suburban white kid! cuz face it white ppl be pullin of sum krazy azz shyt kuz of video games, music, and movies. shyt like shootings at skools and many other shyt.
"mostwantedmexico" lolol jermy is a beautyfull chocklate man!! lolololololollool you crazy!
yeah u cunt ur really struglin, u have a computer with internet u fukin faggot . u speak tuff on el internet but ur really just a puto.
Statistics prove otherwise. Statistically proven, blacks are the most violent. So in sense, yes there would be less violence. I'm not a racist, I'm only quoting the statistics.
if i see u ill shoot u... tryna act like u tough
well youre making it sound kind of twisted. like , "not all blacks are bad, but if there were less of them, there'd be less violence" you are saying the majority of them are violent, which is a stereotype
WOW! Such an uneducated misinformed ignorant comment. Dig deep enough and you will find out you aren't as white as you think you are BRO!
fukin i hate when rich boyss try to act up fuk en come to my hood dun i wil rap em all
people kill people. music might influence some, but the fact of the matter is, you make the decision to pull that trigger.
we havent had a "conservitive" streak since the 60's you donkey..what weve had, is big money republicans and commie socialist democrats running the show..behind the scenes, there is LITTLE difference between the two..they are both globalist parties..(republican doesnt always mean "conservative") it means big money,corporations and globalism...totally opposite to what conservative, and nationalism stand for...GOT IT?
jeremy is a beautiful chocolate man
This is a common thing in southern california we have gangs that claim even in the nicest cities for example Rancho Cucamonga, CA they got Cuca Kings SurX3, Cuca Dog Patch X3, Alta loma Vatos Locos X3 and some young foos claiming Victoria Park Locos X3 which is in a 600,000+ neighborhood and these are just the Mexican Gangs
I hear the news reporter say the reason is because the parents are working and making a good life for their kids.. that the kids are being left alone and that's why they are into gangs.. BULLSHIT!!! What about the kids who grow up in poor areas and have parents home.. and a lot of them end up in gangs.. Maybe if a parent could be a parent without the threat of being arrested for giving their kid a smack.. and maybe if the so call law change the young offenders act.. maybe things would change.
They infiltrate the subdivisions and planned communities in FL also.
Another case of the news pumping fear.
fuck gangs..that shit pisses me off...
Gangs are the stupidest thing a young person can get into. You dont get loyalty, friendship and brotherhood. You are subject to the tyrrany of the gang leaders and there is no democracy in a gang. Gang member's worst enemies are the members of their own gangs. Real friends stop their friends from doing stupid shit, they dont encourage it or require it to be involved with them.
music influences you but i would realy like to see a young jeezy cd load a shotgun and put it in your face:)) music can only talk to you but that's it, it can't make you do shit
hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah dumb wanna be
You wanna fight! join the army! do something for your country...dirt bags! we having a war now and we don't need to kill eachother disregard what race are u. least at war we all fight against enemies.
Your right there is nothing wrong with being a Square. Its the Squares that get all the girls anyway. Well all the "Quality" ones. Lol. The hood is hard to live in bruh. You lose a lot of friends. Too many unnecessary funerals.
thats my nigga jeremy!! he go to my schooL!!!
o sorry i should of said "gangs".....because there NOT gangs
WOW WHAT A SURPRISE, THEY BLAME HIP HOP. shut the fuck up and raise ya damn kids
Thats all Donkey ass gangs! They whack! Hahaha. DK!
what are you stupid? in your opinion the immigration act of 1965 (liberal ted kennedy) was a conservitive bill?..jimmy carter (1970's) was conservitive?..the problem isint conservitives my boy,..its socialism,..look at any nation that has runaway socialism, its a mess. dont take my word, your history...PWN!
listen I dount support sterotypes of blacks but, not all white peoples ancestors were crackers/slave owners. I am white and I have scacillion, greek and isreali in me. None of my ancestors enslaved u guys. most of them came of the boat during the 1950'2.
thanks for bringing your ghetto ass retard kids to the nice areas...
Black gangs are not the result of people being black! They are the result of a society that has pushed racial minorities into slums, where there are few social resources! The risk factors for joining a gang are: poverty, being uneducated, dificulty finding a job and negative influences early in life; just as they would be for someone of any race. There are many very admirable black people and many violent caucasions! I'm surprised and appalled that some people are still so racist!
Also, the youth are subjected to main stream rap more often than any movie. Music is proven to be highly more influential when compared with the movie medium.
the real question is how did 2 hispanic parents have a black son??
@poopmcscoopface canada is rich cause we have sooo many natural resources, and the biggest consumer in the world(america) as our neighbour to buy those resources. Europe is rich because of colonialism, going into countries wiping out the populations and stealing everything they had. Read a fukin book buddy.
Dumb ass Vacaville kidz itz okay to be a square you don't have to be hard. Trust me there's nothing cool about being from the hood so calm down.
There's a fine line between respect and power. I cannot give anyone power but I give everyone my respect.
lmao this is an argument for countries like brazil go there and you will see what i mean in america you guys are fucking spoiled my father came to this country from brazil with 0 dollers in his pocket and we dont live in a ghetto you guys should wake the fuck up and get a job and stop blaming the white man because you are lazy i've lived in brazil for 12 years i know what suffering and racial inequality is you guys dont have that here
you are right but music helps that person that want to b popular to pull that trigger.
@mochopz thats stupid every poor country has cheap labor most peope work for 100 a year. otherwise it wouldnt be 'POOR"
cuca kings and cuca dogpatch are from the community of cucamonga,which is different form the rest of ''rancho cucamonga'' rancho cucamonga was formed from 3 different communities of cucamonga, alta loma, and etiwanda. cucamonga was pretty much always the varrio and had nothing to do with the more well off areas of what is now rancho cucamonga. and victoria park locos is far from a real varrio it aint nothin but a bunch of rich wannabees from rich neighborhoods. nothin but a fag highschool click
you guys are dumb you think gangsters dont have money
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