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Level One - Closure - TGS

by The Game Station • 20,100 views

This episode we puzzle through the awesome new indie game Closure. Its available now on the PlayStation Network. Keep Ahead of the Game, Subscribe to The Game Station Now! Check...

dodger has never been to what???
I played the demo in 3 minutes and didn't die once.. this level is not THAT challenging...
Dodger was soooo sad when it was no longer a spider cat.
34:00 and again, you make fun of us for hatin but again you mess up the first part -_-
top comment from captain obvious...
I think it might be because you tended to be louder then everyone else. I don't know if you mic was hotter or if you were just talking louder then everyone else. I would have liked it if you used your experience with indie games a little more in the discussion instead of just being goofy. I hope some of this feedback helps improve future videos as I am a huge fan of indie games such as vessel, SPAZ, and others.
TJ is kind of a meathead... Seems like he's trying too hard, too.
Oh, and if you guys did this live, I'd watch the shit out of it.
What if this game mechanic was added to a FPS, imagine that, you could have cover that turns on and off, perhaps even light and dark ammo, shoot dark ammo at a person's feet to have them fall out of the world, shoot light ammo to have a wall materialize over them, and of course shoot people to do damage
sound and music totally reminds me of diablo 2!
I Wounder how many people tryed to use the 555 number
I wanna be the only cock of the walk...
I was yelling go to the left and drop the light down the hole at my computer for so long
Should've played journey instead
Inb4 70 percent of the comments refer to dodger. In a non platonic fashion.
Watching other people play puzzlegames is painful.
you really need some sound leveling
i wish TB did this he would die at lvl 2 and rage so hard that internet broke
0:06 My dog when I try to make music.
this game does look pretty cool though
Awesome! Thanks so much for the support. I <3 indie games!
paper clip man!!!! We will never forget you!!!
4:35 I'm a Weirdo-oh-oh-oh, what the hell am I doing here, I don't belong here!
Why pay for what Ican play for free?
Or Magic: the Gathering with Unicourt and Dox (aka Courtney and Dodger). With the Unicorn deck vs. the Fox deck. :P
yep, he was very annoying... usually that other guy is the annoying one
17:25 Dodger says "llave?" key in Spanish! Haha! Nice, this game looks cool. Yeah I was one of those raging guys at the level with the orbs in the water "zomg you gotta make a trail guys in the water...guys the water. THE WATER THE TRAIl WITH THE ORBS OMG..." even though it didn't take as long as that last bit there.
There was not. Apparently TB was busy with his whole moving to US thing and dodger had a photoshoot or something. At least that's what I've been told!
31:30 you are because u just figured it out and then immediately went back to puttin it in the wrong slot.
Awesome game! You should've played it in the dark. (Hard to film that however.)
Ultimate Rooser is.... DODGER!
Was there no TGS Podcast last week or is it late?
This game blows my mind! BOUGHT. Glad you guys covered it :D
awesome! You guys should bring Josh on more often! ;D
Its a completely different and MUCH larger game than the free one online. :)
So everyone in these clearly works out appart from Layne who is just too good looking to start with, oh and Dodger too I guess.
27:50 But if the ground doesn't have light, he doesn't hit it!
@8:00 minutes in.....Dodge fail, i totally knew what was going to happen.
God damn it how did you guys beat me to the first comment
lol i love how they all scream after someone dies
SPIDER CAT, SPIDER CAT does whatever is SPIDER CAT does
Nearly 40mins...WITH DODGER AND LAYNE!!!!!!!!!
"what if it was a spider..wolfdog" :D ur funny
Has dodger got really small hands or is that a really big cup?
This game looks quite intriguing.
Closure: also known as what is direly needed for ME3's ending
I bought Closure a week ago and its so addicting great job man
The concept of this game is derived from string theory that states that subatomic particles literally stop existing when not under observation. Fun fact, there.
Hehehe spent the last 8 minutes wondering how long it'd take before they thought to try drop the light orb through the chute.. x) This's why puzzle games do not make good youtube videos. Thanks for the heads up though, might go buy this game now.
I think dodger is baked. I would do the same then.
i like how that Static fella was trying to go somewhere with Dodge but she was having none of it
i have those headphones they hurt my ears
Not first and all that cool shit.
I don't know what you guys are talking about, I think Josh synergized well with everyone else. Yeah, he may have talked a lot, but he was entertaining the entire time, plus they were playing a game that he has some sort of history with, so obviously he'd be excited enough to enjoy it a little more than others. Then again, haters gonna hate :/
28:26 I was fucking raging the entier time for that puzzle!!! "AHHH!!!! ITS RIGHT THERE!!!!! JUST GO TO THE LEFT YOU FUCKING IDIOTS!!!!! RAGE!!!!!" I just lost it!
36:40 and again, this is ridiculous
Awesome man, thanks for making such a cool game :)
What is up with the Gamestation and guys with mustache/beard combo? Stay strong Husky, we lost TJ.
This has changed so much since the original version closuregame. com/closure.php
last puzzle - painful to watch...
It's night-time here in Sweden and I'm sick ad can't sleep. Now after this video I have no chance of sleeping!! :D
A very entertaining game pick and show!
Im jerome and im watching this awesome show haha
I read closure and the first thing that crossed my mind was Mass Effect.
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