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Teacher yelling at a student... Hilllarious !

by Adnan Isak Patel • 217,584 views

Jackass got into more trouble because i decided to take a video of him getting into trouble... ...for not submitting his TOK (Theory of Knowledge) essay on time. Fucking IB ! haha

lmfao lol omg hes bugging the fuck out lmfao
you really CAN'T spell!! sure your not the one getting yelled at in this
what the hell is wrong with YOU?!!
LOL at the youtube translation
because they dont eat beef. sacred cow is AWESOME!
I can't Understand a Got Damn word that is Cominn out his mouth
sounded like he said please call ur dad i wanna talk to him and get me and sandwhich
Don't understand him. Than he cust. Jesus
I hate when teachers get mad cuz you're laughing! xD I mean, i can imagine this poor child. Having to keep a straight fayce with his teacher yelling in that accent. haha.
stop moving the damn camera so much
Its hard not to laugh nervously if the teacher keeps telling you not to
"What the hell is wrong with you?" haha :D
I think this Student Should be sent to my School.. U won't be laughing than; Teachers R All X_Prisoner.. Try Laughing @ Them & There will Be Red Liquid(Blood) Coming Out of Your Now that's Funny.. Won't Be Funny Than... Would It...
From that comment i would predict your about 14, you british people are so "bad"....
He just mad the kid ate his Curry
The teacher sounds like Gru form despicable me lol
I'm not going to lie... I'm typing in an Indian accent. .-P
man:DO U THINK THIS IS FUNNY!!! me:yes sir!!! :D
all i hear is bud bud bud ding
When teachers shout at me i have to hold in my laugh
Racist much? Get your head out of your ass and into the twenty first century. Also, you should learn how to write a proper sentence.
he's speaking english....i dont understand him....patel
i dnt know anythin tht teacherr said lol
just fucking shut up and do ur job!!! dushhead!!! -.- so annoyinggggggggggggg
Omg this cameraman could be the next cloverfield director.. or bourne Identity.
its sooo funny when Indians get mad. i love prank calling connivance stores
Now not everyone is racist, maybe the top two comments are which only includes only 2 people dont it? So dont be saying "amerifats" cause you ugly suckers come to the U.S. to have a better life, so know what are you saying before you say it.
i have no idea what the hell is going on... haha... still hilarious though,.. haha...
I don't understand... there is a 7/11 university?
Oh my god. Thank goodness my ToK teacher is cool. <3 Lol.... silly I.B. kid..
hes not british you dumb fuck, he said he's from the fuck nugget.
Class must be in the kitchen because the lady is working in the background
@algol291 becuse beleive it or not teachers actually take pride in knowing they helped a kid learn stuff therfore they care and no teaching is not easy it takes alot of communication skills (bad communication = boring teacher) plus they need to learn the knowledge they will be sharing
lol at the camera man making him laugh...
Apu was never gonna succeed as a teacher, let's be honest
"Wat ta hell is lwrong wid yu?! "
tomorrow....take a machette to school
I don't really get how this is funny. The ToK essay is a HUGE pain in the ass to get done in time. Also this is Indian culture, you get your ass chewed for failure.
I do agree the more a teacher tells u not to laugh the more u laugh
How can anyone keep a straight face with a teacher with an accent like that?! LOL :D
I didn't understand wat the hell he was saying
I think the person holding the camera is a dog.
i have no idea half the word he said...
Tape recorder and attorney time!
Is that his teacher or father?
Ah, good old IB. Those ToK essays were a massive waste of time -__-
Lol and You sir can't spell go back to school and you're racist as fuck.
fans? standalone room a/c's in the classroom? yeah, that can't be in America.
Nice to see tech support having fun
"What the hell is wrong with you"!? LOL ROFL
It would be funny if I could see a god damn thing
"clearly told" i dont think that guy has clearly said anything in his life
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