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Modern Warfare 2 Quick Scope Montage

by Bluzz Rah • 651 views

[Read the description below] song:Sarah McLachlan: Silence[dubstep] song link: i know it's short. but its something =P. or dont you think it's short. or...

You deserve a like :D and a sub ... done
@zumaxex You know that today killfeeds and trickshots is popular, yes your quickscopes was good but, try to get 3 or 4 kills in a row !:D
@skidude710 okei il've try to get som streaks =P
@MrMilanxd kid. how can you tell. this is a short montage of me playing two matches, just something i made for fun. btw it's Quickscope not quikscope, and all your vids got no likes and only dislikes.....Dont hate when you dont know what to hate for.
@zumaxex fuck u dislike wathever you want but i can atleast Quickscope noob
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