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Kenny vs Spenny S06E13 - Who can stay on an island the longest part1of3

by SeniorWrst • 188,101 views

Kenny vs Spenny Season 6 Episode 13 - Who can stay on an island the longest? Enjoy it. part 2: part 3:

@yugoterror more like dat Horse at 7:43 am i right!
damn that ass at 7:02 was RDICULOUS
did spenny seriously expect that they'd let him tent on the lawn in a resort?
Kenny's rant at around 6:00 is hilarious. He's like, "The fuckin fans don't care! Don't worry I'll do some funny shit and it'll be fine!" hahahahahahaha
@MrWrst hello son. I lived not far from the fellows on Sherbourne avenue in Toronto. So, if you'd REALLY like to know more, you can msg me. However, I am indeed correct on this issue. Have a great day!
@SeniorWrst Hab nachgeschaut.. nee habe die noch nicht gezeigt.. die haben bis zur 4. Staffel gezeigt
Kenny? You don't watch this show very often, do you.
i supported spenny for a while but he is a little bit
@parrotofthesea Lol but on the real Kenny has legitimately participated in like three competitions.
@BlikeNave sure u get to see more of that 8:00 ass, but if it comes down to it , id hit 7:00
Spenny ist so ein Idiot, das ist unglaublich :D
I walked by this resort going to a shuttle bus lmfao. We stayed at Breezes Bella Costa just down the road. All inclusives are the best. P.S. what was kenny saying about the russian girls man owner, hes a "balcan" or sumthing??
@SeniorWrst season 1 was awesome 2 was good 3 was bad 4 was absolutely horrible 5 was fucking amazing I have not seen all of season 6 yet
spenny needs to shut the fuck up and chill lmfaoooooo
Spenny's over-acting has gotten worse over the years
why are the top comments quotes from the show? I already knew what they were going to say, you don't have to repeat it.
i do understand spennys frustration at kenny around they 430 mark lmao but its still funny
15 kilometers long 500 meters wide dont talk about my cock xDDD
Kenny is the coolest person ever
.... 1:40 what an adorable ass... WoW
kenny's shirt : heil me ROFL!!!
season 6 is good. it has its slack episodes but alot of them are great.
@Slingsby123 that is definitely kenny missing part of his finger....
LOL 6:11 kenny "We could litteraly be here for months"!!!!
Lol stop talking about my cock and talk about the island
best comptetion e'er, lotta hott babes in bikinisXD (me wife is gonna shoot me for sayin tha'XD)
I always thought Kenny was just crazy and insane but i just looked up and hes like a genius. Part of his craziness had to come from when He Was a Writer for South Park! Thats unbelievable i never knew that :o
i wish they did this contest for real, i bet it would have been epic
when my friend told me most of this season seems scripted... he was right.....this sucks...... i want real reactions and real trickery
OUuu kenny's t-shirt is very ähm ... special
kenny ha weisse haare scheißße haha
I really think KVS Deserved a better Finale cause this episode and the Christmas Special suked ass.
Haha jerking the ketchup off 7:05
"She is still rubbing her ass" damn! 7:48
2:49 Go get drinks...NO NO NOT YOU! LOL
That chick at the end was smokin´ HOT. moar assrubbing plse. :L
i think season 6 was the worst:(
''Go have a Pina Colada because I know you want penis alloda'' xD
hahahe dont know that cuba is an island xDD
If you compare Season 1 to Season 6, Kenny has deteriorated physically by a shit ton...
Spenny is such an annoying fuck he has some anger issues what an idiot i love Kenny
You do know Spenny can't hear you, so shut up and watch the show, retard.
I want to make this competition with kenny and then I would do anything
This is such a great show. Kenny is such a sleaze!
Spenny helps dispel the stereotype that all canadians are polite and nice.
lol I stayed in that resort for a few days when me and my family went to cuba last year. how cool is that :D
I still can not believe how long it took spenny to finally enjoy himself. Ps: Kenny rules!
Really glad that chick was rubbing her ass, because seeing that donkey(or horse)made me feel a little weird....
Did you know that house was just a location kenny and spenny only stayed there during the shooting of the show.
Lmao look at there haircuts. They look like a bunch of dum canadians
who can stay on an island the longest? well...I'd go stay on Jamaica..its an 'island'
"she is still rubbing her ass" yes she is ;D
This fucking show owns all others. TEAM KENNY! UNIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIITE
@SeniorWrst Nein in Deutschland wird sie nicht übersetzt :/
so does kenny think about his jokes and shit on the spot? or does he write it?
@5eXtasY5 auf english sind die folgen eh viel besser
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