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Eating The NEW World's Hottest Pepper (Trinidad Moruga Scorpion) | Furious Pete

by Furious Pete • 1,838,840 views

I Eat the World's Hottest Pepper. The Trinidad Moruga Scorpion, over 2,000,000 Scoville Units, twice as much as the Ghost Pepper. Check out what happens. DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME. Furious Pete...

How bout the Carolina reaper?? Hmm?
When he made this video, that time the scorpion pepper was the hottest pepper in the wot D
omg old school alfie and sam just stood there ;) like if ur watching in 2014 ;)
Umm...the hottest pepper is usually the Carolina reaper
Saying things which you later wanna redraw are typos? :D kk scrub
+Ricardo8388 Well it's a typo scrub.Why would I mispelled a word that you said without knowledge of doing so scrub?You even said it so I can see it right in front of me scrub.
I saw loui ask a question if you don't know who he is go to food for loi and subscribe
+margaret geddes Because that's what's wrong with this comment
look at the girl on the left at 0:49 in the what the fuck...........
U serious I'm from Trinidad and we eat scorpion pepper everyday with everything and I'm only 13 !!!!!! Hahahaha hilarious :)
Pete I was challenged not long ago to eat one of these. I had ate the ghost pepper fine. So I thought I could take it. Imagine your pinky nail half of it. Then that half halved, and once again. That is the size of the piece I ate. Within 15sec I knew I made a mistake. Within 2mins I was in the bathroom puking. 15mins later I was done being sick, and 3hrs later that was when I was able to feel my face again. Big ups to eating the whole pepper... 
You know if you swallow something hot wrong and it fucking hurts. Imagine that thing going down the wrong pipe. lol
You're an arrogant piece of crap for not giving Ted Barrus credit for buying and sending you this pepper! I admired you until I found out about this. Not cool at all.
He's with Sam Pepper....get it? Sam PEPPER???? LOLOLOL okay I'll stop now
It looks like he's chilling max
Why did this draw a crowd of young tweens?
dummy water makes spicy stuff 100x hotter xDD
Why can't u touch the pepper with your hand???
Incase he touches his eyes, it will burn the heck out of him
THe oil from the pepper will burn what ever part of the face you touch. Also drinking water will make it worse because it makes the oil spread faster.
We Trinidadians love our scorpion pepper
Omg he is in downtown toronto where I live canada
The hotness of the ghost pepper goes away after about 15 minutes, why would he lie and say 24 hours
+Phil.Her.Mouth ah i see, i guess thats true. Never really been one to eat spicy food either but i took it pretty well
Yea, certain peppers and stuff aren't meant to be eaten alone either, they will wreak havoc on your stomach. It's not fun blowing flames out your b-hole. 
Lol "why did you do this to yourself?" "I DON'T KNOW..." hahaha frickin hilarious
Who's the English guy with the dred locks?
every body knows that most americans cant handle the hottest pepper
You were worse with the candy no offense
Alfie, Sam and Louie were all there!!
Where did you get this pepper from +Furious Pete
Is the Carolina reaper hotter Than the scorpion
Pete you have to eat a Carolina reaper now. It's #1 now.
The Chocolate Bhutlah is rumored to be even hotter than that, hard to get your hands on though
Hear that Pete? You're slackin'. Someone get Pete some greek yogurt to coat his stomach.
Louis was there (FoodForLouis)
You know, sort of a bummer! I have watched and enjoyed so many of your clips! The more famous you become, your attitude changes and you become a famous cocky un-interesting individual. Thanks for the laughs, checking out Peter!
I agree i noticed that too
Your all forgetting about the peruvian puff pepper lol
new hottest Carolina Reaper
you say this is 2,000,000 and the ghost pepper was only 1,000,000 but you ate 2 ghost peppers so shouldn't it technically feel the same??
Wen is he gona learn water doesn't help he says it doesnt an still uses it 😩
PointlessBlogs is in the background!!!
From my experience the scorpion pepper is definitely hotter then the ghost, but the ghost pepper's burn lasts much much longer
How long does the heat go for?
my mom is from Trinidad 
Lol Sam Pepper in the back round 0:38
You mean that pedophile in the background with the young girls? Yeah, I see him.
Louis and that guy from janoskians there friend French I think
Hey i'm from Moruga in Trinidad maybe because i grew up knowing it i dont see whats the big deal 
Eat the Carolina reaper you will die its 30 million scoville units didn't know how to spell scoville
Sears PID read the ads and hundred furious Pete I challenge you to eat and 10 ghost peppers
is that sam pepper and alfie?
Aww Zoe's friend is there
My friend ate a ghost pepper and drooled in the sink for 15 minutes lol
At 0:55 is that Louis from FoodForLouis
i wonder... just wonder what is any of girls in the background wanted him to eat her pussy afterwards
I was wondering the same 😂
We called my grandpa Stan the man b/c his name was Stan
Drinking water makes it worse
that was alfie and Louie 
That was Jessie from Pvp friend
Don't drink water when eating chilly or pepper eat bread
Hey look its foodforlouis
At 3:55 the Chinese lady gives the finger
Alfie, sam n louis in back ground
Your from Toronto? Cause that's not Mississauga that's downtown Toronto
My friends tell me it's not a pepper
Alfie and Sam pepper in the background
Water only makes it worse
The Carolina reaper is the hottest ever certified by Guinness world records
OMG I can't even eat a hot cheeto!!!!!
Wait the guy whom ask you how long it affects you for the ghost pepper , isnt he from foodforlouist?
what is alfie days doing there
I have found sipping scotch whisky very good
There is mostly girls WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY
They are ugly as hell
Theres some famous youtubers there thats why.
Imagine all of that diarrhea....
You american idiot. Looking for czech boy : Moruga Scorpion and no milk , no water no komediens arround . This is heavy man. !!! You is only stupid idot.
I´m white and from czech republic, but my english is very bad sorry !!!. Iˇm say : this boy is stupid comedy man !! Auuu auu, this very hot!!! What is this ??? Iˇm say again  !! Looking for czech boy  !!! This is hard boy !!! +Zilioli Gabriel
+pepan I don't give a damn shjit about your boy who's eating a pepper! This video is funny to us, because we often watch this guy, he is THE professionnal eater! And just watch him choking on a damn pepper is funny! We dont care if he is a pussy or not: he said it himself : that he suck hard when it comes to eat pepper or chilly shit.
I eat like 20 a day and I'm 3
he just want to be famous by being hurt.. thats called stupidity
+john Paul Lumiguen if he is an idiot why are u still here bitching about what he does? Dont like it? Piss off
I read somewhere that vinegar will help ease the heat. I know (from experience) that drinking tart lemonade was useful after consuming hot salsa, for me.
There's a new hottest pepper, The Carolina Reaper. Time to do it again
u are not supposed to swallow it it will burn all the way down and burn in your stomach
You're behind the times buddy. That's not the hottest pepper anymore. Now you need to gobble on Carolina Reaper. 
+AhmetStar43 Who are you babbling to at 5 am? 
Those are like the spicies in the world
why the fuck was sam pepper there 
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