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meiji #5 - Ideas to decorate chocolate treats

by Nameless • 3,674,629 views

(1) Brand: meiji (2) meiji website meiji shows you ideas to decorate their chocolate snacks. We followed directions and made them. (3) It is edible. The beads...

It looks like something you could buy in the store. I wish I could buy them in the store. They look amazing and so yummy!!!
Lemme get this straight. There's banana Runts filled with CHOCOLATE???
This is probably the cutest thing ever I love itttt
The choco baby thing is also a rubbers at daiso and I have them
I live in Beijing and I am ordering all of this tuff off of taobao but I can't find the last thing cream coloured balls help me plz
the adoreableness won't stop! IT'S OVERFILLING!
Is that a snowgirl or is it just a girl at 1:49
أنت عربي مرا باين على الكتابة العربية😤😠
have chinese plz,i dont no the japen 語
I like. Watching your. Vevos
She got SOO much patience
I wanna try Banana Chocolate now :(
If some1 gave this to you for dessert.. You wouldnt wanna eat it!
because it looks so amaztings
이게 숴어보여요
che carino cagnolino
Wow,it's so nice. I like your videos.
i wanna eat them all!!!! 
I love this it is so good i love how you use the chocolate to make a dog and cat body it is so good i made ten cats and ten dogs
I saw the box of bananas and when she poured it out I looked at the phone and said "BANANAS DX" smacks phone trying to get bananas NUUUUU
Sry for swearing but so much fuckin chocolate I love it :D }.{
You two probably have the best party snacks on the planet
You're soooo creative!
@10813panaki Do You Have Meiji Snacks?
1:15 nyandog is that u??
the one with 2 chocolate banana on top of the head reminds me about Loki :v ahahaha! a little bit more decoration and maybe we'll have Loki :D LOL
The panda looked a little creepy O_O but I still love it! the panda looked kida creepy O_O but I still love it!
Omg japan has so many pretty looming choco!
Parents: Go to bed Me: One more video *2 hours later* Me: Staring at the screen still watching
why can't i stop watching these??! lol no words are spoken yet its so addicting.
Instead of making such a lovely, creative thing... I would eat all that in 5 seconds.
Arg, I've had a craving for sweets all day, and these video aren't helping!...Oh well. *goes back to watching videos*
I bought the little set of box candies they were very very delicious!
Now my dog is watching these with me
I like the choco baby and that strawberry on top and chocolate on bottom one. They sell those in Vietnamese stores :)
umm guys,they sell these meiji snacks in america. in asian stores and in some other stores. and since im asian and i go to asian stores,i see these snacks EVERYWHERE
0:44 I got those & they where yummy
That Galbo Mini looks like raw sausage!
맛있겠다! 카스에서 들어옴!
I hate watching these! I get so frustrated because I crave candy SO bad haha ;D
Its cute but not for long when its in my stomach :D *creep face* lol
At 1:40 i miss that pink chocolate! It taste like Strawberry! I'm craving for it. D:
My thought at 2:00 was, "he has created an ARMY."
I Would just pour everything In a bowl mix everything up like a salad and then stuff my checks like chipmunks. Yum
allright everybody were going to japan for the best toys and candy ever!
those pink and brown chocos which u used for bow i have that making kit u get a tray of that shape and some tube of pink brown melted chocolate and then u freeze them they become this shape
pucca.....o.o wait pucca! >.< I miss that show T.T
Oh wow after watching this for the 10th time I realised the one with the bananas on it's head looks like Loki :P
It's MY chocolate and I WANT IT NOW! Xd
2:00 omg its an army of delicious snacks @.@
Easter must be a BLAST at RRCherryPie's house
how come the awesomest candy are in japan, and the morbidly obese people are american?
I like the panda because it is so so amazingly cute !!!!
so patient i don't even have that kind of patience!
America, y u no have fun chocolate candies like the Asians...???
Oh i have those cookies but there a rip off
the sound of the unwrapping plastics is just so....peaceful ._.
the japanese have the coolest shit -.-
@katieballerina you can get them at safe way too
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