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Mass Effect 3 - Part 13 - Primeval (From Ashes DLC)

by YOGSCAST Hannah • 73,913 views

I started this DLC mission by accident - otherwise I would have saved it specially for another time! Music: Area 11 - Gigadrill (Echo Inada Remix) Download Link:...

6:00 you know we dont even speak like that right
Oh, the music is from ME1. Cool.
I really like Shepard's green vision eyes.
it was saying either you should be mean to austrelians or that austrelians are nice and imposible to be mean to.
Can we please have longer videos :)
Those bloody dishlickin' snipers are a pain in the ass.
Hannah, do you hate turrets? ;P
3:28 "Too busy fighting the reapers to care about aesthetics"? More like the game developers wee too lazy.
But as robots, would they not add on to themselves and change? because even if there are not many resources, in 50,000 years they could develop something, so why would they ever change?
Hannah: "Why are you Jamaican?" Me: "Better question, why ISNT he jamaican? :D"
hannahs sheapered i could not trust with my life a reported kicks her ass she wearing purple lol
I think it's more racist to NOT consider Australian as a race. It's like how America was a colony of Britain and yet we still say American
That is a stupid argument, and tells me that you think that, as well as Australian, that American, Scottish, Irish, British, German, Norwegian are all their own race. That doesn't make you racist though, just really dumb.
is Hanna trying to do the Sniper voice from TF2?
No, you continuing to not accept the thing we have been doing for so long is ignorant. Please, get over yourself and accept that we will always be doing this.
Hannah , you may not see this , but if you do . If you put points in to your AP ammo , it will help you take out the turrets easier .
please play fallout new vegas plllllzzzzz
Well done Miss Rutherford. Well done.
You clearly have absolutely no intellect then, if you actually remembered what your comments said, i'm sure it'd blatantly obvious as to what i was talking about.
Liara looks fiinnne with that dlc appearance.
She really needs to start taking someone with overload or sabotage with her on Cerberus related missions.
You think it's more racist to recognize them as a race than just insult their accent? You're logic doesn't make sense.
Do Biotic Charge => Nova => Nova => Nova work if you only bring a pistol. I seen someone do that in Multi-player.
Thanks for showing the DLC. Haven't bought it myself
Hannah has the playstile of an infiltrator. Hmmm....
Lol the Australian ascent was so bad that I did not even think she was tryin to be Aussie. :P
LOL Hannah: "I hate turrets...!" Me: "You don't say! LOL"
the reason i say that you shouldn't carry 5 guns is that some you don't even use i understand shotguns snipers and assault rifles but the smg and pistol you barely use
singularity doesn't work if the enemies have shield , hannah
14:01 shooting at wall with dance troll
anyone else bugged with Hanna's problem with the prothean voice?
Liara sounds just like Lightning from FFXIII. I just noticed!
It's not unavoidable, and of course there is. Look at the lord of the rings movies. Elves and humans all have generic english/american accents that don't stick out. Hobbits sound like west country farmers with ears of corn in their mouth, and dwarves sound like they are about to invade England with claymores. And the sharing the accent thing is just wrong. I'm Scottish, doesn't mean Scottish accents in games don't stick out like a sore thumb.
You sound nothing like an Australian
Really if they wanted more vocal styles in the game they should have just made James Nigerian and given the prothean a non discript american/english accent like Liara. It would have made Javek less immersion breaking and it might have made James less mind numbingly boring. At no point when Liara speaks do you think "Hey, that's a weird accent for an alien to have"
What was with James' voice at the start of this vid? All the sudden he wasn't latino anymore
Eden prime is the first planet you fight on in the first mass effect.
in 50,000 years, the Reapers are still using the same ship type...
im so sorry there was no purple color for the ending i understand why ppl got so upset about it
Well, no, you don't deserve more views or subs if you're going to spam to get them. Get them the way that you SHOULD get them - on the merit of your content, not by advertising on a place where nobody wants to see advertisements.
bloody hannah with her bloody racist accent
use the map more often next time?
Yeah, it isn't a BAD ending, just almost the same all 3 ways.
ME3 Insanity + Engineer + EDI + Liara = Super Easy Mode
Hannah and Lewis are together and Simon just lives with them (he's lewis's friend)
Hannah should be nominated for maxims gamer girl
Hannah: Aw, I hate turrets! Portal turret: I don't hate you.
I think you can meet plenty of Africans and Jamaicans all across England...
You really can't. Britain gets whiter the further north you go. I grew up in Glasgow, I went to a school with 1000 students. There wasn't a single non-white pupil in the 6 years I went there.
At 10:45 my video froze after hanah said hell ya
Most said phrase by hanna in the past vids "I hate turrets.."
the $80 N7 Digital Deluxe from Gamers Gate came with the DLC :P
Grouping people by race is ridiculous, people are different, there are smart people and stupid people in all races, there are slow people and fast people, skinny and fat. Can I make a Fat People's race? or a race of Two-Left-Footed-Peoples?
sorry im kinda new, what is hannahs relations with simon and lewis
Jesus lets calm down please i've liked how the yogscast used to be clean with comments and its turned to people cussing at each other im sad at all of that :'(
Awesome series! Keep it going! :D
i already asked my aunt to buy the game cause its awesome but as ive seen the ending is quite shity....
Hit Eden Prime and all the feels came back ;_;
Well, the reapers ARE the ships. As in, they aren't in the ship. They ARE the ship. So they would be committing suicide if they destroyed themselves and constructed new ones. On top of that, there aren't a lot of resources floating around in dark space, so there isn't much to work with while they wait for the next cycle. Dumbass.
did enybody hear the intro "shut up" from smosh at 06:51
7:00 most racist Australian accent? I've seen WAY worse...
Watched to about 00:27. Couldn't stand your voice, I could tell I'd be cringing for the next 15 minutes.
There's a lot about the reapers that was never explained. I'm going to assume you know nothing about the last two games, but it has been shown that the Reapers reproduce by taking organic matter, simplifying it into a liquid and pumping it into a machine that has the same form as the creature the organic matter came from. It's possible that Reapers must stay exactly the same in order to retain existence, another theory is that after billions of years of the cycle, maybe they're perfect?
Actually the content of DLC is mostly slowly given to you over the course of the game. So starting it early is fine.
Dont worry Hannah i wouldn't even classify that as an Australian accent!
this rain is wrecking my internet
No, very different in most ways. Halo is very angular whereas ME has an awful lot of circle's and semi-circle's.
Hannah, if you hate turrets then aim for the engineer's backpack as he's placing one, this'll destroy the turret and most likely kill him.
Bypassing doors in this game is so boring. Bioware was quite lazy with some stuff in this game. Don`t even try and blame it on the war, time stands still until you complete a mission :P (Bioware blames their lazyness on the war)
Not really, Americans came from the "Lovely ol' UK" yet we still refer to them as Americans. Yes science says that we are all one race, we have formed a sort of sub-race, which we use to refer to a country's own people. So, it is probably racist to not recognize Australians as their own race.
Carrying five guns makes her character look badass to me
First video I've watched with you commentating - "Thanks Steve" cracked me up xD
NOOO get Nova, and also go to the med bay and get defensive matrix. Using those two with biotic charge allows you to just destroy anything.
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