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Extreme Guitar Solo Speed Sweep Arpeggio - Yngwie Malmsteen Steve Vai Joe Satriani Sweep Arpeggio

by Matt Johansson • 217,088 views

Sweep Arpeggio - Extereme Guitar Solo Speed Sweep - "guitar solo videos" "most insane guitar solo" "coolest guitar solo" "favorite guitar solo" "guitar solo sounds" "hardest guitar solo" "yngwie...

The moment your speeds sound like out of an 8bit game you are good
You have to write in a smaller font to tab it
Fucking amazing solo but I fail to see where the styles of any of the guitarists that you named come into play. This sounds nothing like any of them.
I have that same guitar, but not those fingers!
you can have the same through practice
are you crazy men really fucking good¡¡
I hate you..... jk you are amazing
man don't take this the wrong way. You're a really talented speed player but I just kinda think that when people play too fast you can't actually hear what's going on. Not trying to put you down or anything (you're much better than me)
@guitarplayernewyork then whats with the bakc tracking and eccho
awesome guitar work! check out our music!
wow... i can barely play a few notes without fumbling. to play like that must have took some serious practice
Do you have the time to make tabs?
This guy should be famous, this is amazing!
you make your strat sings beautifully. nice sound and play dude
you are awesomeeee!!!!! you are teacher of music?
That is SO fucking cool. Cheers man :o)
nice but i hate this sound but ur a freaking good guitar player :)) i hate this sound that make feel they come from other planets =)) i :D but as i sad befor U ROCK!
im not fan of swep picking and apegios but this is can 21 douchebags dsilike that?
i have the same guitar with the same color
sick solo! you just got one more sub : )
You wrote this? It's actually amazing, 5 star. Well done :)
Dude I'm not amazed by the sweeps I'm amazed by the fact that you actually were able to sweep on the fender or whatever brand it is man I bet if you sweeped on a Jackson ESP or and metal guitar it will be a walk in the park wow that's just wow you sweeped on a. Clasic guitar WOW!
how long do u play guitar ? its so fast . . . i like the sound ^.^ could u give me tipps how to play things like this ? XD XD
I'm going to steal the shit out of this!!!! haha JK i cant move that fast xD
Sounds like somwthing u would hear on dragon ball z but its really good
@guitarplayernewyork holy crap then your a god this litrally made me jizz my pants no joke >.<
Ha I have this guitar but mines black...
It's very easy with my Air Guitar.
@tulomalsteen Well I'm the artist :) and there's no name for the song... it's more of a guitar jam :) Thanks for all comments!
fucking awesome;) i have the same guitar. but i'm not so good ^^
@TheOriginalNightHawk then you must have an awesome job!
now that's badass :D awesome playing!
that is NICE!! stellar performance bro!
ok ill be right back.. im gonna burn my guitar... and kill myself
Thats the theme i want played every time i go to work.
my face is meltingggggggggggggggggggggg
Dang!! this guys faster than me. Awesome solo.
@guitarplayernewyork dude can you send me the tabs ?
Great stuff, you should record this hq
the backing track is so epic. I want it.
Any vids of your band? Because if they play like you do. Id have to buy it.
Holy crap!(Jizz pants)(jizz pants again)(For the last time-Jizz in pants again)(But it wont stop-jizz in pants a fourth time)
Teach me please. Im being 100% serious. Dont ignore this comment ^.^
can you play something from bullet for my valentine?
Matte tror du att man kunde få ta del av detta Backingtrack för att jamma lite över?? om du har fler solo backingtracks så tar jag gärna dom med !!! :D Matt
excellent , what's the name of the song and who belong??? KEEP ROCKING DUDE
damn thats krazy. how long you been playin???
hello friend ... tell me if you have completed the song and lyrics I've put too .... and put the title as well ... hope to hear it completely and thus complete all be waiting .. greetings ... ...hola amigo...podrias decirme si ya has completado la cancion y les has puesto letra tambien....y ponerle titulo tambien...espero la completes y asi poder oirla toda completa..estare esperando..un saludo
its funny how some dumb asses posted saying that all you did was fast forward it. when your picking says it all. Good job man.
I like that you pay attention to TONE. You move the pick up and down the string a lot, for tonal color of each note. Do most of you kids learning '80s shred do that??
Wow, ill just never play guitar the same -_-
A long long time ago I liked this stuff. Next discovered blues.
great job man very clean picking nice!
that is really great, nice sweeping! can you tell me what scales you use for your jam? i think its more than just the pentatonic scale... great work :)
As i see, it is a little sped up. No question about it..
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