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Like Alex OMG Austin Baby (NewYearsVideo)

by Jennifer An • 46,874 views

This video was made out of crazyness thoughts, and it was almost new years and i wanted to make something different. i did.... i used the Mashup called "Like OMG Baby" i tweeted austin this last...

i lovee this ahah<3 its amazing!
5 dislikers !!! LOL its okay , i still love you <3
Now this is my fav song!!!!<333^%#$^&#
Austin's eyes at 1:30 haha :D
I was like : so awesome, looks hard
Okay, I love the giant spoon!(; and OMG! Me and Alex have the same toothbrush!(; lol
too many pictures too much hawwwtness.<3
@ConyRo12 thankkk youuu (: he did it right after i went to sleeep !! he creeps i swear lol
omg there are some pics.. too hot aaah<3 good video really good.
Amazing video and I loved the remixes<3
this is amazing! great song choice:)
I love the music i wish there was like a download link or something and i wish this was on itunes!
LOL! 1:57 f you look closely at the bottom of the screen it says 6969 current haha
@fanofmileyx they are not copying chaz and justin.
that is the cutest thing ive ever seen!!..Amazing video. xx
@TheLindaChance OMGGG you are righttttttt !! <33333 i was sleeping i tweeted it then i went to bed hahah :DDD
Holy crap, this video is amazing! You did a great job! P.S i love you Austin Mahone (:
nice poster of the girl, and the pic after u look like j.b on the plane in the movie lolz lov u
That is an AMAZING video lyk fo real u guys are my world<3 P.S Love that song;P #Mahomie4lyfe
This is really GOOD! I love the pictures and the song! :)
Goshh <3 He Is So Finee(: Love You Austin, <3
uuauuu i love this song!! amazing! austin mahone is amazing!!!:D @annabieber_8
BRUH!i luv the rap part on point #beaassttt , swagg
<33333333333333333333333333333333333333333333 I LOVE THIS!
will you send me the audio to the music please??? xx
Great Songs are in this Video ;))
wait... 0:52 thats MY fave picture in this video! soo cute! <33
Everyone thank you so much for watching :) I had the crazy idea since it was almost new years :) and Austin saw it made this video even more special :) and for those who are asking about the remix. It is called "like OMG baby"
Great vid!(: Austin & Alex can't get any cuter!;)
@mohonedirection its a cut out of snooki :)
This is amazing :) Best video of Austin and Alex ive ever seen! Love thee music with it too! :)
1:23 LOL! that old man & Austin!!!!! LOL!
@joeyyy1993 cool :) thanks for Sharing. Haha :p
like if you think its imposible for one guy to be sooo hot!
It's to bad they r not younger
Tjis is so funny but i still love austin y cuz hes the hoottest boy
haha it says 302 views, 692 likes n 5 dislikes... youtube is very good at math
Hey, I love this videoo! but i was wondering if you could make one with just austin?!
So, how'd you make this? So I can try. You did a good job.
Owaaa I love Austin XD btw, hey all... subs me.. kay ;) thank you
Is 1:29 a cardboared cut out of Snooki Or is it realy her?
lol i think on tha pic of 1:31 he kind of looks like JB(:
How am I just finding out that you saw this! Awesome! I'm at 2:15 <3
Guys check out my first youtube video of me singing Usher :) Tell me if it was good haha and also follow me on twitter thanks :)
@MahomieFansRule Thankkk youuu (: i went to class today and i went on my phone and i almost peed.. lol jk but i was stoked
i thout justin beiber was rhianna at first
austin u r awessome nd soooo cute love u sooo much<3<3<33<3<3<3<33<3<3<3<3<3<3<3
love the video and austin and alex lol
-_- do NOT tell me they were at times square new york, because that man austin was with is in ripleys believe it or not... if it is, then where the fuck was i?
this is dumb.... its just pics. people make waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better fan videos
waiiiiiit at the end where austin's in that sexy hollister shirt, which video is that?
wow i laugh at the dislikes lol GOOD JOB LUV IT!
Damn, the video awesome! Plus the song? Amazayn! Damnnn. 3
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