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Alexi Laiho-Teaches the Lead to Living Dead Beat

by therockhouse • 438,539 views

PURCHASE ONLINE - INSTANT DOWNLOAD - Rock House instructor and Children of Bodom front man Alexi Laiho teaches you how to play the lead...

its his style everyone has there own style of playing i play slopy but when i want to i can play clean
what riff in the beginning is that from????? no bullshit
dude all the best are sloppy. randy rhoads, zakk wylde, and even some of the guys like thal and broddrick played sloppy. don't insult him unless you could beat him
@rawrcat57 in case you havent figured it out by now, its Trashed, Lost and Strungout. One of their best songs.
he dont crank the gain too high so evrythin sounds cleaner. Pros; it shows how good of a player he is, especially live Cons; highlights any mistakes he makes in these exhibitions, still kick ass if you ask me
Overrated and sloppy. Still love CoB though.
fuuuuck there is no way i can play that hahaa maybe if i practice it but i wont be able to play it right now i could get the tabs :p
Well, he really doesn't look good there. That would explain his dull and sloppy playing. His expression was like "wtf im doing here?? Don't look at me!"
He messed up badly from 1:45 to 1:47
I don't mean to be a grammar Nazi, but I can't take you seriously with that bad of grammar.
the actual first one idk but the one right after it is from Trashed Lost & Strungout
It aint sloppy. Its just not mixed through a 20million band eq. Welcome to the sound of a guitar through a real amp. Not a computer, or a giant machine on top of the amp.
I'm a guitarist too and i totally understand. trying to nail the We're Not Gonna Fall melody (which i only discovered the vid for on youtube the day after i learned it ¬_¬) took me like 2 weeks, (i'm not a BRILLIANT guitarist =/) and i had no BT for it, just the timing in my head and sometimes i'd play along with the song but it drowned me out and i got lost =/
if you activate the subtitles and select transcribe audio at 3:25 you could aprecciate that alexi playing his fourth string sounds like god
remember kids, its not metal to paint your fingernails.
I mean i am just throwing this out there, but has any one considered that the first time around he is playing it slow so you can follow it, then plays it up to speed. By the way you say sloppy be specific explain what is sloppy about it.
get the fucking dvd to get the tabs???? does that sound like an idea
sloppy maybe but still better than many others out there.
i wish he could have done this on a better guitar like one with a rhythm pickup for this because there is way too much excess noise from the other strings thats really audible and you can even hear that live
and a little bit faster lol yeah right super fast
Alexi is metal, dude. Great musician, I love Bodom a lot! I am so glad his sense of fashion doesn't affect his music; or his personality for that matter lol
Ive tried to practice this for a long time but the sweeps in the end are damn hard
i was asking noobshit.barely found out about this song. i wasnt so into them like that a few days ago..
If you can't drop down to C yet, or D for that matter, you can't play this song.
I mean for fucks sake thats not slow im a newbie player i can even see what the fuck hes doing when he plays it slow
@OneOfTheLast1212 its called "Trashed Lost & Strungout " :)
which one is the fucking awesome song in the beggining???
you're not the only one brotha you're not the only one :)
@Slears I wouldnt say hes overrated, I think many guitarrists are to underated..
So what Alexi plays sloppy? Randy Rhoads played a bit sloppy and he was a beast at guitar.
dude he plays kinda sloppy :s
the only part that sounds sloppy is the slide back to the 7....everything else sounds clear to me.....
the guitar doesnt make the player... totally agree with you
Holy crap... he's... sober. Wow thats a first.
hey cum ooon :D He is on dvd and teaching some guitar stuff!! :)
awesome playing....\m/ Alexi rocks
omg Alexi put yor god damn thumb in when u rock the devil horns
sry but...this comment suxs what u say means alexi is not metal..O.o if u say that alexi is not metal or smth.....even god cant help u !
@thediem667 Dont forget the middle pickup, crappy tremelo bar, and the 5 WAY SELECTOR SWITCH!!!!!!! :P
wooow he can tune a guitar at drop c and d :P
i agree i reckon he's prob a bit drunk he plays kissing the shadows and even this more cleanly live
por ke no me regalay esa guitarra ke esta atras .... la tenis bota ql....... porfa loko..
Finally i find a version where i can keep up with Alexi xD
in the beginning i always hear that living dead bitch xD
well, you can't blame him, when you've advanced so much and, in suck a long time, ( he didn't just pick up a guitar for the first time yesterdqay) it's hard to remember how you think when ur just starting, in other words, when ur so good, it's hard to dumb it down for newbies :P i've been playing for almost four years, and I practice every day, i can play more songs than i can ever count,flawlessly, and i couldn't , for the life of me, teach well.even thou i no exactly what im trying to explain.
@takexoncexdailyx haha amen man same with me the last band i was in i had to dumb evrything down for the other guitarist and it sucked
@EnergyHoshi haha i was thinking the same..he says a little bit faster...and then BANG! its looks one badass solo
If you say Drop C what part string should you drop?
I like him, but he`s really overrated..
If you're talking about the one in the first 30 seconds, its "Needled 24/7" off the Hate Crew Deathroll album.
1st 1 sounds like an irish folklore tavern tune bro--ur still 1 of the best guitar playaz outthere fool!
the beginning sounds a bit like folk to me
Thanks for saying that, lI mean every one wants stuff for free. Like is it a really big deal to spend 20 bucks to help support Alexi and Rock House. We're working hard here to bring people the players that want. TRUST me every one will get way more than there money's worth out of the products.
@Slears I guess, I don't find him incredibly unique but he does have a pretty cool style nonetheless. If that makes sense. ... And yes, I just said nonetheless.
Alexi is a human metronome. So ridiculous
Whats the difference between the Alexi-200 and Alexi-600? Just the pinstripes? Is there different hardware and such?
Seriously ? I don't play guitar , is it really that easy to get hold of ? Haha , its funny cz i love metal .......but i play the flute ! Slight contridiction !
This isnt really a lesson, its more Alexi showing us how much better he than us. :P
It's just a matter of exercise, don't worry :D
Alexi actually got sick while he was here, throwing up in between takes, so what happens was on teh 2nd day we were luck y to make it through, so we had to really focus on his playing and put some of the talking in later. I guess you could be thankful that this exsits rather than just trying to pick it apart!
lol he doesn't just play it, he plays it TASTEFULLY (which is I guess true)
they prob told him he had to be for the dvd and he went "hmmm is this worth it?"
check the rockhouse-channel, it's stated that he did those DVD-sessions completely sober.
why do some players rest their hand below the strings? is it because of the size of the hands?
Google it. You'll find at least 10 tabs from this song
pink and black guitar = sick as hell
is this guy like good or something?
@KraT0s1993 --if I could play it SLOW I'd be happy!!!
i hold my guitar the same way. it's sooo comforitable.
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