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Me singing "When I Look at You" by Miley Cyrus

by TiffanyAlvord • 3,202,528 views

Get my new album #LEGACY :) It's finally here!!: Thanks for the love & support!! :)Download my cover album here: This song is absolutely...

i love your hair!! keep on your beautiful singing:)
I love everything bout u ... ;)
el mejor cover que he escuchado! linda voz :) nice !
I love u and this cover
This is the worst video you've ever done No offence
I think it will be awsome If You try again an electric guitar!! Sound great!! And another cover like this awsome one!! Love, Hug and have a great day Tiffany!! ;) <3
Ges you couldn't hit the high notes
+FlyToYourHeart1000 Really good singers are able to hit high AND low notes. Look at Jamelia or Christina Aguilera for example. She might be not as good as them. But she's a giid singer anyways.
+Stella Müller Tiffany is more than good; she's amazing. But everyone has their own vocal range, and if they love a song that they want to cover it, they can do it (even if they change it to their range level) and people shouldn't complain. When I first heard the original of this song, I fell in love with it. When I heard Tiffany's cover, I became jealous and became a Tiffanatic shortly afterward. I'm one of her biggest fans. People love Idina Menzel, and she's one of the best singers (especially on Broadway). Her vocal range was taken into consideration when Robert and Kristen Lopez wrote "Let it Go" for Disney's Frozen, so people shouldn't bash at others if YouTubers change up some things (whatever songs they are covering).
Love and watch ur videos since you are on Youtube! Tiffany i love you so much! You mean so much to me! Yor beautfiul Voice saved me idk how i can thank you! I hope i can meet you someday! You are beautiful love you 😭❤️ - your biggest fan:-)❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
She looks like Colette from the Shaytards...
Yeah the younger version tho
autotune? what autotune? didn't you mean autoclone, Tif? "P seriously! Gonna have to come up with a very quick way to clone you so we can hear you sing like this live ;))
+Radu Brezeanu :P yep! I always skip to the duet/trio parts, because her voice Is so entrancing when combined with her own voice. I wonder what I'd sound like. In the past, I and my sisters would say the same things at the same time, and our combined voices were gorgeous. 
I bet they were! There's something about those harmonies on the same voice or related voices that gives great richness to the sound. Even in speech, not just in singing.
Wow im blown away i am speech less wow ur awazing wow wow wow just wow
when haters hate there something happens inside from the hater! your hate will eat you from inside out!
took me a while to realise they're all her... :/ awkws. ahaha
I didnt even no that til you said it. Geez I'm stupid
OMG all these comments saying she has two sisters it's soo funny😂are you serious?! She just replicated herself with editing people.
hey que lindo cantas :O hermosa tu  vos 
Like you said akward! This is the first time I see that one. In love with. Have beautful day to the tree you. :)
This is an amazing cover Tiffany!!!
Oh yeah... Miley Cyrus wasn't always like she is today...
:/ didnt like it that much as the others
@Anwesha Mitra I think that you wanted to write 'really' not 'rilly'
Love this cover by you Tiffany
I feel like you're holding in the higher notes, but you're a soprano so I feel like if you just belted you could get em out
I feel like this song and I fear inside my heart it is one of my favorite song she is awesome voice and I like to show of the world God Bless.
your voice is really fab...!! why don't you try something new of your own .. love songs will suit you most..!! good luck ahead tiffany..
beautiful voice!!! <3
Lol she said song when it is soul but she pretty and she can sing pretty pretty voice lol
i like the idea so mush :)
you sing very good but your clothes an hair looks all so boring
Yes the important stuff...
OMG the most beautiful voice I've ever heard
  hey, my name is Hannah-grace, and I haven't got any videos on YouTube yet, I really want to know what you guys think of me so can you all let me know what your favorite songs are and what songs you'd like to hear me sing you can also inbox me on Facebook @ Hannah grace Matilda turner thank you
Sooo good <3 <3 ♥♥♥
haha tiffany's old days :)
Another very nice song tiffany you are great! I love you
escuchad mi cover de esta misma cacion en mi canal, gracias!<3
That's epic with their sisters ?
Bravo! Tiffany is very good at playing three Tiffanys.
Kurt Hugo Schneider is bae.
Marga Imanil Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
This song is like…4ever. Blessings.
Did you use to be with that group cactus cuties?
lukman sehardi Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
TeenFaith777 ღ Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Very nice!!!!!!!!!!! :)
If we're being honest here I like you singing this song better than Miley :)
I know this vid is old but this is the reason I keep resubscribing you. You remind me of Shannon. And you sing like an Angel.
wait does she have a twin or is it a computer mix were u can record 2 things and mix them in2 the same peice
Yeah as if you can sing better at least she is doing her best to hit the high notes. I'd like to see you sing that song even though you will probably sound horrible.
Is het een drieling of is het steeds het zelfde
I cry every time I listen to this song!
Is it just me? Or do all of them look alike ?!?(:
um sorry but it sounds like it's AUTO TUNED '
I think it would be more powerful if you didnt sing making the falsetto at the chorus and some other parts, but you sing really good
Tiffany, you're amazing. Congratulations!
Great voice. However, everyone seems to sing this version like a disney princess delicate and sweet, what makes mileys version so outstanding is that you can hear in her voice the passion and emotion and onstage its like she feels the song through her whole body.
Geeez, I have no idea how I came across this but...People, I am 37 and this made me cry. Tiffany, you are such an angel. Keep up this amazing work. (why am i still crying? :(
Sorry, but this isn't your best choice for a cover. I absolutely love the song, but your voice in the chorus is too high in my ears. But the strophes are beautiful.
One of the best cover of this fabulous Miley's song. So hard to sing and you do it perfectly !! (Sorry for my English, I'm French :)
Очень хороший голос
Is there really three of them.????
scuse but I prefer the original song, but u sing very well
tiffany e otima e melhor que miley
I'd love to see this done as a collaborative with someone like Julia Sheer. :-)
You should go on X factor or American idol lol really I'm serious (:
Haha I knew Kurt produced this video, before I read the desription ^_^
Simply Amazing! I love this song now :)
May I ask are you Tiffany's sisters?
this is may favorite Miley's songs and this cover is AMAZING
well* She sings really well. However, I do agree with you. I think that she has the potential to be even better than the original artist. :)
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