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Worst Fight Scene Ever

by Yaemes • 13,099,477 views

It's intense.

The sad thing is that this is far more entertaining than Anakin's fight with Obi-wan in Revenge of the Sith.
+Luke Dearey as I said, don't care about "originals vs prequels" overall. Fights are much better in prequels, on that we agree:)
This is soo bad that it's actually pretty good!
LMAO!! Like Sharknado?
C'mon, I've scene worse on Knight Rider...
Me TV shows ST every Saturday night! Awesome...but they cut the shows!
This is like elementary school quality. 10/10 Laughed my ass off.
Holy Crap! Their moviments are so fast that I think they opened a rift in time-space and created a door to another dimension!
You guys know how the episode ended? Kirk has built a bazooka out of some chemical elements on the planet's surface. He killed the Gorn with a big boom! Why? Because he's the goddamn captain!!
0:39 Come here baby, 0:40-0:46 Let's make love.
Kirk's worst romance ever
It was okay.... :3
Okay, I like Star Trek, but I just have to agree: this is bullshit. (funny as hell though, and I'm glad the music is kinda different than modern generic film music.)
Kirk bringing the noise. Fucked around with that kick tho
uh, you mean BEST fight scene ever.
Mock if you must, but that Gorn would take Bruce Lee, no question about it.
1:12 Lemme get this rock real quick... Throws*.... I need to go to the gym..
still a better love story than twilight 
But NO STUNT MEN!! How you like me know?
If you look at the big rock when he throws the it it is still moving after landing
is this from star trek? haven't seen the series, I'm more of a star wars fan
No this is actually leaked footage from Star Wars Episode VII
What?!? Fuck you man it was the TIMES!!
Wait a second...People liked this?
Captain Kirk vs. ISIS
just play Guiles theme over this video and it becomes alot more intense
This is too violent for my taste... (Pause) Huahhuahuahuahu... (LMAO)
Shpooookyyy! oooooo O.o
An alle Marathonis heute in #Bremen: Schön den Mann mit dem Hammer ab km 35 bekämpfen. Und das geht so:
I think episode is "Arena". My favorite part is when the lizard barely reaches to touch the giant boulder and it is already moving around like pop corn.
like... does bamboo grow in that climate?
That rock looked heavy as hell.
Screw hacking this is how you fight lizard squad.
This IS how people fought lizard men in 1968. Sure we know so much more about them now, but in '68, this is how it was done.
This is the stereotypical idea of star trek sadly.
Game One...irgendjemand? :)
Reminds me of when i was a kid this little girl dropped a rock on my foot on purpose and it really hurt but had to pretend it didn't cuz then id be a pussy. 
Kirk can really kick butt. The BEST fight scene.was with him and Finn.egan
Is it me or does the Gorn have a lightsaber on his belt?
watch this video from the beginning in mute with Zack Hemsey's Mind Heist starting from 0:11, you thank me later
It's a classic scene, it's not very good, but it's still funny after near 50 years, 
I guess if I was the lizard man when I had Kirk in a bear hug I would have just bitten hid head off.....
Pfft.. more like BEST fight scene ever.
This was the best tv had to offer at one time. Don't you love how the 2 ton rock just bounce off the ground?
I'd say that looks quite real. That rock flying at that speed would probably bounce off the ground like in this scene(also depends on the ground which is not visible)
0:18 Jesus that punch was vicious! Even Bruce Lee was stunned i bet! And oh my! 1:40 that rock must of been like 100 pounds! I bet he crossfits that's why he snack crackle and pops i mean get gains! Look at that muscular toned body. Jesus it's a good thing he was able to dodge that massive rock! It could of ended disastrously 
On ne peut pas nier que le capitaine James T KIRK sait se battre.
Captain Kirk really is a badass fighter.
i can't take this anymore, it's too intense!
they look like little kids making it up on the spot XD
Ben stiller owns the Gorn's head.  Just learned that two minutes ago, and here it is.
I could fight this lizard.
Whatcha looking for captain, the director? Yeah, I don't see him either.
L Elayne Sousa Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
Happy National Cheese Lovers Day! In honor of this fine day, here is a cheezy scene for you. :)
Now come on Gorn, you shoulda known Kirk was gonna say Kirk was better than Picard.
The monster moves fast as lightning.
You throw rock...I THROW BIGGER ROCK!
the lizard men should smoke less dope,he has a severe cough smoking
This is how kids at my school fight
holy shit did he do his own stunts here?
And that's what happens if you don't know how to fight
Kirk fighting the Gorn is the best man!!!!!!!
really ahahahaha...hahaha
everything is acceptable except the voices , Coughing monster you got be kidding me!
Throw backs had me like -______- really nigga
how the fuck did i end up here 
This is too violent for me to watch.
He threw a rock at him...this much violence should be banned from television...I mean what's next...people punching each other into face?  ...
This scene made me want to become an actor.
3,789 Work for Mythbusters 
Kirk fighting the Gorn is the best man!!!!!!!
That rock throw though lol
The creature is at a disadvantage as it is unable to open its mouth, otherwise Kirk would have been in serious trouble!
Tin foil and bouncing rocks cant get any better than dis haha!
I made a mlg of this check it out
only managed to see first few seconds of fight before shitting myself. This should have an age warning
STYROFOAM ROCK TOSSING ANYONE  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Guilty movie pleasures' Facebook page sent me here.
I love it! :) best fighting i had ever seen
still better than twighlight 
ALAN MERRICK Shared on Google+ · 3 months ago
Tin foil on the rocks lol
Whhahah 0:25 That Lizard was like "gonna get you" and that man like "get. Away from me"
This looks fake as fuck thought it was a joke
That's in Californian. I've been to those rocks. This is totally fake!
just wondering was this considered bad back when it originally aired or was it impressive/good back then?
+KevSoVideos Yeah, it might have been standard, but it's still bad. You don't need stunt doubles for this... you just need better camera work. A hong kong fight scene is going to want to pan out and show the whole scene, but you can pretty much fake a one on one with camera angles.
+KevSoVideos I watch a lot of stuff like this, so perhaps I'm just too used to it. 
 0:18 Kirk is like "shit....that move has always worked for me."
What episode is this from? Title please
1:18 nyaah.... hahahahahahaha LMFAO
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