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by jacksfilms • 33,262 views

OH MY GOD IT'S BACK New video EVERY FRIDAY, starting tomorrow, on Featured Fridays! Shoot, it could even be you!

first comment in 1 month
so did you ever call your girlfriend back and if so what did she say
please feature redneck1090's channel
You need to do more comedy videos, I'm just about to cut my subscription on you, i don't even remember your last parody and that's why i subscribed!!!
@yoma6565 possibly the best comeback ever. I give you props man.
Yeah, whatever happened to the "Strokemeister"? That was my favorite video!
ScreenTeamShow <--- nice (.Y.) if you get what im saying ;)
@Aparophos990 Calm down, queer. No need to have an orgasm because someone on the internet called your post gay.
the whole AHAHHHHHHHHHHHH sound made me laugh SO hard!
are you this hungry for money jack? we all know you don't need a special channel for "feature fridays."
niga higa, fred, and smosh should do this kind of thing. and rwj should add something like this to the end of his vids.
Hi,plz feature Ninaluvsyou1231 or TheSophiagirl123 plz they're my friends and I really wanna help they have like only 30-35 views on all there vids so plz! Thanks Jack Of Course YOURE F'ING AWSOME!!!!
Please feature Olan Rogers! his videos are funny and very clever, and he deserves WAY more viewers and subscribers than he has.
@Aparophos990 This is one of the gayest comments I have ever read!
"I will look over every comment" Well now I feel sorry for you, considering what comments people've already left.
this is the part where i would suggest me but i stopped caring about my youtube videos a year ago, but i do know a few, (CONT.) some series Abridged series AdamWestSlapDog : Legend of zelda Ocarina of time, and Majora's Mask Abridged MyBuddyProductions: Spyro 2 Ripto's Rage Abridged of course i dont need to mention CardGamesFTW : Yugioh abridged and TeamFourStar : Dragon Ball Z Abridged these 5 are the ones i think need more subscribers out of the 50 im subscribed to
You guys need to grow a pair, if you don't like his vids, that's your own freakin problem.
@jacksfilms Still, I think you developed a new attitude to go with your new apartment and job. Your last two videos have been nothing short of hostile. "Get out of my apartment." and now "It's getting it's own damn channel," and "I'll feature the shit out of it."
25zomar, my account i've spent countless hours editing all my videos and would really respect it if you feature my videos/channel! Thanks so much.
check out Jawooosh. he makes movie reviews, vlogs and random sketches.
Alright. TribbleofDoom. She's a 16 year old animator/artist. She spends several weeks on each animation. She has a little over 9000 subscribers, but deserves a lot more for what she does. She currently has 1 series that is still going called Cow of the Wild. It's an original story by her. For this month she's not putting anything up, but she'll be back in December. She has so many fans, but she deserves more. Her drawings are amazing and her animations are very smooth. Please check her out. (:
I have a bunch of random clips with no characters, plot or point. But you should feature me cause we're cool like that, right?....right?
*** JACK LOOKIE HERE! *** *STARS* *WHOOPIEEE* OMGOMGOMGG! {i am obviously hyper.... (OR HIGHCOUGHCOUGH.....)} lololol nah im just crazy. (: you should feature WTFfilmsFTW. ilovershimmmm. -3
hey jack u should check out thelegendarykat they barely have any subs but their hilarious u should feature them
@MrThisucks thats just for videos that may or may not have copyright so this channel doesn't get deleted
Me lol because i like making random vids :D
Jack What the hell? Every freaking video you've been doing, its more dissapointing... We miss you
you should feature me :) I sing
@superstardancer17 Trust me, they're coming. Expect a ridiculous infomercial/workout parody.
You know what I love most about jacks films? The second he posts anything he gets like 500 view in 15 seconds lmao
People... chill out XD The guy just moved. It takes time to make the funny videos he makes. He's not gonna be able to make/post any right away. The dude has a life.
i can not find it but feature mee i have videos
jack! 2 words. YOU ROCK!!!!!! cant wait for some new vids
Subscribed and left a channel comment.
@ericDoughlace Was that a serious comeback? Seriously? You can't even spell faggot. Wow, kill yourself LOL.
@wchild56 Lol. How many times has he said that you just gotta be paitient(wrong spelling?) and wait. He will put out vids.
Getting bored with these videos. If you haven't noticed your biggest hits were parodys, get the fucking hint? -.-....
i say Vash12349!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he only has 30 or 40 thousand subscribers but he made me piss myself i laughed so hard, please feature him at some point
u think ur hair needs a little ummmm.......brushing????? :D lol but no seriously,dude,YOU ARE A TOTAL BEDHEAD.
@dstebbin I'm a chick, and I've got bigger balls that you. Whiny little bitch, don't bother Mr. Jack with your hypersensitivity.
Thumbs up if you saw the rape face censoring his swearing.
jack, ignore the assholes. subbed :)
........................... what do you do for a living.... how do you have all this free time to make extra channels and non stop videos and check every comment.... how do you live in LA when all you do is put stuff on Youtube......
i know where this video came from. When someone asked about it on Ustream.
u should look at my friends channel, i think they deserve a bit more recognition. its called cancoms
@jacksfilms ok thats cool:) r u gonna make anymore parodys? cuz i luved the wtf blanket and the ipad u should cuz u might get more views:)
i think u should take a look at levarslaysdragons channel. hes a frikken sick musician and i find it sad hes not 10x bigger than justin beiber. so ya u should take a look cuz i like his music
Kiki756 does a pretty good job with his videos. He has less than 1000 subs so I'd say that's pretty undiscovered. Wouldn't mind if you checked out my channel, but check out Kiki's first. I've only just gotten back into vlogging more so he deserves it more. Also, are you maintaing the batman symbol that you shaved onto your chest?
zomg feature ME jack, its worth a shot. how about next week :D mostly for my drum videos, but possibly for my autotune WoW parody? ps i like turtles
@dstebbin lol, you said jack was a jackass... punnn
Jack, can you please feature my videos? I worked hard on each video, and I don't get that many views. Check out my channel for yourself, see if you like anything. Please and thank you, and I boxed you. You're welcome. And Wimpy Boys Band? Oh, ABSOLUTELY AWESOME! ;)
Your haircut is so funny hahaha, whenever you turn your head you pass from: short to long in a second hahaha
@SissyBell1 omg, will everyone stop talking about his hair?! Who gives a shit? He can have his hair how ever he wants! So shut up and concentrate on the funny. Kay?
I wish I would get featured. That would be awesome. Problem is I have only 2 videos up because I only started posting videos 3 days ago. Haha. Maybe later.
@WhosThatGirl24 he isent trying to be funny his buesy he just fucking moved give him a few days
Thefuzzyman83 he deserves...its great stuff
Jack you are a genius, I've watched your videos for years. fav youtuber for sure
I have 2 suggestions: Netunesa And CasaDeCucaracha. 2 different brands of comedy. But both quite lol-worthy indeed.
shadyaga... hm i wonder who it is ?
There's this one guy on youtube, i don't know if you've heard of him. He makes pretty funny videos. You might not like him, but his channel is called "jacksfilms". Check him out.
im just hoping there are many many more creeper faces in the future <3
How about me my highest a mont is 77 that's weak
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