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Minecraft - The Dropper Part 3 - The Kitchen

by YOGSCAST Lewis & Simon • 3,022,577 views

Today we take a look at a different type of custom map made by a Yognaught, called The Dropper. This was created by Bigre....

Simon sees creeper in hole. Simon instantly jumps into hole Viewers die The yogscast everyone.
"You nicked the diamond" XD so funny
Which way is up, I dont know anymore!
Are they going through Mouseholes?
I cant watch the video properly because it keeps going a few seconds then loading if I put it in full screen or not do anything :(
as me i am going kill some sheep
What do they use to record?
Actually, Lewis did get the diamond.
4:08 - He not only did it, but he 360 yolo-ed it.
The kichin made me throw up
Anyone know how many subs they had here?
They were a little bit under a million at this point.
Is it me or is Lewis's Netherrack texture look like organs and eyeballs?
"The microwave looks closer but is it doable? Or is it-" Simon falls. "Where did you fall to?" "Into the little alcove." XD for 30 seconds Lewis is thinking out loud of where to fall to meanwhile Simon has figured it out. Lol 4:24
Hack clients are like tampons every pussy needs one
Lewis is so shit at these and he gets so cocky when he finishes a level
hahaha god damnit, how did the creeper end up there! XD  Awesome!
I like how half of their annotations aren't clickable.
who else moved their head when it looked like they were going to hit something. Wow i am up at 3:22 am watching YOGSCAST VIDS 
I was eating a pizza during the kitchen... Results were not nice
More like"Miner adjustments" nahahaha
That's how you get a dream of falling off the world
What the hell was that "CONGRATULAAAAATIOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONS" Simon bellowed at the end? I want it in all of those stupid pop-ups.
It was the one and only, old and mighty professor Grizwald!
+xp3rt13 Don't you mean... ahem PROFESSOR GRIZWAAAAAAAAAALD
The kitchen wooah throw up kitchens great :D
this game has broken my mind
best vid everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!
you guys should quit cussing BOO BOO!!!
True that. iballisticsquid does stuff like this, go watch him if you don't like swearing.
crao i ment to push thumbs down on this XD
"Skellington" LOLOLOL
im only 10 and i think BS!
We'll always love u :-)
Go through the train you dicks
You guys are awesome and if anyone sais stuff that will hert you always know that theres some one there for you
Does anyone else think that Simon's screaming sounds like Goofy?
5:49 this is what spider man sees when he's on a ceiling
11:30 nice Canadian accent Lewis XD
You know what herobrine neather? You can do the same becuase I KNOW you don't have 8 mill subs
4:43 How did you even see that?Maybe because you have a stupid texture pack lewis
I LOVE THIS MAP it's fun i can't believe some of you threw up!
The kitchen, so trippy... It's like LSD for gamers XD
Like this comment if you are watching this in 4453 on your iBeam
Oh I'm sorry. What texture pack is LEWIS using?
um... they live in Bristol so you can't arrest them if they live in a different country. plus,you are probably the reason that your kids are cussing
I watched it when I was sick and I nearly throw up
wow my heads like THIS MAP MAKES ME DISSY
It's hard to explain, to be cheeky is to talk back to someone and bugger used to mean to practice sodomy, but is more commonly used as a slang term for a friend or relative who's being a little annoying and or back chatting.
Your the greatest but not greater then the bro army
Who agrees that yogscast should play and record black ops 2
Which is way is up, down, left, right? What is The Dropper?!
Omfg my head hurts i love the kitchen
Like someone cares 5 year old,idiotic child. I don't care if the 'Bro army' are faggots. And learn to spell turd.
Shut up alex case u dick people swear and so do you. Yes i said people and you coz ur not a person
Could not stop laughing when he sees
they need to use the same texture pack
Space invaders reference at the end!
They don't care about your freaking husband
Said did you just say fog off :)
Alex case they cannot get arrested for making youtube videos with swearing. To be honest it's not their fault that you kids are saying bad words it's their fault for watching the video
What texture pack is Louis using?
Alex case shut the fuck up just black their video
they are tags that say wich is on 1P
Not simon the other guy i forget his name
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