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Haul - H&M, Topshop. Primark etc ♡

by beautycrush • 186,623 views

Hey dolls Hope you are well, Enjoy the video! Any questions please leave below x Blog - @MISZMARIA

where is your big black ring frm? i love it! x
@kayanimahal umm i think it was like medium brown or sumthing and then extensions in the colour 6
i had never heard the word "yonks" until this video and had to google it!! it is my new favorite word ahahah
Yes i do the same fing in primark too haha!! Thers a really nice white ruksack in river island :)
i didn't know size 10 (aka 8) is a small, i thought it was a medium..
I think I need to be hopping into H&M, I need a bod con skirt. Thanks, I think you should do more of these haul videos
good video ! liked all the stuff you bought!
i love love your sense of style, you inspire me !
omgg im going to work at the primarkkk =D
Where's your purple nail polish from? :) x
Sleevless cropped denim shirt? Haha x
i got them shorts and also bought in a 12 when im an 8! glad it not just me lol :) x
what does the tattoo on your shoulder say?
@TheNvme01 uno im really not aure the name of them, i dont have the label anymore but theyre the ones not with a tint jus like a mirror lens x
i think tht bag would be cute acessory if u were still in school or spending the night out or something but i couldnt picture just wearing it just to with an outfit lol
cute outfits! and omg i loove your accent!! i wish i sounded like that lol
is that a tatt on ur shoulder? what does it say?
i just started my beauty channel and would appreciate if you could check it out. im gonna upload a haul tomorrow too! ps. the aviator glasses look soo good on you!
Absolutely GREAT taste in fashion ! Love love love it..and that rucksack..totally rockable!
im in loveeeee with that bag! the rucksack look is just something a bit different which is always good lol
@MissMakeMeUpp lool i hate them aswell! i gues we'll have to learn to love em though haha xx
could say, 'lightwash denim cut off' or something haha :L. i dunnnnno, its nice though. aha xx
I lovee your fashion sense :D and I saw that bag at topshop today, so cute! xx
I have your floral top from primark i <3 it!!!
I have the same H&M top (the white one...) but mine's black!!! I LOOOVE IT <3
I absolutely lovee your videos!! I have the same turquoise ring, i saw it and fell in love! but i had to get it in a medium as it was the last one .. so mines a bit big! xxxx
this hair colour really brings out ur eye color...u look pretty in here!!!
@immie1348 reallyyyy?! aw kewll! lol u shud of cum said hi! I was defo there the other day ^_^
i love the bag and the shorts, im gonna get some!!
I do the exact same thing in Primark!!! I feel like a mad woman hoarding everything into my basket and then having to go through my hoard before going to the till!!! Love your videos!! Good fun xxx
im sure size 10 in the UK is a 6 in the US
yeah in my H&M they're both tops and skirts! Weird!
U are beautiful (: and i loooooove your videos <3
your hair looks beaut in this video! definitely going on a search for the 'sleeveless denim shirt' thing x
@cupcakemiley some are on there but i put images at the end aswell to show more =]
How much were the shorts from H&M?? :Dx
ahhh is this your natural hair? its gorggeous! do a tutorial if this isnt your natural hair.
I LOVE All That Glitters! I wear it almost everyday. I personally prefer Photo Ready over the MAC foundation... Photo Ready isn't as heavy.
oh my gosh I adore that bag!!!
im the same geting rid of stuff in primark, i call it 'sacrifising' lolol :P
is your hair naturally straight? rsspond back pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee :) <3
Love the vid..i have hayfever to it sucks !!! x
I'd describe it as A crop tied demin shirt or something haha
love the haul! i think i saw you in Reading town centre on tuesday afternoon with your sister..? i was pretty sure it was you and wanted to say hello but my sister was like wait, are you sure it's her!? that point you were already far gone!
a lot of sunglasses dont suit me...maybe cos i have fat cheeks too?! haha! x
hiya thought u mite wanna knw that in TJ hughes sells RIMMEL products & MAYBELINE for £2... authentic nd everyting.......
@mansuperthatoh aw its ok, it kind just stays in the back of my drawer lol
was just looking at your blog there and saw you're 'wish list' for the chanel clog shoes, and thought i'd show you a pair very similar to the right-hand side picture on your blog. they are from topshop, i can't insert the link but if you search 'SEANNA' on the topshop website's search bar you'll find them :) there are a few other different pairs that are similar aswell!
I love those h&m skirtss i wear the black one for school everydayy :) <3
i love your style! I wish we had a Topshop where I live, I'd buy the whole place! :)
i think its a denim sleeveless blouse i like it =) xx
@firecracker2118 not the ones u can see, my ribs one hurt! x
can you do a tutorial for this eyeshadow thing haha? its really pretty. i like the colors.
im a boy why the fuck i cant stop watching this :)
I got them skirts/tops from H&M too, well I use them as skirts aswell, they are lovely fitted. I got mine in grey & the stripey black and white one :)
that shirt that you wanted "explained" :) is a cropped tie front top/vest. love the nail color by the way.... tootles........
so cute!!! i really like it!!^__^ and..i like ur tatoos..expecially the one on ur wrist..i was thinking to do it right there! it much painful???
sleeveless cropped denim shirt? :P
get haul!! you got some really cute stuff! i couldn't help but notice your tats i've been thinking about getting one... did they hurt?
@twentythrifter i think what americans call vacation, we call holiday x
Where I live we would call that top you asked about a crop top, but we also call waistcoats vests and we call vests tank tops.
This was really good. You should do more clothes hauls. Good taste! ;) hehe xxx
what lipstick are you wearing??!! its gorgeous!!
sammi i know this isnt relevant to this video but I was wondering how do you choose your PERFECT eybrow shade. I know the whole thing about the 3shades darker/lighter and all that but my eyebrows are black and I have like nutmegish hair....... HELP? -thanks(:
The rucksack is ah-dorable and I love how you were hugging it, so cute! lol
"light wash denim cropped vest with a tie at the waist"
A jean vest... washed out, and cowgirl style
I agree that H+M sizes are smalll! x
what brand and box color did you use on your hair? please please answer<3
i got those shorts from h&m and i mentioned in my haul that i had to get a size up too! nice video xxx
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