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Trolley Snatcha - Roccos Revenge

by UKF Dubstep • 624,932 views

Roccos Revenge by Trolley Snatcha - Forthcoming on his next EP titled "One Trick Pony" on Dub Police. Due out late September in all good vinyl/digital download stores. Become a fan:...

B.E.S.T M*U*S*I*C !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If this was a film, it'd be a DIRTY porn with C-3PO, R2, Johnny 5 and ED-209 having some NASTY fucking gangbang with the Dinobots!
+Dropstep Music Metaphors man, think about it...
TWIDDAGUY Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Trolley Snatcha - Rocco's Revenge - Dub Police | DP075: 
my dog got an erection from listening to this song. neighbours have to hear this
For the love of God... how come in every fucking dubstep video the comments are always talking about skrillex? THIS IS NOT SKRILLEX PEOPLE! if you hate him so much then stop saying his fucking name in every dubstep video! Jesus! I guess thats why he´s so famous cause of you idiots who talk about him...
You are fucking dumb. If you honestly think Skrillex invented Dubstep you need to be checked.
lol my surename is rocco...hehe
Subscribe to UKF to get a ridiculous amount of peanut butter.......Seriously no one would ever need that much peanut ya.
sounds like a meat shop in upton park
@calltheriot imagine the top comments refer to some comment including @... would suck for sure
@jedimaster1114 he had aids and none of the girls knew................... then the girls had sex with the producers and directors of the films that ripped him off. That's how Rocco got revenge.
Really! I'm going to your house to beat up your moms cornhole!
@darkpunch12 i dont understand are you saying i bum of skrillex or i hate him??
go back to your skrillex little kid with no sense in music
@RanDubMusic Well actually it is legal but he was telling everyone to send hate to him just because he has a different opinion. You don't need to be a lawyer to figure that out you tool.
txt 2098096340 tell the hoe how much dubstep is better than slow music
Rusko is a fucking sell out dont get me wrong he made some banging tunes but i can never forgive him for making brostep because then people would not be in a constant war about the genre
@Lloydy0105 The only thing Skrillex shits all over, is himself, Tub-girl Style.
lol thumbs up for Rocco Star n his Czech honnies
@mrtingtong123 trust me dubstep isn't the same anymore
wow this is a great way to get revenge
i just called Joe and told him Trolley Snatcha is the SHIT!!:)
@DUBsamaBINladen oh im mister know it all! well you just got trolled XD
everyone listen...i found a some fucking amazing dubstep tune and is really good i recomand /watch?v=1urTUS74l2U
sucks... i prefer dubstep with outrageously nasty drops
Yay I finally found this song my life is complete∞☜♬♪♬♪♬♬▣♪
like dubstep? then DO NOT check out my channel!!!
@DUBsamaBINladen i know mate its just gone toooooooo mainstream!
why am I dick? because i have the same knowledge as you and you're too thick to realise i wasn't insulting you? and i did tell you the facts you knob so you're comment doesnt even make sense!?!
@DUBsamaBINladen Yeh but Skrillex's songs are ssssoooooo cool! I love him
@TheBassFace2010 no man skrillex is so sick! he knows what real dubstep sounds like!
@TheIncendium if you were my friend i'd probably kick the crap out of you.
harder than the stuff i normally like but pretty boss
No, Skrillex somehow made dubstep mainstream when he came out but dubstep is over 20 years old man.
I hope this is a joke. If you have any clue about dubstep you'd know made it's first scene in danceclubs in the UK, Specifically London. Skrillex was born in LA and he's a Fag boy
Hahahahaha, best replies I've seen to a top comment. lol
@Lloydy0105 He's not a god, sure he innovated dubstep alot, but Skream is the god.
Try listening to this over Rush limbaugh...
wish i was view number 420,000 :D
@CCfire751 naw man, just a typo. relax. I saw him live december 27th.
Someone must have pissed off Rocco really bad to make him bring this kind of revenge!
@IanBpa Knowing Skrillex is a God does not make me an ignorant faggot
@Toska2012 YEH MAN! People need to stop being narrow minded and being afraid of the maoinsstream! He performs better than any artist ive ever seen!
<3ɹoʇɐuııɯopz ןoן ¡¡ǝןoɥssɐ ʇuǝɯɯoɔ doʇ ʎɯ sʇɐɥʇ ʎǝɥ
LoL trying to act like they know somethin about dubstep cuz they bring up "skrillex". Trolley is some real shitt.
YES! no arguing about skrillex or deadmau5 or whos better i love it!!!!
every night i get pretty fucked up on 151 and listen to dubstep.. i am being completely honest. im taking a shit in 5 4 3 2 1. please listen to my music. if you sub i will mail you a penny.... not.
@Lloydy0105 Yeah lloydy, LONG LIVE SKRILLEX!! he basically invented electronic music anyway. the industry would be nothing without him. wish people would start appreciating REAL music instead of glorifying this tripe!
Fuck Skrillex, That chick is a poser just like him. All the noobs know is Skrillex, think Dubstep is skrillex. I hope someone punches his dad in the spin and never tells him why.
Fuck I LOVE the bass in these Snatcha tracks man.
@Lloydy0105 so many fanboy faggots on this page. Skrillex is the one. if it wasnt for him aphex twin or the prodigy wouldn't even exist. I'm gonna go whack off to bangarang.
my girlfriend came over and sat on my sub woofer for my computer asking if i wanted to have sex. I said "ok" put this song on and started it at 0:41 and let it play. after the song was done i had to mop the floor around her, oh and somewhere along the way her period turned into a pregnancy, i guess the egg fixed itself and got fertilized. We are naming the child Rocco.
@Lloydy0105 fuck off and take your head out of skrillex's arse and appreciate all types of dubstep cunt
dubstep exists since 1998 , skrillex makes music since 2010... BENGA AND SKREAM INVENTED DUBSTEP ....fuckin retard, skrillex isn't even dubstep, just a bear raping a cat
00:00 scared the shit right out of my ass!
too bad ukf dont upload any good music anymore r.i.p
check out my taster mix of this and rogues remix of bounce: soundcloud (DOT) com /kubihnx /mix-taster-roccos-revenge
i was eating bread when i first started the video, when it finished, i was still eating bread. good song though.
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