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. : Halo Reach | Pistol Minitage : .

by KnightxofxLight • 103,090 views

One of the main reasons I made this is to show how much you can dominate with the pistol if you know how to time the bursts and when to spray. For the amount of work I put into this, Im happy with...

+RagingBlast2Fan You can tell this weapon used to have a higher bullet magnetism than it does now. He does not even need to aim at the player to hit. It is almost as bad as Halo 4.
@liesinpale The pistol now is way better. The bloom resets quicker so therefor you are able to kill quicker. And it still is the most skilled weapon in the game. I just wish Bungie would of added at least two more bullets.
@phaedo602 and if there was a 20 splatter spree it should be called "Toyotathon"
@DisneyfansEJ Of cool I've never played the beta so I got confused :')
halo ce used to be 3shots to the head with pistol kills them, i guess this aint the case anymore?
@KyleJenson85 Well, you could compare them by seeing how long or how many rounds the pistol takes to finish off either a brute(odst) or an elite in the game. I once killed a couple of brutes with a pistol in halo3 just by using head shots (And it killed them pretty quick too) besides killing with a halo3 pistol is probably 10x better and satisfying than with this overpowered magnum..............because it really gives you something to brag about when you killed an enemy with br with it.
You should post some gameplays of some entire games using the pistol as your main weapon.
BareBackPlague and BareBackP1ague support teabaggin. check are file share. we will sit on that face. hahahahaha
Wow dude, you're like 100% accurate with the magnum!
I like your style! Pistols ftw... and armor lock.
Type PRIZE before youtube and hit enter
@madman1487 you are what we call in england a fucking cunt
perfection w/out melee or grenades using pistol would be cool
pistol is the best weapon in the game bar dmr
@enagiser im not even mad i like telling people the truth. >NWG<
that was cool but whats the song?
lmao fail, I love how you say the pistols dominate but you can only pull up 1 multikill throughout the whole day with a pistol >.> anythings good if you're pro
@siege1289 that was the guys feet as he tumbled over in agony
u can tell it was all done in 1 day. waste of video and my time.
btw its a MAGNUM not a pistol :P
only single kills... .-. anyone can do this shit O_x
Transition from 7th to 8th video was awesome!!! 0:49
This was the Beta and yes I loved the pistol then. They kinda nerfed the final version :/. They should have left it like the one in the beta, classic halo CE..
So the crossair seriously isn't perfectly centered on the screen? Sorry haven't played halo in forever.
@jamesrossceller then learn to count before you ask dumb questions
@ALawnMowinKat oh god yes, less bloom and we all miss it
the pistol is one of the best guns in the game but most people r soooo bad with it cause u got to aim well with it... but its deadly for sure
How does anyone who is not a spartan use that pistol without breaking their wrist? It uses .50 caliber rounds.
This is how the pistol should have been kept in the real game. Now,. at close range you have to get a perfect 5 shot half spam to kill an AR rushing noob. Man, noobs complain about the best things. Just because they couldnt use it themselves they had to go and get it nerfed. The one mistake Bungie made with Reach was to nerf the pistol. IMO
hold on. this guy got single kills with one of the better weapons in reach? OMG GEEZUS!! he must be a halo god! forget kampy. this guys can kill people with a pistol! :O
@JuhztyWuhzty it still sucks. i try to use the pistol all the time if we start ar/pistols.
Damn... pistol bulltrue. Man, thats really darn pro...
Thumbs up if you think he should be the new James Bond(007) ;) !!
type PRIZE before youtube and hit ente
nice recoil and bloom control :)
@phaedo602 No, 5 kills= magnum spree, 10 kills= gunslinger, 15 kills= pistole
@tooschoolforcool yeah pistols rule thou ive only played halo combat evolved because halo 2 has installation problems and i got pc in combat evolved with 2 pistols its friggin awesome charged plasma pistol= all shields gone normal pistol headshot=1 shot kill if shield down
why do all the pros use sprint
@CaIlidus they "nerfed" it by reducing the number of shots in 1 clip, you can still rape with it. you'll just have to be pro and hit every shot
i swear. i wouldnt want to go head on with this dude and his magnum.
i just realised this was the beta. nice vid ur gd
Whats so hard about it. Wait and aim. I liked 1:19 a lot though :D
On SWAT, I always take the magnum: A) faster rate of fire B) Same amount of damage C) makes me look like a gangsta with swag!
i love using pistol.. its the best kill stealer.. LOL my teammate would always be mad and got assists because of the pistol..
Leeroy Jenkins Has Taught You To PLay
it was cool how he made the reload scenes look like they were the same scene
I miss the beta Swordbase. It looked way better because it wasn't soiled by a bunch of ugly explosion marks and broken glass like it was in the final game.
too many single kill clips, props for the kills tho :)
@madman1487 fuck off "dumbass" i was asking a question as i dont have the game
@DisneyfansEJ No not that one the one just before it?
Hella Acurate! I bet you don't even pick up the DMR Pistol FTW!
Does the assault rifle still suck ass in this game?
not trolling but Halo looks like shit. just my opinion.
If you want to use a pistol download halo ce and get a keygen or somthing to just see how the original was. it was so good you could dominate with it but you have to lead ahead of targets for the lag :/
This Game would be a whole lot Shittier If they Didnt have a x2 Zoom
The magnum is the weapon that gives me the most satisfaction when I get a kill with it.
Can someone tell me what the medal is at 0:46
I normally shoot a person with an assult rifle and then instead of reloading i finish them with the pistol
i HATE the new magnum it is like a fuckin M9 instead of a Desert Eagle in halo CE, i think bungie got lazy with the pistol because when i get shot brusts i get NO kills but the faggots who spray get the kill??? WTF??
wow dude that was a very big fail i was watching score and well that was from other games one by one by one sooooooooooooooooooo............. fail
thumb up if you only used the magnum in the beta.
59 people are Cock O' Doody fanboys that cant pistol for shit
Hahaha @ 2:03 you can obviously see sword dude camping, plus nice kill and teabag! made my day
nice man thumbs up for editing.
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