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Already Gone - Crossfade (With Lyrics)

by DanShooter • 98,358 views

already gone sung by crossfade lyrics included in video

Due to the story the song tells i believe the ending is too perfect just summing it up like i waste a day trying to make the memory of us fade away and implying how he didnt expect all this bs from the person
We need some councilors here...very depressing shit.
um, OLDSKOOLDEATH, idt not 1 person claimed 2b the only 1 hurting--much less place their pain on a scale above others. Ppl kno othrs hav it worse, thers always sum1 worse off. Bt this is a section 4 comments, 4 ppl 2 say wut they want or vent, or atleast not feel alone. Y kick sum1 whn theyr already down?
1 said 1 favour a like, not a subscribe :P
@TheReaLConstricts thats wonderful. . . . but are you sure that your not looking through a maginifying glass when your looking at it ?
great song but i hate the ending.
0 dislikes! that's gotta be good! right? :)
24112 views 5098 was i'm raping the replay button
You're making fun of them, yet your comment is unclear and has a few grammar faults.
AW MUSIC!! I just love it, its my favorite! xD
this song really hits home for me,crossfade is incredible.
It's been over a month now that iv lost her to another. I know I have someone that I believe is more amazing than her,but yet she keeps racing through my mind they both do but I take this song and use it to remind me that she might not come back so I can use my time to be with who I wanna be with. Thanx Crossfade you help:D
This reminds me of my ex and i am from the point of veiw of the song itself and it is so true!!!
Thumbs up if you want un-wanted adverts at the start of the vids to be next to the vids instead!
**WASNT DONE SRY. bt to continue, i guess OLDSKOOL was jus giving ur opinion as well.
Spent 15 minutes typing my sad story, fucking error pops up and deletes it... If you guys could have seen my post this would only prove how my life sucks. Haha.
the best lyrics from this song are "sitting here i waste a day while the memories fade away you know i expected so much more from you" cause they had alot of meaning to me about something
The lyrics to this song remind me of suicide attempts that a few of my friends have committed. They never left a letter and did not speak to me whatsoever before they did what they have done. I wish that they were still alive to feel. No matter the feeling. I would break the silence and go through life with them. I love you all!
This song just drags me back to a time where he used to sing this to me. Turns out he was gonna walk away.
8 dislikes nice try Justin did you pay your friends to dislike all videos except yours?
damn do ya'll really think this stuff just happens to u? a lot of people have it worse off then u do and ur going to complain on the internet about who did what and why? Please
Criticizing this song on a video of it is not a great idea.
fuck the girl on my mind right now listening to this song. why are you so fucking blind?
@TheReaLConstricts well you better spit it out , that's gross
@DeuceandDannyBitch i lost the love of my life about a week ago all i can say it gets harder be4 it gets easier but keep your head held high
with every thing we thought weed be i still dont feel sorry for this song i think thats how it should be idk CROSSFADE
first note, first lyric, first line, you think god this is gonna hurt..
IDEK why I looked this up oh god
I wasn't making fun of him, I really don't know what I was doing but I wasn't making fun of him...
this reminds of the girl I love...too bad she doesn't feel the same
@TheReaLConstricts that has absolutly nothing to do with this song
sry...i too am feelin the lyrics to this song bc my fiancee n me r idk over or nt sum of these comments kinda made me feel lik nt alone, so thts all i was sayin. its a ace to say wit u wnt n i gues OLDAK
This is too you Lilly Pruitt, you left me for dead, I guess that those 6 months meant nothing too you, so here is a big FUCK YOU!
6 people don't know how to leave. :p
Could you please add a download link to Desc?
It makes me think of her.......................
Eight people dont understand anything about love and how it fades... Or they just havent felt like that yet.
this reminds me of being out of school
I had a girl, I gave her Everything. But apparently 6 months of Love ends up in disaster. Life ist fair, I should've seen this... Coming.
Someone told me to look this up I'm sorry I did
so pree shurr this is my second fav band now!(: nd i just heard of them. and im going to see them in iowa!(:
everytime i listen to this song i want to cry. my friend dedicated this song to me and it sucks because he now lives in colombia :(
i think it is time i took some advice from the lyrics of this song :/
Unless you're intentionally imitating them, your comment has a few faults.
>Justin Beiber jokes are getting old >He's got more dislikes on his song "Baby" then likes >Shut up and enjoy the music.
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