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Ask Travie #6 | ADHD, TATTED GIRLS, LICKING FEET | @TravieWilliams

by TravieBASED • 186,989 views

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#Ask  Travie # NA Have you ever had social anxiety? I know you probably don't do videos anymore and you probably won't read this but I'll just write it anyways. I thought of a good question #Ask Travie # NA What were your childhood expectations of love/relationships when you were a kid? For example when I was a kid I was going to look at a guy and fall in love instantly and live happily ever after like Cinderella and my husband would NEVER ever cheat on me. lol 
hey travie I love ur videoos and would u do the kissing challenge and how many gurls would u kiss at one time
#ask travie #na would u do the kissing challenge if so how many girls at a time
Would you prefer fat fine girl or a skinny girl #ask Travie# NA
travies my bestest teacher
What happens if a guy just punches you for no apparent reason
Travie has gotten yakked since these videos. They grow up so fast :')
#AskTravie #NA-how old are you and when is your birthday AND would you ever move to be close to your girlfriend!
What happens if a guy just punches you for no apparent reason
#AskTravie What would you do if a big ass pitbull was running to you? #NA
girls pick up on shit like that..they just don't realize it hahaha
Omg you are toooo much!! Lol
Would you protect your woman if you have one?
why you got that hat on all the time by ianna williams
If you could go back in time to meet someone who would it be #ask #n.a.
#ask Travie do you know that you are fin? #NA
#Asktravis #Na If u was to have a son what would you name him? If u was to have a daughter what would u name her? P.s your sexie af
#Na   #Ask   do you like to travel and if so where in the World have you been and where had the most fun vacation <3 thanks :)
#NA #ASK TRAVIE   what do you think about a fat women with big boobies and butt vs. a skinny women with no butt or boobs love you
#NA   #ASK  Travie what would u say and do if a hoe come up to u and say let me suck ur dick bitch
#AskTravie #NA How do you find motivation to do things you don't wanna do? Serious answer please!
Do You Sing Drake Songs When You Feel Sad? #asktravie   #NA  
0:39 Hahahahaha. Yeah, she'll notice.
Would you prefer a country girl or a city girl? #asktravie #NA
#AskTravie Are you even a good cook? ha
do u like dark skinned girls# ASKTravie #NA
Ard bro can you like give me some tips about making videos cause im really sinking to the bottom not low but still need help #Ask Travie #NA
Travie i gotta question do you like puertorican girls?
I watched one of ur recent vid then this one 1year ago.. the change is weird :|
question - you ever eat a girl out?
I'm Australian, I can talk with you if you want ;)
#AskTravie #NA Do you think every girl has beauty?
5.41 through 6.00 lmfao wtf was that all about hahah xD
If u met me would u ever smash me if im 5'5
#asktravie#NA Would you ever eat a fine girl with the stankiest,nastiest duh-duh -OR- the most ugliest girl with the cleanest, best ,duh-duh?
What is your ethnic background or nationality?
#AskTravie #NA What do you think about africans?
would u rather go with a nerdy girl or a quiet but weird girl....... have u realized that sooooo MANY girls like u? #ASK TRAVIE #NA
#Ask travie#N/A... How do you feel about the teenagers of today them dressin how they do? I don't cause thats not me but they do!
ZELDA...I have the crest of Hyrule on my back!!!
#Ask Travie #NA Why the Fuck Are You So Damn Hyper and What Is Your Fave NBA Team??
#asktravie#NA would you perfer the Most Ugly girl with The most AMAZING body, or a flat girl With the most beautiful face? c:
#asktravie are you attracted to black females and do you mind if the have like two or three piercings????
How do you feel about Nigerian Girls? #AskTravie #NA
#asktravie#does it matter how thick a girl is to u?
about the what do you say when the girl u like asks u who u like just be like well isn't this awkward?
Would you ever dare a beautiful girl that is a fuckin stupid #asktravie #NA
#Ask travie #na What types of food do yu like and whatever it is I wasn't to make it for yu
Do you like short girls #AskTravie#NA
#asktravie #NA you're really funny and you're my inspiration. Why don't you do a collab video with Jenna Marbles? You two are definitely my favorite youtubers. :)
would you still like victoria justice if she as dead stupid? #asktravie #NA
omgg i can just listen to him all the whole time...dont care what hes talking about ♥_♥
#asktravie #na have you done the cinnemon challenge? if not can you do it?
Have you ever dated an Trinidadian girl or would you? #Asktravie#NA
#AskTravie #NA i love ur videos nd ur weirdness nd i was wondering where do u come up with your ideas for ur vids
soooooooooooooo does he have ADHD or not?
Your face at 3:46 had me DYING! Oh my goodness! Ctfu.
5.52 omg .... i just died, i started to smile cause you were so sexyyyy
That was seriously the smartest way to tell a crush who you like when they ask o.o
#asktravie #na How to talk to a girl you've been liking since last year
Oh on mine I forgot to say u haven't answer it!! U didn't
#anwser Travie #NA if you could visit one place were would it be and why
#AskTravie #NA have/ would you ever date a white girl? and, do you like peanut butter?
person: if you could date any celebrity who would it be? me: are you new here, have you just been watching his videos without sound and not paid any attention to his video titles. Travis i feel for you, it's always been Victoria Justice, *smh*. PAY ATTENTION MAN.
You look Sooo young in this vid lol
#AskTravie #NA Would you ever text me,I would feel so special :3
#AskTravie #NA would you ever message a girl you dont no on facebook and try to get with her?
#asktravie #na Are you Bisexual? If so would date another light skin? lol
Zelda... lol my nigga! Im getting one, I have a assassins creed one
He looks like a boy version of my girlfriend. lol
#AskTravie# #NA# Will yuu email me, or hmu (hit me up) on FaceBook ??
#AskTravie #NA so like why do you like hats so much bro!!!!!!!???????
#asktravie #na would it be awkward if a bou walks up to you and give you a "we go out" hug???
#askTravie/#NA .What race are you,or are you mixed?
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