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Debate: Khairy vs Ambiga Round 3

by Bro Jinggo • 45,345 views

Last Part Round 4: Three days to the scheduled Bersih gathering and The Malay Mail has organised the second installation of Spark the Debate featuring Bersih 3.0...

Super style Khairy Jamaludin
Look at ambiga face..hahhaha beng..beng...beng..
i didnt..then i guess EC has been doing handshaking business with PAS kelantan for almost 3 decades now that PAS has been the gomen there?
hahaha,This is not about punishing KJ.You got it all wrong man.KJ, is good every one who watched it will subscribe to it and so was Ambiga.Khairy came out very strong in the begining but ran out of steam towards the end,hahaha but Ambiga was still there in strength.
DElay elections? what law did this lawyer used?
Actually K J spoke on behalf of SPR only to give a lame execuses. BN government made him a 'Tuapekkong' just for cover up.
you'd done the demonstration 1st and now you want to do debate and exclaiming this person that person from SPR, both parties etc to come and sit down together?
he is just good in debate..PR should have a guy as Zakir Naik who had never lose in debate.. god bless malaysia..
oii pemuda UMNO apa soalan kamu tanya???pemuda UMNO atau pemuda mamak??
you have been watching too much negative things about the malays. open your eyes and find good things about malays and i am sure you will find them. Semua bangsa ada buruk dan baik. Kita ni semua ciptaan Allah. Berbagai puak, kaum dan bangsa, Jangan hina ciptaan Allah bro...
candidates must have representatives in all electoral booths and ballots counting centres to witness the democratic process of balloting and votes verifications. legal democratic process for all parties.
Because this people are the most easly to be fooled, they don't use their brain to think.. they just use their emotion to guide them... thats why KJ loves to bring them everywhere...because they don't bother about the future just the instant money they get when they cheering for him..oppsss... sorry I mean make noise for him....
Kenapa muka Ambiga monyokkkk je.. Hahahahahaha !!!!!
hahaha mapley cakap pusing-pusing
yes im from uitm..and UCLA..if im idiot..u are twice x 1000 idiot then me bro...becoz im from uitm..u are nothing..haha
Which path is so pathetic?... grow up man.If you cant stand it move on.its so simple.
the third world citizen are those two Chinese who asked question the manner they did...we can clearly see the others who asked questions too but did they behave the way those two did? I am sure they are Chinese educated those two. DongZhong pigs. The country will do well without these people. ptuih!
Sadly to see that, even until today date - when it reaches our 2012, coming into our 49th independent years of Malaysia, that our politician and citizens still do not understand the important of indepent parties in overseeing and to hold the committees accountable, to scrutinise the committee and council to focus on possible frauds and errors, including suspicious issues that need further investigations and etc. Malaysia should be moving forward as a developed country, instead we are not.
YEA we play by 'RULES' u miss one word there KJ "MY RULE"
let me ask u 1 question, do u know there is a saying goes like this "if u want to look for people who abuse the law the most, look for lawyers. they manipulate their legal knowledge in every single situation to their advantage and to undermine others"
The fairness of an election is not determined by who wins more or less, but by the fact that every citizen has the right to vote, and every person counts as one vote, nothing more or less. The fact is,government is winning by using phantom voters, gerrymandering by unevenly splitting the number of votes needed for each parliamentary seat, and making use of illegal immigrants for extra votes, etc. This does not reflect the true wishes of rakyat,& this takes away our freedom to choose, our voice.
not the rakyat, only opposition supporter@m3dsquare
K J were trying to be honest but NOT GOOD ENOUGH forasmuch he represented the corrupt government.
what rubbish talking?? hey kalo org dh hati batu mcm ambiga ni ,org dh sedia nk dengar n die? sombong , angkuh! ko tu bangsa melayu , bukak otak ko sikit , yg dulu si ambiga ni lawyer kpd lina joy dlm isu murtad..
And why do we need to delay the election? To have some more shits happen around Malaysia by your party? C'mon!
We are waiting you to hand whole Malaysia
Wonder where he got such in depth info. He is only highlighting a case or two but not addressing the claims and answering Ambiga needs. EC has to be reformed, and that has to be guaranteed. Why that has not been done since last year. Why BN is pleading no Bersih 3.0?
KJ is an extremely well paid gold digger gigolo boy..
yeah only the ones from UITM and UIAM will find his points good:D
hahah.. well done.. Dtk Ambiga dissapointed.. hahah.. Welldone Khairy.. u just like slap her face... hahahaha...
What she wants is to do everything on her own ways, others are wrong
btw i never said i was impress by KJ! seems like you were more impressed of him than me LOL
YB Khairy well done. your argument is supported fact by facts. not just giving numbers which given by experts from a 3 month old research. How expert are they? this is not addressing political party in Malaysia. this debate is arguing the purpose of Datuk Ambiga eagerness to rally a stupid "bersih" 3.0. seeing this video clearly shows that Ambiga is nothing then barking dog that bark pointless. Her stand on issues keep on changing.Khairy bash her up. why debate on EC when you ask them to resign?
Aku bangsa melayu? Ade ape dgn melayu? Rempit? Pukul org? Mkn harta rakyat? Tu melayu yg ko banggakan? Puih. Aku malu sbb lahir jd melayu. Pegi mane2 pun org cop mcm2 padahal aku xde wat pape pun. Fuck malay
I have already felt myself this system which empowers the people, in 2008, I voted against BN thinking they would never lose. And what a surprise that PKR actually took over Selangor, I never thought that would happened, but it did. I for one believe that the majority of the people already has the power to decide, and we did. So what is the fuss all about? 2008 was the first time I voted, and I made a change, no I can't wait for the next GE. Have a nice day to you to Sir.
One has very limited facts... Beating around then bush. And the other has multiple hard evidence. We can decide who's who...
It serves a purpose and a reminder to all the Malays that in the next GE there will be a clear split between the Chinese and Malays. The Chinese pigs will without a doubt vote for those racist DAP therefore it is up to the Malays to decide to whom shall we give the power to rule.
Fairest and freerest election? Prejudice wt EC. Dont trust them. No system is fool proof. See what happened to the recent PKR's party election. Small group of people yet a lot of allegation of vote buying rigging phantom voters chaotic etc. Shame. Waiya nau zubillah min zalik.
Kj must be a Bar Council Leader not Ambiga..
I think ambiga hv sexual problem
14:42 when KJ said "i'm here i'm a man peace tonite.." u all look ambiga's sh**!! hahaha ...KJ sudah kasi berak sama lu muka yg x bersih! belagak bersih! everything u reject! cant accept! ..
what fact? all he saying he made some reserch by asking menteri besar or someone or some screw up agensi that I never heard about it...but in the end...still its the gov body.....telling people we are fair and all..please la...if the gov were fair this topic wont be an issue
Wah looks like even many peoples support. Is it support him or support for money?! While let see. If PKR can enter Putrajaya, let see KJ will go where! Museum or balik Kampung. No need to judge who win this debate. Let's the Peoples of Malaysia change this ilegal ruling government. And send all the one who involve Courruption to jail. Like the X president of Taiwan!!!!
well is you whois an DUMNO fag. In the last election I voted for PKR for ADUN Seri Setia, PARLIMEN Kelana Jaya. I am a fence sitter. This time my vote goes to BN. I am sick and tired of the stupidity the people I voted for has shown. I can't wait for the next GE.
Ambiga ckp "I don't trust EC and that is all there is to it." Bermakna dia ada personal problem. Bukan masalah electoral roll, tapi ada ada hal peribadi yg dia tak ckp terus terang. That's exactly what Ambiga is telling everyone in this debate! She speaks on the basis of her emotions, no facts, no figures, only assumptions. Can anyone expect the ELECTORAL ROLL to be PERFECT at any given time when this thing is as big as a NATIONAL LIST. She must be a tadika kid or what?
u are twice as idiot..thanks too for admiting it least im better then u..hehe
burok muka dia!! malu la tu! semua dia ckp kene counter baik penyer ngan KJ!
KJ pls don't spoil all of your effort in BN.. pls join PR for good... i think u will be a next PM near in future
@psiva007 why don't you give your trust again in Bn??
Questing doesn't means not giving cooperation, asking to resign doesn't means not playing a good peacemaker role. Why are these people acting so irrational and sensitive. There may or may not be something wrong with the EC, but what beloved Amiga was saying and suggesting was actually the EC isn't or wasn't independent enough to give public a confidence in carrying out their duty, they may have a familiarity threat that blind them while they are carrying such a role. Be open minded.
*I'm not redirecting this to any of the speaker,but this is my response to people who says Lawyer is a liar.* Let me tell you the difference between a Liar(lie) & a fraud. > Fraud is the crime of gaining money or financial benefits by a trick or by lying. > If you say that someone is a liar, you mean that they tell lies. > A lie is something that someone says or writes which they know is untrue. Source: Collin COBUILD Dictionary 2006 Now you know.....
ambiga !! pintu keluar kat belakang tu jer ... silakan ....
i can't believe you,Khairy are as naive as you make out to be.Its all about power and people will do anything to just hang on to it by hook or crook means.
'we all play by the rules' really? whose rules?
Its takes a stupid fellow to pick another stupid.I dont see any thing stupid... a good matured debate by our charismatic and eloquent speaker,Khairy and Ambiga.This is how matured,educated people behave and Khairy and Amiga has shown us all today.
why need independent observers, when she herself can check and make sure it was a truth?
Sekurang2 KJ ni bodoh2 dia pun, sekurang2 dia ada telo... x mcm Najib, ajak debat, simpan telo bg kat rosmah :D
well, i didnt say our system is got its weakness but lets be honest here..what can be achieved by rallying ppl from all over the country to gather at 1 place just to voice their feeling on the allegedly injustice done to them? like khairy said in the video, isnt it better to go to SPR, sit down with them, tell them whats wrong with the committee, show them the proves n work together with them to correct it?
people makes mistake. i believe he learned somthing fm the past experience. I dont know why u said so about supporting a corrupt system which is untrue. If ambiga are good by being a lawyer, then why she seems looked lose somwhere in this debate. she should makes thing better thn KJ did.
The comments below shows how politically immature Malaysians are generally. With such vulgar statements, you clowns prove your ill upbringing. Why does PARIAH comes in? Let me educate you morons, PARIAH is caste for the Beef eating Hindus. The Hindus consider beef eating humans as the untouchables, so who consume beef here in Malaysia? Judge yourself. I am sure jesters will be condemning my comment using their bird brain. Good luck, no Jesus or Allah or Krishna can save you dumb Malaysians!
yes yes that's true and now we are speaking the same language.Its for this reason we should be in charge of who we elect and not give in to blind emotions.We the rakyat should decide whom we want to vote.I believe you are sensible enough to understand at least that.good day to u
What's worst was while i was scrolling these comments and saw one who had totally misunderstood of what our beloved Ambiga said on allowing people to question and to oversee the election process, this is to ensure the whole election process is being carried out in a fair and clean manners. There is nothing to do with "GOING IN TO CHECK ON YOUR OWN PERSONAL DETAILS". Please study and interpret exactly on what she is trying to deliver without your own bias / prejudice.
ambiga is soo overrated . go KJ !
Again.., Ambiga is blowing up hot-air. She wants this & that.., and says there's no point talking to the EC. Who the heck does she think she is..? The YDP Agong..? She talks nothing but nonsense. Idiot..! And that silly Chinaman who brings up the issue of the so-called 'Peaceful Transition' is a total asshole speaking. Because there is not gonna be any transition whatsoever at Federal Level.., God-Willing. And.., KJ had also answered that silly Chinaman's question so elequently.
Why does KJ supporters in the video sound really unprofessional, are they just made up of mat rempits? Clap to support, otherwise keep quiet.
He is good no doubt about it will make a good politician but he is so naive and ignorant about details.only good like all politician in twisting and turning the facts to make a point.Yes,I think he is good for Malaysia but its sad he is trying to support a corrupt system.When one do that he is only making a fool of himself.Lawyers are technical and detailed people while politician need not be.
somehow i feel KJ and DSAI are better speakers than Najib. maybe KJ should debate with DSAI. what do you think? ok tk?
KJ owned. So please all u complainers and street campers, take it in that when it comes to thinking things through and considering the factors and coming up with a realistic conclusion you guys are stuck. Go home wei. This is Malaysia.
ok u talk about phantom goast...when kj ask ambiga lets go and we chacek together..dia sampai bila pun tak habis..senang cerita tak payah mengundi..tapi nak jugak jugak mengundi...thumbs up KJ
i feel like she just keeps complaining all the time it is sort of pointless to be honest
We shall see who is pucat on April 28! Her closing remarks on GUARANTEE reformation is superb, proving what KJ said all this while is worthless. BN can never amass that crowd or street rally, only sponsor makan meeting or gathering only.
2:34 "omg..i got woke up on the wrong side of my bed this morning..what am i doing here..?"
so u believe what she says rite?then what is this argument for ? lol ! retarded mind , we need independent observer as a check n balance ... we are not running a taliban camp here lol!
KJ supporters don't understand English?
I've spotted ONE straight poker face LIE by Ambiga. Yes, SHE LIES about an amendment to Section 9 which she says "disallows anyone to question the Eletoral Roll". SHE ACTUALLY SAID THOSE WORDS, please rewind this 3rd take. Truth is, everyone CAN question the Electoral Roll as regard to his/her details in the Electoral Roll. That is why there are the SEMAK DAFTAR PENGUNDI exercises being held regularly to let voters check their respective registration. So, what amendment is she talking about?
lawyer is still lawyer..boring..u actually want putrajaya..just say it!!
She is calm and speaking like an expert, seeking opportunity for experts in respective fields to check the claims, while KJ blah-blah-blah like he is an expert in all fields, but could do nothing than trying his best to engage in lame talks with EC as delay tactic. No reform guarantee, so all he blurted is meaningless. Got it! By the way, how can he be so resourceful? Fishy isn't it?
KJ, RULEs.. No fear. Thumb up for KJ. D.A.S left without substance. KJ don't waste yr time debating with DAS.. Does she represent the PKR .? Nope...just a NGO ....Ohhhhh NGO,. (become an MP first ambiga then do the walk what you talks)
This is what will happen when people r not thankful & their lust for powers overtake them. I think government now is quite good.If all people can accept & just be at peace,no one like anwar ibrahim will come up.Why can't we all malaysians just be thankful of what we have and stop fighting whether BN/UMNO is better in being governments than PAS/DAP or vice versa. go to hell if there is bribery or "tak bersih" in the GE as long as the country is well taken care of!itu dosa mereka kalau ada rasuah.
Dumb la these people who still doesn't get what KJ is trying to say. And you guys said KJ talks rubbish?I could say Ambiga talks rubbish too. She is a lawyer.She is supposed to be better than KJ. KJ is a politician while Ambiga is lawyer which her job is to defend her case. But in debate such like this,if she can't even perform well,can you imagine how she handle cases in court?
she asked the election to be delayed. when they delay, they say why parlimen tak bubar bubar ? do you really know what you want ?
Don't talk SHIT, AMBIGA! Jangan bajet bagus-.-' It's such a shame.
see..tipical idiot from pembangkang..this is why u never win in PRU..anger management fail...stil..thumbs up to KJ.. ;)
demmmm... ambiga: delay election? you should write down every single words that u saying before. last time asking for ELECTION held quickly. btw.. do you have what ever medicine that can thinking and saying bla bla just like you?i will join bersih 0h oooo every single years for that. haha..
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