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by jonmchu • 623,422 views

Choose your party, support your candidate and upload your own crazy dance video to our voting website at This is the FIRST EVER OFFICIAL ELECTION...

All the Obaminaters are black, lol
obaminators hell yea that was pretty good
THey Both Had Kick Ass Moves, But I Still LIke The Obaminators!
2:16-2:40 was one of the best parts to me 5*
wtf was that anis? is this loopkicks on the macainitators?
You are right because i share everything with obama and share the same reasons and comments and really bush run this country to muck and dirt so he fucked up not obama bush did
I've seen Pro dancers who can't come close to matching this!
Did they delete the ACDC and M&M Cru videos?
well the first African American president was elected on my birthday pretty beast if ya ask me
it's obviously to late 2 vote now but if i did OBAMANATORS ALL THE WAY!!!! they were hella good
3:18 to 3:31 complete pwnage 2 the mcaniacs
lol its like the bloods versus the crpyts. Blue vs red.
Yes. Headspin... Check out the vids out there... I get dizzy doing only a few spins... I would never be able to do that for sure.
lol yea...i was just sayin like when they first stepped out lol
Mcainiacs that's just capoeira xD cool vid cool idea
obaminators all the way baby!!!!
just about anybody who would have been president in this crappy time
Does anyone know the name of the song they use in this?
obamanators win yay. mccainiacs just do flips and cant dance
mccaniacs were more like gymnasts or break dancers but obaminators did more footwork i like miccain though
that couch thing with mccains team ruled however... eh.. they both were boring to me
Are there actual republican kick-dancers?
i dont care much for dancing, but this was pretty cool lol. i just wish america had the brains to see past the lies and false promises democrats offer. but thats what public schools do to you - strip you of your morals and beliefs and introduce liberal ideals that cause the problems we have in america today. and its a worldwide issue, not an american issue.
yeah its real a lot of ppl do it but we get dizzy from doing it
The dancing.... Was so awesome it brought tears to my eyes! Either that or I wasn't blinking again... BUT STILL! Too awesome for words...
McCainiacs just do flips and don't know how to dance, Obamanators OWN!
Hey TK. Grats on your comment. Way to be PC. Both parties have faults and flaws. And if you want to talk about lies, look at what the republican party has done to the economy, and how corrupt the Bush Administration was. So dont go pointing fingers. Let he who is without blame cast the first stone, and all that.
You guys are freakin sick! Off the chain. *****
mccainiacs just sucks... obamanators can contorl gravity and make infinite spins and eternal flips xD
the democrates was rocking it all the repub was doing is fliping and what paitn was doing i didnt even get
shit repups got skill but go barock
what is the name of that song?
Meh, fuck you, they were awesome. But still, I did like that obamanator headspin :D
Your a fucken idiot, saying someone is black when the person is African American is not racist. The middle name of Obama is Hussein and the Osama is my thoughts of him negocating with terrorist out of the best intrest of the people of the United States. Your poltical correctness, your whats wrong with American. Anything said is considered offense fucken move to North Korea. Watch George Carlin he would do you some good.
wtf where did the palinistas come from?
omaminators did you see the last person it was a obaminator
we OBAMANATED tha election nd now we in da white house doin big things YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
THIS IS WHY OBAMA WON! ( no offending marks intented)
1:40 holy shit they can dance
Ironic, since your brainwashed by Obama and you said to me "who can't see anything past what their parents told them." Your a fucken tool.
umm...if that's a girl @ 3:13 i'd totally hit dat!
hell yeah!!!! OßAMANATORS!!!!!!!!! FTW!!!!!
Mccaniacs won but I represent obamainators
I did not say all people with muslim backrounds are terrorist learn how to fucken read. Get your head out of your ass because its jamed way up there. I know more about whats going on in the world then you do I bet your the typical Obama supporter Your brainwashed by this worthless generation of youths. I bet your key source of information for news is John Stewart and The Daily Show. LOL sorry watching that does not make you have a IQ higher then mine. Your an idiot that is politically correct.
think they could have represented the macainiacs a lil better. Obama 09 congratulations U.S.A. u beat us to history. We still had first female in office in North America tho lol.
I LOVE how if they said "McCainiacs." They would get reported for spam and thumbed down. Idiots of youtube
The republican party didnt have to do with the economic flaws. Who loosened the regulations on the housing market so everyone could get a house and the people who were being denied houses were buying houses they couldnt pay for in the long run and are now losing them.
Could you do this for the 2012 election too, please?
my brother works in an office building working for homeland security, i wonder if this is what he does on his free time? lo
idk which 2 chose! ..... thy wer all preety awesome..... who won?!
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