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Drum Lesson : 'that' Vinnie Colaiuta groove

by Joe Crabtree's Drum Lessons • 91,334 views

►Get the lesson transcription at: Someone asked me what was going in this Vinnie groove from a 1985 drum clinic...

good stuff. talented player and instructor.
Tighten it up? You did pretty damn well!
Thanks.  We're always our own worst critics - right?
Great breakdown of the groove mate. It's a challenging groove and really fun to play once it's locked in.
Fantastic lesson Joe! thank you very much, very inspiring! I will practice today.
Glad you enjoyed it :)  Have fun!
zven musique Shared on Google+ · 2 months ago
Great teaching! Thanks a lot from Mallorca (Spain)
This is "Best Groove Ever" or "Best Beat Ever" on YouTube.
wow!the really nice lesson.great one,great teaching,great teacher..thats so fucking great!thx for your work!
Thanks :)  I have a bunch of free lessons on my website you might want to check out.  The link is in the video description.
Great also shocks me for something that is so hard for everyone to do, Vinnie does so effortlessly.  Great lesson.
Great lesson. Thank you.
For the awesomeness 0:28
@MrParaddidle Thanks. I have loads of clips (check out my channel and website)
This is one sick drum beat, i would love to learn it myself... no drumset :(
@pfefftube I studied with Chaffee in Boston in '85. He was extremely engaging as a teacher. He was really great at breaking complex things down into simple explanations through the use of analogies.
There are pretty cheap electronic drum sets for 300 euros.
You teach very well and you're very talented. What projects do you work with?
The Zappa track is Inca Roads (from One Size Fits All); Chester Thompson on drums.
Thanks again Joe, very nice playing -you groove much better than many drummers I know believe me! I will save this also to my faves as this is a fantastic groove! Cheers!!
its kind a lit bit difficult to play. but thank you joe for the lesson n idea
@UKliquidrhythm Hey Dan, I have a video on bass drum technique on my website in the masterclass lessons. You might want to check that out. Thanks, joe
if you want to work through all the permutations, watch Benny Greb's "Language of Drumming", some really good exercises to cover all the 16ths and triplet permutations.
you're a great player bro...nothing is better than feeling so inadequate at a groove then working it til you can play it in your sleep
brilliant, that's one hard groove...and why do all the difficult grooves sound the best? Posssibly a walk in the park with dble kick, but single kick makes it really challenging: )
Nicely done. Way to break it down! Go through New Breed.
@drnnhvcdsde It's just the way I play. I talk more about this kind of stuff in the MasterClass lessons on my website.
Just FYI - the Vinnie clip is from a Zildjian day video in Dallas in 1985 - i was at this show - Also there was Tony Williams, Simon Phillips, Kenwood Dennard, Tommy Aldridge, and Louis Bellson..... there is a lot of footage out there from this show... There is several other clips on youtube of Vinnie's portion - look for the red drums....
I used to play along (!!!) with Genesis on pillows with my mums knitting needles... where there's a will, there's a way...
amazing lesson. The drum (snare, bass and cymbal) accentuation notes are really easy to listen. And we know about cellphones and web sound's quality
@manifestgtr Thanks. I never felt like I really pulled it off - just wanted to share what was going on.
Outstanding explanations. Really great attention to the subtle elements, particularly the accents on the foot and how it all ties together. Great job.
Amazing teaching! Keep improoving your skills and you will be an assassin of drumming!
great cool to see people teaching groove instead of "modern drummer" drum competition bullshit good work !!
Your ability to dissect these patterns with such clarity and depth is astonishing !!! The way you present them is flawless. I've been able to learn a ton of stuff through these vid presentations. Thank you so much. This has been a priceless classroom for me.
@wonkavella The album track was a live recording.
That was great and very inspirational. I have something new to practice that will keep me busy for a while! Thank you!
You're an absolute diamond in the ruff in the drum community! Thank you for making these videos and everything on your website!
thanks joe i will try that you dont have it transcribed any where do you thanks
That's real teaching and sharing knowledge. Very professional. Thank for such a brilliant contribution.
nice, although there is more variation in the hi-hat pattern...
My pleasure. If you haven't already, please take a look at my website. I post new lessons every week in the VIP section.
lol. "Now remember that ride pattern and now look at these tits"
Well done in terms of execution and explanation!
time functioning patterns (fat back part) by gary chaffe
Great groove, and you have it nailed, 5 stars mate.
@drnnhvcdsde Just check out Jojo Mayers dvd if you want to explore hand technique. It will save you a lot of time and energy piecing it all together. The important thing is to develop dexterity and control in your wrists ( most work on that), fingers (some work on that, less than wrist), and finally strength in the fulcrum. That is underrated most, imo. When you get those three together you can work on push/pull, moeller/whipping motion, accents and all of that.
@jazzymansam It's a Demon Drive pedal. But it's the foot that's the most important part of the equation. Joe Morello's instructional video has a black and white clip of him playing a solo back in the 60s. He plays 16ths on the kick, heel down, at about 110bpm. Ridiculous!
In fact, what is you kick pedal?
Lovely. I teach drums too, but not online (yet!) Vinnie would doubtless approve. I'm tempted to loop this, since the sound is so much clearer than his version...(Don't worry, I'd never do it w/o your approval.)
Thanks, Joe. Fantastic breakdown of a great groove.
Hey Joe Ijust stumbeled upon your video here. Nice job explaing and teaching this groove!'s like midnight now and you have me wanting to play my drums. ha ha
that is a really nice groove, good explanation too Joe, thumbs way up!!!
@drummerjen That is a Yamaha steel 6.5 x 14. These days I'm using a Pearl Ian Paice signature snare which I love!
Ö What kind of snare are you playing? thanks
Great teaching and playing fella. Direct drive or chain driven kick pedal?
hands on knees. You don't even need sticks to practice the drums ;)
You my dear boy are a fine drummer and teacher well done ! total on the money Have you got any more clips, excellent drumming its a journy and you have almost arrived .
Im the original poster of the drum groove in question, and you've done a better job with it than anyone, so far. You're a real pro, thats for sure! I like your approach to working out the combinations, its very Gary Chaffee-ish. Did you study with him? I did for a few years and it was literally life changing. Keep up the great work! David Capuzelo
Thanks :) I have lots of longer lessons and software and things on my website that you might want to check out.
Brilliant work, sir. Great lesson. Fantastic teacher. You absolutely made this groove accessible to a student like me. Thanks so much. Cheers!
This is the best lesson I've seen on youtube.. you're a great teacher.
This is one of the best drum tutorials ive seen.. Beautifully Explained.. and without gimmicks!. Thanks :)
@jazzymansam I wouldn't just rush out and buy one. I like it a lot, but most people I've spoken to think it feels weird. Check out my bass drum technique video on my website (see video description for link) for some control ideas.
Ive got all the Colaiuta material on DVD. Check your Youtube mail.
Hi David, Thanks for your message. I never studied with Gary but I have his books. I got the approach from the New Breed book and apply it to pretty much anything I have to work on. Must have been great to study with him personally! Can I ask where you got the video clip from? I've seen another 10min vid on youtube which I think is from the same clinic. I'm wondering how much there is in total - I'd love to see it all together. Thanks, Joe
If anybody's wondering, the song this is from is Zappa's Inca Roads, with Chester Thompson on drums originally.
Damn Joe you're damn awesome with these Vinnie Licks...AWESOME dude ...what a groove.
Thanks so much for breaking this down for us :D
This video very helpful to me..... Can you till me please which hi hat you used??. Thanx
I'm only playing 5 notes in a row on the bass drum. The '4' is snare only.
You do great with the groove! I'll have to practice this one next time I'm at the kit.
Thank you so much for this lesson! BTW I've applied this groove to UB40's "The way you do the things you do" and it sounds awsome! :-)
go demno drive i got one they are omg so good
great interpretation... vey clear explanation..very simillar to the new breed book systems
great explanation as always Joe
@fecaldecontaminator Thank you. I'm glad you liked it. You might like the SoloWorkshops on my website where I break down solos note for note.
Very well done mate in this clear explanation of that Vinnie groove!!! Great stuff I admire your diligence. Please see my videos for a contrasting lack of diligence!!! Great playing mate!!
@pfefftube What kind of hand technique is that with your right hand please help!!!!!!!!
Man, that is one cool groove, especially those 3 kick notes after the 4th beat. Thanks Joe.
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