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What's In My School Bag?!

by Tess Christine • 157,844 views

OPEN ME!!! This video is a part of my back to school series! This series was highly requested and i loved the idea so i jumped on the chance to make this video. This video is a "what's in my bag"...

They let you eat peanut butter in schools in the states? :o All our schools are peanut free :(
Scheels is my favorite store ❤️❤️ definitely going there for a backpack this year!
Anyone know the name of her North Face backpack?
I live in France, i'm in college and i start at 8:00 to 5:30 !
Great scene love it
You are just perfect!
Where do you live? I live in Canada and it never snows. I want to live somewhere where it snows a lot in winter.
PLEASEEE, tell me where to buy oil blotting sheets i cant find themm! :(
I'm in Canada and we don't have middle school either, or atleast in my city. I went from Elementary (primary school) to High School. And I think College and uni are considered the same thing here. Kinda neat to hear about the differences between countries tho :)
do you know the name of the backpack north face _______?
can you please make an updated one for 2012??!
At class they call me : Misses Gum ! ...When I say that I don't have any gum left , my friends feel free to epen my bag and be sure that I'm not lying x) !
Count how many times you said "good to have". xD lolol. Liked the video!
My Algebra teacher from last year called Clif bars "poop in a package" lol
I love the way you talk... Lol that sounds really weird... But it's true! :)
Like a giant thick hair and your like eww Lol soo funny idk y
you must loveee target. lol you get almost everything from there
hello I live in chile I liked your video LOVE YOUR VIDEO kisses from here: 33 SIGUE ASI :33
Thumbs up if you saw the MLP Equestria Girls ad before you saw this video! :P
What kind of phone dó you have ;o and Nice tan Line ;))))
In our school (I live in Ireland) our school provides us with a homework journal. It's very handy!
I am in high school From 11 o clock to 5 o clock I am in an early college program
@whyyalaff86 what in the world is cum if your bein sarcastic i feel dumb -_-
I had/have to get that calculator for 7th and 8th grade and it sucks that someone stole it.
whats your hair colour here ? it's pretty !
the awkward moment when the two top comments are about bringing gum to school and im not even allowed to chew gum in class LOL
why would eyebrows be disgusting? they're a part of you and they're there for a reason.
What is the name of the backpack?i know it's a north face btw
i cannot bring gum to school anymore. my classmates literally will kill for it. lmao
just found ur channel and im obsessed!!! keep up the good work girl!
@paigersbaby13 LMAO, that's soo true! That made my night.
awsome :) but u get everythin from target
i'm at college, but it starts at 9, so i get up at 7 :)
theres this guy in my class and we call him the gum dispenser. He litterally has like 7 packs of gum everyday and when we ask him for gum, he pulls it out and lets us choose which flavor we want. and omg. its crazy awesome.
dang your day is really long i got to school at 8:15 and we started at 8:30 and ended at 3:15
My school start at 8:00 and finish at 2:30
you're beautiful and I like your hair (:
7.30 til 3? that's crazyyy, i would not be able to get up that early everyday!
i think your video is similiar to sara from the style blog. from the things you have in your backpack.. and your comments to your things, very similiar.
but you have luck. you have 3 month summer vacation. I'm from germany and we've only the half - only 6 weeks summer vacation ://
whats the name of the bag you never say it?
I have a TI-84 calculator.. in 8th grade, and im taking high school math!!
Lol how many times do you say um in a day?
6:46 to 6:48 wat the hell? the background went crazy
3:48 Same!! So embarrassing!
aaaw i'm so so so glad i found your channel! could you do a perfume/body splash collection? i'd love to see that :) xoxo
Ikr! Ppl will practically attack you for gum lol so I keep mints and tic tacs for my breath instead. I also get hungry during the day so I bring snacks too, but I also found that if I ate gum anyway, I would get hungry earlier, or my stomach would growl from the extra air intake from chewing gum lol so I dont really chew gum anymore
I also have your own bag! Only it's with the pink.
"I keep this in my b-yag" I love your accent. It's cute!!
peanut butter is my favorite flavor too
thxs for this it helped alot!!![iminent=eaNi17YVffOB] _____________ I have just posted a cool BigEmo!
in my third period class she sold us food!
I go through a pack of gum like everyday because my friends always catch me with it lol
Plss make it available in mobile
Can do another one this year? School organization and supplies perhaps? I assume you're in university now?
This kind of wierd but what type of tooth paste do you use? Your teeth are SO white!!!!
Why Ur So Excited About pLanner ? :D
omg! i hate when ppl ask me 4 gum!its so annoying!!!!!lol! i feel u girl!
omg i cant stop watching these videos!!!!
omgggg you are in college!!i thought you were in grade 10 :S
thank you!! i love you r AWESOME!!! btw im a little 10 year old girl and my big sis is 18 and she is in collage too!! lol
6:46 to 6:52 the background gave me a migraine....
I start at 9 and end at 3:30 and Mondays are 10 to 3:30 :)
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