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Little Boxes - Walk off the Earth

by Walk off the Earth • 10,104,923 views

"Little Boxes" Mp3 available here: Download our exclusive iTunes session here: Download our album R.E.V.O. here: WOTE...

You guys should of given more credit towards Malvina Reynolds. I'm not saying this (edit: song) is bad, but you did copy her song with no reference as to who originally wrote it. 
Walk Off the Earth is a cover band.
+Evan M they have some originials
Being a doctor/lawyer/business exec, playing golf and drinking martinis doesn't sound so bad to me, and it is a lifestyle many people genuinely enjoy. I personally don't want kids or a house in the suburbs but still that is the lifestyle many people desire and enjoy. Talk about a cynical song! Follows that innaccurate mentality of 'Everyone is a zombie...oh except me of course because I'm so free-spirited and unconventional!"
It's a comment on post modernism, that's all.
No, the song is not saying that being a doctor/lawyer/business exec, and playing golf and drinking martinis are bad things, nor is it making the ridiculous supposition that everyone is a zombie. Those lifestyles make up the old "American Dream", and the song quite simply expresses the monotony that comes when many people are driven to fulfill the exact same expectations without personal direction. It's not cynical - it's factual, and it's a phenomenon which has existed for a long time.
There is a red box with Korean written on it at 0:10! 속풀이 황태라면! oh, I'm just saying because I'm a Korean person and I watch WOTE's videos carefully.
When you fancy a little gig in the south of france, hit me up!
Theme song from "Weeds"
As all of you know, KISS is about keeping it simple by recycling and repurposing what is available, and no one does it better than this -- Little Boxes - Walk off the Earth: Even I can't top this!! Enjoy!!!
Loved it--thanks for sharing it with us!
Debra Glanz Shared on Google+ · 1 week ago
This group does amazing covers and posts unique videos, but I was fascinated by the set for this on as it is ALL made from cardboard boxes.  Flipping awesome !!!
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do an Eagles cover!
Your name is wrong Its Mr chair Or mister chair
Who else came from the shaytards
Yep I just came from the shaytards. Lol
Worth Watching...only a couple of minutes.
The words of the song describe a depressing reality but when WotE plays this son i cant help but feel happy.
Nice! I would love to hear Little Black Egg from The Nightcrawlers.
Its not just a cover song, its a piece of art
Me, too. I miss that show so hard. I might have to rewatch it. 
i just watched the boxtrolls yesterday :P this song makes me want to watch it again
ce groupe mérite d'être partagé  régal des yeux, régal des oreilles et régal dans originalité. J’adhère 
Jason Lempka Shared on Google+ · 6 months ago
Current Status: I'm having difficulty finding my will to work and I keep looking out my door at the cubicle farm and this song just rings and rings and rings through my head.
+Oliver What kind of a little bitch name is Oliver, anyways?
Just found out where this song came from and what is was about by a college professor awesome cover guys keep up the good work who said learning stuffs was boring !?
Piccola scatola...
At the end of the movie "boxtrolls"....they play this song.
But what is this "ticky tacky"?? 
it means cardboard.
ticky tacky houses in the suburbs
Ella Forgie Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
this video is all made of boxes MUST WATCH
G'night people. Leaving you all with this.  *DEAL WITH IT!*
Literally, after almost three years, I'm just realizing that their shirts match the colors of the houses that they named.
Went to watch this movie: Box Trolls, and heard this song at the end of the movie??
No Idea what this is about. Catchy song though.
its about how fucked up everything is but everyone likes birthday cake 
There's a whole wikipedia page on this song.   Written as a protest to how everything at the time in suburbia was designed to be identical.  
box trolls anyone ? <:l
yup it's a great movie :}
This is done beautifully, but the original song was a protest song and this doesn't capture that for me at all. Drive through the suburbs anywhere and you will see what this song was originally about.
Just a happy sounding song for such a depressing topic.
Such an awesome version of an american classic... you do know the story behind the song right?
Arriva il fine settimana...urge una sigla!!! Un saluto a tutte le piccole scatole che sembrano tutte uguali ma nascondono un dono unico e prezioso. Come voi.
Very good and creative!
Ash Riley Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
Little Boxes - Walk off the Earth:
Saw You weren't on the lineup this year... :( PLEASE COME BACK TO WAKARUSA
At 0:45 Gianni should have strummed up instead of down.
Loved how it's about peoples diffrences and we are all the same
Makes me miss Weeds :(
Did he just use an empty tp roll as a slider?
Even this much is pleasant to your ears!! nice song.
I discovered this song while watching the +Shaytards vlog and I gotta say ... I love it :) 
So did I shaytards for the win!!
and i love the fact of using the cigar box guitars.. i love seeing them making a com back as well
Resist the status quo. Walk your own road.
вот сколько не смотрю, в голове только один вопрос - зачем вам бородатый ?
Wow, you officially just blew me away - Pete Seegar is smiling.
Albert Mock Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
Cigar guitar music video. Kind of cool.
Sablecat22 Shared on Google+ · 2 weeks ago
Little Boxes~ Enjoy :-)
We all know what brought US here weeds
I like how it begins with the clock sound and ends the same way :P  Awesome song
The classic 1:39 look of disapproval from the beard guy
STUPID HIPPIES!!! XD jk looove this dong <3 you guys did it well :3
thumb this ignorant fuckhole down
+DogsWhoHuntLions song** What's your issue man?
Paul Hock Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
Love the way they put this together. 
Awesome how to define so call music. Little Boxes - Walk off the Earth:
Caprice Guisse Shared on Google+ · 2 months ago
Remember those guys (and girl) that all played the one guitar? They were HUGE...for a month. Well, they are still out there and they are still making music...with more than one instrument now days. Well done, Walk Off the Earth!
Must understand the meaning of this song *I know the meaning, do you??
Very beautiful, great job guys!
You guys are the best! So inspiring. Have you down a cover of Brown Eyed Girl? That would be awesome.
Some one please tell me who the drum dude is!!!!!
You know I love this song, but it also pisses me off.
속풀이 황태라면
Crowharp Shared on Google+ · 3 months ago
This. Little Boxes - Walk off the Earth:
This reminds me of box trolls
My kids love this song, so much that they sing it all day.
but who did the set with the cardboxes ?
Gigar box guitars, nice.
what is a ticky tacky?
A material that was used to build houses
That left me wanting more...
David Moore Shared on Google+ · 3 months ago
Check out this band, they are sensational, their videos are really addictive.  No genre is safe from their highly entertaining covers.  
You did Malvina proud! Nice work!
Wow korea boxes 황태라면 lol
Миленько... :)
One of the greatest songs ever!
Joel Louis Shared on Google+ · 4 months ago
Ernst Riha Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
Elsa Spreeth Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
Ah, muchas gracias. Este grupo es uno de mis favoritos. Son canadienses, de Toronto. Conoces su versión de "Royals"?
siii   tambien es uno de mis grupos favoritos
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