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Stooby Gacks - Minecraft Safari - Episode 3 - Part 1

by AlChestBreach • 27,289 views

I get a companion chicken!....That doesn't help me AT ALL!

If you look closely at the end you can see that he didn't really die
the end was so fucking loud- it was awsome
Well it may offend a religion, but not a race. Btw I don't remember typing that comment haha.
14:44 Al didnt notice the "chicken" shoot an arrow at them..... It was an admin.......
i would have pulled out a diamond sword and slaughtered annibale
Bring chips into the fallout seriers please al!
i love how at one point als dead showed up
that chicken is a person wanting to get stuff
Why doesnt anyone like paladin voci anymore....
Am i really the only one who kept screaming chicken when i saw the chicken?
is that chicken is justice man joe
Any body else noticed the 'Heil Hitler' at 11:20 ??
The chicken was vyper because when he was with him vyper changed into a chicken
One time when I was walking outside of spawn in the warzone twar flew above me and started throwiing eggs at me, I said ow but I really felt honored like a goof :)
hey can someone help me out on how to instal mods? I have had the game for long time and still dont know how
AL YOU ALWAYS go to my old destroyed bases the first one you go to was mine LMAO thumbs up so al can see
I want to make sweet love too you al.
Everything looks greifed, from what I've seen this server is absolute crap
HEY AL AGAIN AHHGGGGGG you should use bottel o enchanting
I Found A temple worshipping you al :p
I was watching this Alchestvreach video, and he thought a creeper was an admin. What an idiot.
im not gay but id suck ya dack
Oh my god my friend is in this video!!!
was chips a friend.I think because he's invinibe,he soot arrows, and he built stuff.
I'm pretty sure the chicken was Joe, because he made a cross and burned it in the Jurassic Park video.
as I started to drift to sleep al's legs broke in my ears.
Should have called the chicken Cluck Norris
hey al you should do fallout new vegas and have a radroach who shows his ass and a zombie or ghoul who you killed and a deathclaw with a top hat
Aww,,, You didn't show when you goobed me. Oh well. It was still an honor to meet you :D
@TheJMEproductions you'll be dead when Chuck Norris hears this...
A house is usually a home, but a home is rarely a house
that building in the beginning was my factions. it got griefed. and we did not kill ourselves. lol
10:03 why didn't you help us al! We were just trying to go home and we died! He took all my stuff :/ I had just teleported from base and didn't notice they were following us
14:05 my new favorite song ! thumbs up
use mob desguise to ake your self a ghast and scare some people
AlChestBreach there is a flintlock pistol mod for skyrim, and the my little pony mod for skyrim oh and kill every radio in the new vegas
FUCK!!YA!!!Stooby Gacks!!!!FTW!!!!
6 fucking videos?? I feel spoiled, al, I love you! #ChestBreachCultRises
I jumped at the end, that was loud, Lol!
Гитлер может гореть в аду, где он чертовски принадлежит
Dear Al, Love your videos but don't you feel like your trolling just a little bit? Sincerely, a fan of yours.
that tower was mine at 9:14 aa i miss it
The houses Al finds for What a House are always in ruins, and I can't help but wonder what they looked like when they weren't all blown up. :P
the ending sound scared me.
I noticed that in every video, someone says something in caps lock and everyone is like "no caps faggot" or "no caps pls"
Woah.... My fucking friend plays on this server? And was in a video? FUCK
who else saw twar97 in the chat!
I heard that you where banned on dwa?
/f bypass that allows you to do any thing to anybody's faction base
wow i cant even play minecraft cuz im not a "premium" user
Oh chest breach you have so many stories to tell we should make a camp fire to listen to all of them :)
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