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Kyle Kraus

by Kyle Kraus • 2,549 views

Asylum Skatepark/ Motiv8 Skateshop Team Rider I'm just re-uploading the 2nd half of a previous video for something of mine that my sponsors can post on their websites. I'm making a completely...

@freestKyle2 oh i will and your name account name is awesume
3:05 ha damn u need some super tight truks for that
@freestKyle2 ALMOST??????????!!!!!!!!!!!! You're kidding now, right?! The team to Daewon Song, Rodney Mullen, Chris Haslam etc.. Friggin sick man!
jesus man, want to see you in almost HD movie :)
Sick man will you be on the almost site soon?
holy shit, if i went to this skatepark and you were there i would not have gotten too much skating done... i would have been watching you attempt insane tricks xD
sicck man! pressure 5-0s for days damn
@cole0dioxide Yep but its been less than a year and this was all filmed before I got sponsored so I'm making another video completely for Almost as well.
fucking amazing. i hope your at least already am.
Nigga.....i remember u doin fuckin 900's on the ymca u proud man...really proud
Nice job getting on Almost, i remember skating with u all the time on at audubon in the winter of like '07ish
Haha Always such odd songs. But dang dude! I enjoy your skating a lot! I've seen you do tricks that I've never seen anyone else throw down. Keep it up. You've got talent for sure.
Such a different style, crazy early grabs, especially the fs 720!
Happy you got on Almost man, my favorite skateboard brand :)
Dude good luck with the Almost sponsorship. With your amazing, quirky style you are definitely this decade's new Mike Valley! If you do go pro then you deserve every cent, because you're such an interesting, and amazing, skateboarder to watch!
Dude this is tight! A new camera might be a good investment though.
Jesus died for you man! He loves you so much! :)
@primateskateboards Fucking random. You religious nutters get EVERYWHERE !
You remind me of chris cole, and he's one of my fav skaters of all time.
Amazing footage, nice reedit. Easily one of my favourite skaters to watch at a skatepark.
@seltzerislife Thanks man. Yeah it would definitely be nicer to film on a better camera. It makes more sense to bring along a filmer with a better camera when I skate but when I don't and just go skate alone I end up using my camera because everything else I have is filmed that way and I don't want to end up with a bunch of half-finished montages before I upgrade.
damn dude, ur on skateboard crack. thats some epic shit
El Pinche Blanco DIABLOOOO!!!!!!
@skaterunner16735 Thanks. Feel free to share this video.
@freestKyle2 Really amazing to hear. You deserve it man!
411 views whats going on here? :(
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