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NASA Administrator Congratulates ISS Crew on SpaceX Milestone

by NASA • 15,476 views

NASA Administrator Charles Bolden phones Expedition 31 crew members Don Pettit, Joe Acaba and Andre Kuipers aboard the International Space Station following their successful grappling and berthing...

Congratulation, SpaceX and NASA for their great idea to open space in private sector.However, I hope that this technology will be used for human evolution in space not for corporate monopoly.
Congratulation to SpaceX and NASA, is a big step for the humanity and for USA !!!!
EEEEEEEEE!!!!!! :D You nailed it SpaceX! One step closer to the future.
As long as the government stays clear and there's competition there won't be a worry of a monopoly. This would be a hot market in 20-30 years.
Its great to see the possibilities of the entrepreneurial spirit! Congratulations to ALL involved and thank you for adding an infinite amount of splendor in my near future.
ok next time take me up im huge i could be part of the space station i wouldnt mind
Hey andre kuipers! he comes from my country:)
hey this is great! I remember just last year when all the naysayers were out and about talking about the shuttle retiring and how it was the end of our space exploration here in the states. Well, that point of view did not take reality and also the human race is coming together as an international community. No longer is nationalism 'my country is better than yours' or 'your country is better than mine' relevant.
nice! this is a good thing. We people are a curious bunch and its better to go out exploring then fighting each other. Congratulations to all who made this flight possible!
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