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Wednesday's Mommie Dearest

by AndroGenetics • 7,844 views

I know this video was a hot mess but at least you got to meet mum, right?!/poisonpolish

@ArvallParrot I don't suppose em cares 'cause it happens all the time ^_^
your mom is so cute, michael <333333
@TheMetallicSharpie Andrew was one of ur siblings too lol
Dear lord, your mother is a beautiful person. But, why are there so many dislikes in this video? Its really been getting on my nerves that Em has been getting so much hate. He's a person too, guys. I'm sure he's been pushed out of cliques at home, so why would we do it to him here? It just seems really hypocritical to me that we say we should be accepting of all people, yet we have individuals going around being bigoted towards Em for being himself.
This was so much fun! Thanks!
OMG! You have a Keeshond!!!! I'm so jealous!!!! I've been wanting one for sooooo long!!!
whos the guy on the other side
OMG your dog :D xo. your mothers really cool
:D Awwwwh I like mama Em, you both as soo much a like, just like she said--skinny, beautiful, funny and fierce xD
Can I marry her? And then I'll be your father :) she is gorgeous! x
3 things real fast: 3. Was that your brother in this video with you? 2. That is the hairiest dog I've ever seen! Wowsers! 1. You Mother is such an Angel with snow white hair! Thanks for giving us an inside look at what your family is like! :)
@juno0pop Andrew is USUALLY a male name. I mean, I guess a girl can be named Andrew, but probably male.
Oh, I just love the fact that you have a Keeshond! They're so lovely.. and a bit annoying really. Haha. More Mercy, please!
I just love the way you laughed when the dog almost raped you.
Your mom rocks! I can see her as a flower child in the 60s
Marcy(sp?) is so precious! I wanna cuddle and hug that dog to shit <333
this is me and my mom in a couple years...
your brother looks JUST like your must look like your dad
@Themetallicsharpie I mean I thought Andrew was one of ur siblings xD sorry haha
Even though I'm an English speaker I find American accents harder to understand then most others, haha!
Ignore the down rates, you're awesome :-)))))))))
I am only here for Em ...(and occasionally Bruce), thnx. YAY EM'S MOM!
She just punched me in the ball- lol that made me laugh. Your mom is so cute <3
omg your dog scared me by barking, i had really high sound... ^^
hahahaha -Do you like Justin Bieber? What's that?
Omg! I jumped when the dog barked. lol
@juno0pop i know right he should tell us, tell us, tell us. if so girl or boy Andrew is cute.
if your mom and you come visit me at dunkin donuts Ill give your mom a free coffee boston style xD you can have a donut :D
Awwww, look at y'all. Adorable. I want to hang out at your house. Is that dude your brother? He didn't get much airtime...
@ArvallParrot haha it's so sweet the way you call em "Em" and said "he" and "himself" em is called "Em" because em preferres that word as a gender neutral pronoun :) so it's "em" for "him and he" and "emself" for "himself" ;)
you are the most beautiful boy i've ever seen @_@
:( I like wednesday one of the best! Love you Em <3
I was in a fiddler on the roof play in grade 5. I was Perchik. you would've haaaaated me. >:)
LOL! Cute family and cute dog, too. <3
*shocked and appalled face* 28 thumbs down?!?!?!? I ... I ... I can't find words ... *mouths soundlessly like a goldfish* O_o impossible ...
Em, You're an amazing person! You do look really pretty too ^^
I laughed my ass off when mersy "punched" you in the balls best video ever
a girl... i think. not to be mean or anything.
wow i could not tell if that was your sister or your brother i can no longer tell a persons gender anymore :P
Can' t tell if Andrew is a boy or a girl. ಠ_ಠ
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